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Outrage Spreads After Palestinian Infant Killed in Arson Attack in Occupied West Bank


Outrage Spreads After Palestinian Infant Killed in Arson Attack in Occupied West Bank

Jon Queally, staff writer

Killing of 18-month-old boy and injuries to his family called 'consequence of a culture of hate funded and incentivized by the Israeli government' and tolerated by international community.


Hatred is unconcerned with innocence.


Terrorism continues


Naw, they will probably bomb the village for being an incentive for terrorism by continuing to live on their ancestral land when it has been targeted for settlement by Israel.


The Nazis savaged just about everybody who interfered with their plans for world domination. Twenty-six million Russians died trying to drive back and eliminate the Nazis, but that is rarely remembered or stated. Many millions of other ethnic and national groups were also killed.

  • As near as I can tell, the only thing that Israel learned was how to act like Nazis, and they’ve become very good at it.
  • The lesson of the Warsaw ghetto was that oppressed people fight back, regardless of the odds against them. The lesson that Israel learned from it is that, with overwhelming force and cruelty, they can eventually destroy any opposition.


Why does it matter that they knew a baby was in there? What the heck right did they have to set somebody’s house on fire?


There’s a good chance that Ishmailav is a bot.


The Netanyahu of your price tag is unctuous. Mayflies butter grievance.


The Russians weren’t savaged by the Nazis until July 1941. However, the Nazis certainly made up for time lost between 1933 and 1941. Meanwhile between 1933 and 1945 the Nazis were knocking all sorts of other people they didn’t like in Germany and who were not Jewish.

Now about the Armenian Holocaust of 1915…


Only 6 years? Palestinians have been suffering, stolen and killed since 1948, 67 years next December to be precise. It would be interesting to see the situation inverted: 2 million Israelis imprisonned in Gaza for, let’s say, one week, only one week. The whole planet would hear about it. When I read Einstein’s co-signed letter to the New York Times on December 4, 1948, claiming that Israel should not be created as it would become a fascist country ruled by fascist zionists, I still would like to hope he was wrong since there is an important growing number of Jews who still totally disagree with Israel’s wrongdoings. Some are leaving Israel, others are trying to get a second passport to live somewhere else. We hear and read Chomsky, Finkelstein, Hessel and other famous intellectuals accuse Israel of its constant war on the Palestinians, using totally inhumane planned constant actions to either force them out, weaken their resistance, get them sick, kill their women and children (if that is not a genocide attempt, please explain what it is…) and kill the rest en masse, using illegal weapons, and getting away with it no matter how wrong… Don’t you realize that you’re defending a country that is going to place most pacifist, just Jews in a terrible position if pay back is ever applied without discernment?


Fuck you, asshole.


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Jews, Jews, Jews–this comment is clearly against Jews, not Israel–i.e. it is Antisemitic


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If the world had been morally alert, the European Zionist thugs would never have gotten to Palestine, but then they also would not have had WWI, WWII, and the Holocaust either.


“Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!” - These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.



It’s the IDF that uses children, as well as adults, as human shields. It’s SOP.


That well-tracked analysis was a pleasure to read. I bet the troll hates you now.


If you think you see a point hidden by a hat, you will never get it.


No legitimate state offered them citizenship.