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'Outraged, But Frankly Not Surprised': In Defense of Serial Violator Israel, Trump Administration Ditches UN Human Rights Council


'Outraged, But Frankly Not Surprised': In Defense of Serial Violator Israel, Trump Administration Ditches UN Human Rights Council

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what critics framed as Orwellian 'up-is-down, down-is-up' remarks from the State Department on Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially announced that the U.S. is withdrawing from its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council, claiming the body responsible for upholding international standards for human rights was no longer "worthy of its name."


Not just Israel. The US human rights record is becoming vastly worse under Trump. Not surprising the US quits - Teflon Don when it comes to accepting responsibility.


notice the lack of comments when it comes to Israei war crimes and human rights abuses …


" Haley […] said the withdrawal from the council was necessary “because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.”

Will someone kindly inform me from what I can withdraw since our government continues to be run by a a hypocritical and self-serving administration that makes a mockery of human rights"?



Ariel Sharon


The depths to which the US has sunk in international affairs under this criminal regime, and from the decades of Israeli subversion of our politics, elections, Congress, and foreign policy, is shown clearly by this lap-dog support for a terrorist racist entity! Our respect in the International community has never been lower under the trump regime.

Haley is a feckless fraud of a UN Ambassador…like all the other parts of the ginger pigs regime they are designed to destroy all they are charged with representing…destroying all the people and protections they are supposed to represent…they do not “change bad policy”, they destroy, and sweep all before them!

The absurdity of Israel’s admittance to the UN as a “peace-loving country”.is shown invalid and a fraud. Their contempt for International Law, human rights, numerous UN resolutions and Charter should cause their removal! The racist supremacist zionist entity makes them an international pariah and outlaw worthy of nothing but contempt, condemnation, and international Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions!...BDS!

The contempt for all norms of human rights and much more should precipitate the expulsion of Israel from the UN as they do not uphold any aspect of what that body tries to stand for and accomplish!


Are we talking about the same UN humans right council that Saudi Arabia has a seat, a country where a woman cannot legally go outside without a man. Sorry the UN alleged and so called “Human Rights” council is a joke and made a mockery by the many countries that hold seats in this so called counsel. Who gives a flying rats @## the USA in not included with these imbeciles! When those in the council start practicing what they preach perhaps they can be taken serious, for now they are nothing more than a mockery of what Human rights should be.


The United States’ own human rights record is not “worthy of the name.”


Do you dismantle the UN Declaration of Human Rights because its application is flawed? Or do you work to repair how it is being applied. Would you scrap a fine Maserati because you did not know how to tune it? The US has destroyed far too many international agreements that are far far more difficult to achieve than to destroy.

Can the UN Humans Right Council be destroyed without at the same time destroying the UN Declaration of Human Rights. This is not something to hope for, it is the hypocrisy in the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that is the problem, I see no problem with the Declaration itself.


BREAKING NEWS: U.S, not even pretending anymore, officially resigns as leader of the free world in order to pursue narcissist’s egomaniac fantasies while enablers and cowards watch.


From its inception, Israel has been guilty of crimes against humanity but their strategic position in the middle east plus the wealth of the US Zionist has protected them.

Evidence from 1967 during the 6_Days-War



More like greedy sociopaths that enjoy killing innocent civilians and destroying countries, for money. This is probably another step to that world war these sociopaths keep indicating they want.


Yes, Enzo, and we are talking about the same Human Rights Council that allows a seat to that worldwide terrorist nation, the USA. It’s the USA that went apeshit over North Korea simply HAVING nukes, when the USA has already DROPPED nukes upon TWO population centers of a country that was already essentially defeated. It’s the USA that committed the Viet Nam and Iraq war crimes against civilians, and especially children, with fragmentation bombs , “depleted” uranium, toxic defoliants, and drones. It’s the same USA that gave a green light to its President to kill without trial anyone his team saw as a threat.

Any organization that would allow as big of a human-rights violator as the USA into its midst simply CANNOT be taken seriously.


I’ve never been so ashamed at being an American. I have to believe that “something will give” and the majority of us as a society will take to the streets and say “Enough!” But will that really happen? I don’t know what comes next…


We have become our enemy worse.


In current times, I see this as a good thing. At this point the US is getting in the way of anything meaningful the counsel could do for human rights anywhere around the world. Without our thumb on the other side of the scale of justice, maybe now the world can make headway with the problem of Israel.


International human rights are incompatible with Trump’s world view.


The UN Human Rights Commission/ Council has always been a bad joke. Some of the worst human rights abusing countries in the world have been members. It was bad enough in 2006 that the UN ditched the old one and came up with the new. Not much has changed. It is also incredibly single minded. No matter how you feel about the actions of Israel, does a country the size of Massachusetts deserve 85% of ALL resolutions against a named country, while the entire rest of the world warrants 15% ?


You can add in all the NATO countries, and their “humanitarian” war-mongering which is nothing more than colonialism and empire-building. The UNHRC was hampered from the start by the institutionalised hypocrisy of the West.


I believe it starts with withdrawing your consent and withholding your taxes.
Preferably done en masse to minimize the risk of prison or outright execution.