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Outrage Over Trump's Decision to Grant Kushner Security Clearance Growing Online and in Congress

Outrage Over Trump's Decision to Grant Kushner Security Clearance Growing Online and in Congress

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The fallout from a Thursday revelation in The New York Times that President Donald Trump personally intervened to give his son-in-law Jared Kushner a security clearance has some calling for Kushner to be fired.

The #FireKushner hashtag was trending on Twitter Friday morning as a number of commentators called for Kushner—a White House senior advisor—to either resign voluntarily or be removed from his position.

Higgins sez:
“… it’s unlikely that the president will remove his son-in-law from the administration.”

Kushner’s a key piece of Chump’s signature D.C. construction project. The one where he drained a swamp and installed a septic system in its place.


Umm…please permit me to rephrase:

Kushner’s a key piece of Chump’s signature D.C. construction project. The one where he drained a swamp and installed a manure pit in its place.

It’s an in-plain-site, wide-open pool of cow shit.


Does he have any qualifications beyond a boatload of inherited wealth?

Oh, of course, I forgot. That’s all that’s required to be a member of the Big Club that we ain’t in.


Love the democrats response – "we will hold a hearing.’ That should prove so productive!

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They are not allowed to use magic wands or fairy dust, and assassination is illegal. What would YOU have them do.

Trump must soon be running out of totally ridiculous people to install in high level positions.

What would I have the Democrats do?

We could start with a news conference every two hours on all of the national TV stations designed to reach as much of the public as possible in a 24 hour time frame, seeking support for a revocation of security clearances from those who were unqualified to receive them because of ethical, moral, or legal reasons.

Also, because of the allegations leveled against Trump as a result of the Michael Cohen testimony on Wednesday, the Democrats could push for an emergency session of Congress, to strip any power or authority of the president, until those named during that testimony could be summoned to testify under oath to their respective part in the felonies that were revealed.

I’d like to see some Democrats in high places put themselves in front of the cameras of the press demanding these measures even to the point of them being arrested.

For starters, that’s what I would expect them to do.


My turn:  “Kushner’s a key piece of Tweetle-Dumb’s signature D.C. construction project.  The one where he diverted the K Street sewer into a swamp and gave us a cesspool in its place.

The Drümpf Crime Family is further proof that Washington D.C. is a cesspool, with the biggest turds – as always – having floated to the top . . .


I gave up after suggesting what you suggest PB. But the present old guard democrats are either cowardly, or fearful of being cut off by their donors, or both.
I have also been an advocate of putting Trump on ice during this investigation. What a stupid country we are for allowing a president under investigation for possible collusion, treason, or financial crimes, to continue making major decisions for this country.
Let me know if their is a gathering of pitchforks somewhere. “There’s a bad moon Rising.”



The Democratic Party Establishment will never do anything even remotely close to what I suggested.

This is why I am so thoroughly done with them.

They care not about the masses.

Only the mass of money they fill the campaign coffers with.

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They can’t fire Jared.

Not when he’s on the cusp of unveiling an incredible Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

By which I mean: Incredibly generous to Israel and incredibly unfair to Palestinians.


Froomkin is right on the money when he sez that twitler wouldn’t have received a security clearance; being prez is an automatic pass, apparently…
…and here we are, another day in the USA, with insane venal shyteheads running things.

Jared “Tiny Tim” Kushner is headed for the unemployed line.

Gand they need to put the little rich fascist in shackles and a stun belt then frog march him the hell outta there. If he so must as hesitates to sneeze hit the button on the stun belt a half dozen times then continue his march the fuck out of there for good. Call it tough love.

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I was hoping for Rikers Island.

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All US citizens that hold dual citizenship with countries that violate Human Rights and commit War Crimes, such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and others should not have top security clearance to access information. Kushner and his entire family, father too, work for Mossad.
“Federal Inmate #45”, and he both should and will be VIP long time guest of Leavenworth!

Federal Inmate #45 and wimpy Jared, sure would be the favorite friends of the guys in Rikers!

What are you going to do PonyBoy. Not vote? Like so many did in 2016. You cannot not participate in this process of being a citizen of USA and voting is part of that responsibility, to make sure that the person that you want gets in. Not doing something is participating negatively. Maybe run for office, or join a political group and support on the sidelines. The Democratic Party needs your support not disdain. Cheers