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Outrage Stirred as Police Deploy Snipers to 'Observe' Anti-Austerity March in UK


Outrage Stirred as Police Deploy Snipers to 'Observe' Anti-Austerity March in UK

Common Dreams staff

As the national Conservative Party in the U.K. helds its annual meeting in Manchester over the weekend, an anti-austerity demonstration against the ruling party attracted tens of thousands of people who marched peacefully against ongoing cuts to public services ... and a few police snipers to keep "watch" over them.

Outrage resulted as images surfaced showing how police had dispatched sniper teams to rooftops in the city as an estimated 60,000 people, including families with young children, followed a route through the city center.


I am reminded of the quarter of a million marchers at a peace demonstration in Washington DC years ago. President Nixon commandeered enough DC transit buses so that the entire White House grounds were surrounded by parked bumper to bumper vehicles so that the peace marchers could not storm the White House. But more on point, he installed sandbagged machine gun nests on the steps of government buildings (I think the Supreme Court but my brain is fuzzy on exactly which building on the Mall I was in front of). I always wondered what he had in mind. All of it would have taken was one agent provocateur to fire at the hapless soldiers. What would the soldiers have done? Those machine guns would have made Kent State look like a picnic.


The police have a very poor grasp of economics.


What about Jackson State? The Jackson State killings occurred on May 14th & 15th 1970, at Jackson State College. A group of student protesters were confronted by city and state police. The police opened fire, killing two students and injuring twelve.

"The police fired in excess of 460 rounds of ammunition in less than a minute, leaving over 160 holes in the walls of Alexander Hall." -FBI

Google 'Jackson State' and hit the 'images' button, what do you see? Football, student pride, knockout cheerleaders, student unity.
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Fuck this fascist shit. It's time to deploy peaceful citizens armed to the teeth with assault rifles with scopes better than any binoculars, pointed at the cops, to observe them observing us. What the fuck would these assholes do if 1000 people made their way to the rooftops and demanded that they put down the guns? Start shooting? Yes, most likely, considering that the US and its 'coalition', including the UK, just bombed the shit out of an MSG hospital in Afghanistan and murdered medical staff and patients, and are nos trying to lie their way out of it.

Everywhere you look, nothing but official contempt for citizenry and democracy.


Yes, both Kent State and Jackson State happened around the same time. But because the four Kent State fatalities were white students, Kent State got a lot more attention while Jackson State (where the two fatalities were black students) was barely mentioned. In both cases the students killed were not even the protesters but were just in the line of fire.

Thank you for keeping the memory alive.


Yea, they better be scared, "Let them eat cake" is all these fools keep saying.....soon we will get the hint and go along with that line of thinking. We should take their lead and set up guillotines!


The 1% protect the police (keeping them well fed with good benefits, allowing unions, iirc, etc.) and the police protect the 1%.

Let's hope that a majority of the police would not use those guns. Was it Wisconsin where the police marched with everyone else , even though an exception had been made for them, because they identified with the people, not TPTB.


Is that a finger on your trigger

Or are you just happy to "see" me?


So you think there is even a chance Jeremy Corbyn will be allowed to become Prime Minister?


Actually, at least one of the dead at Kent State - Jeffrey Glenn Miller - was protesting. I would guess he would want that to be remembered.

There were also numerous wounded there that day. Some of them might have been protesting, too.

In my world, these are the people I thank for their service.


Who won WW2?

Certainly not the British public, who fought it.

Snipers "observing" through telescopic gun-sights when there are satellites capable of reading number-plates and cameras with telescopic lenses that surpass any telescopic gun-sight?

Hitler's ghost must be cheering PM Cameron.

From now on the British Tories should be called nazis; even Sir Oswald Moseley of the 1930s, whose nazi thugs beat up people on the streets of Britain in the late 1930s, did not deploy snipers.


Yup, those scopes are welded onto the rifles. What utter hogwash! That the right-wing feel the need to deploy snipers is a measure of the depravity they know they are engaged in, to protect them from the retribution they know they deserve.


and everything else, especially psychology and ecology.


The Fourth Reich has long testicles tentacles, which reach around the world.


The small explosives payload minidrone and the poison dart enabled micro drone can get much closer to your face for the purpose of your recognition.


Law and history too.


The Tories are not welcome in Manchester. Their conference is like a fortress with large metal barriers cordoning off that part of the city and thousands of police often armed to the teeth deployed in a large ring to protect them. Compare that to Jeremy Corbyn who came to Manchester last night and gave a speech in an open public square where 9000 (a 'few hundred' according to the BBC, but I was there so can vouch they're lying) people gathered to listen and cheer him on: no police around him, no barriers, no guns, no trouble, just good feeling and enheartening support. The conrast is striking. So who really 'stands up for the working people of Britain' as the Tories are now claiming. I suppose you have to 'stand up' when you are pressing a boot down on the back of their heads.


only add that real men don't need to flaunt their murderousness, in fact are simply not inclined to murder to "prove" their manhood. We now live in a world of "heroes", mostly of the safest sort, the vicarious sort. Dubya set the trend, as he defined "curge" and cowardice.
Amusingly, if it did not have tragic implications,a man who did not exactly push himself into frontline service thought he was an arbiter of military courage.
Appalling, unspeakable that such moral eunuchs are empowered to turn thousands of witless young men (and now women) into killers, not to speak of the "collateral damage" these sad youngsters cause, inevitably.Mankind, awake !


Notice also in the photos that the sniper rifle was fitted with a silencer. Is that so that they can "quietly observe" the rabble?