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Outraged Miami Residents Shut Down Town Meeting Over Zika Pesticide Spraying


Outraged Miami Residents Shut Down Town Meeting Over Zika Pesticide Spraying

Nika Knight, staff writer

Outraged Miami Beach residents shut down a city commission meeting on Wednesday evening over the city's widespread spraying of the controversial pesticide naled to combat mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus.

"If you're going to spray, we want a say!" the protesters shouted.


Tick tock, the more we try to manage the complexity of what our civilization is creating, the worse it gets. As the degree and intensity of negative consequences increase we now enter a time of extremity. The old stories, the old ways of interpreting the world lose their meaning and we are left with what? Where do we find new meaning as we are stripped of those things that had meaning in our lives? Is money really God? Is the Earth really a sewer? Is power over or destroying the Other all we are? We protest but nothing really changes because each one of us needs to change but in to what? Where do we find the source of new meaning? Is it being more rational? Is it being more fundamental? Is it being more scientific? Is it none of these and something we have forgotten?


Once again establishment politicians decline to listen to the people they represent. I wonder how many of them have stock in naled.


So, according to the Ruling Nobility like Prince Ricky Arriola, what's a little bit of Neurotoxin if it gets rid of the Mosquitoes?

Oh, and does He live Outside the area being Sprayed?


Gov Scott's wife has financial ties to naled.


It is quite clear that at all levels of government the republican from of government has failed. Too many get elected thinking that they can profit from support of industry at the expense of the people. Time to reset the clock. Shuffle the deck. Reboot with new software.


That sucks! Used to be I was happy to have my cynicism validated. Used to be that politicians were concerned about what their constituents might think. Used to be we thought our votes counted. Now all that is left is 'used to bes' and the broken bones of the representative republic that used to be.


Princeton study

“The preferences of the the average American appear to have only a very miniscule near zero statistically nonsignificant impact upon public policy”


From taxation to national debt, education to the economy, America is struggling to address our most serious issues. Moneyed interests get what they want, and the rest of us pay the price.


You can bet there is no spraying going on in the commissuoners' neighborhoods.


For anyone not familiar with EXTOXNET, as I was, it's a project collaboration between a number of Universities across the US, to collect data on pesticides.


The EXTOXNET page for NALED can be found here:


After I read the data about Naled, it made me wonder if the Miami City Commissioners shouldn't be tossed out of office for negligence, maybe even jailed or sued for crimes against humanity as well as the environment.

How could anyone approve applying this pesticide, especially using aerial delivery, exposing anyone in Miami and adjacent areas to the toxic risks of Naled? How could anyone protect themselves against exposure to Naled, especially those with compromised immune systems? Or children? Or pregnant women and the fetus? How would you protect vulnerable birds and animals? How do you prevent the loss of important pollinators such as bees?

The suggestions I've heard on the news by so called experts about neighborhood mosquito control have been most asinine. One example is making sure there's not one bit of water in any kind or size of container on your property. Does anyone realize how stupid that suggestion is? Does anyone have a clue how many places in the environment there could be moisture? Is anyone from the city maintenance department going to go around sealing all the storm drains so no mosquitos can enter or leave? Who's going around checking all high rise building roofs for a bit of water coming from AC unit condensate drains?


Water fluoridation is one blatant example of chemical testing on the masses. There is no RDA or MDR for fluoride in the human body.

Aspartame is a chemical promoted as an artificial sweetener the FDA says is safe to consume, but that has been proven false.

What percent of pharmaceuticals, all of them approved for humans by the FDA, have produced side effects, some of them minor, but many of them causing other health problems or death?

The current test program on Americans are GMOs. Perhaps not so much the actual reorganization of plant DNA creating problems when ingested and processed by humans, but the massive amounts of toxic chemicals allowed to be sprayed at various times during the growing season of the crop for weed control being the issue.

Yup, there's no shortage of examples of chemical testing on American citizens,


Dragonflies and bats eat them.


Modern human culture...have a problem? Kill something. Miami is next to the everglades. Do they plan to kill all the mosquitoes? Drain the glades?


We need more discussion of Fluoride -- another subject ridiculed as "conspiracy theory"
via Operation Mockingbird.

The Fluoride being used in Prozac (94%) and toothpastes and other products is NOT a
naturally occurring Fluoride -- rather, what is being used is a by-product of manufacturing.

Basically, folk -- either our species is entirely unsuited to this planet -- or those who are
directing our activities on this planet are not of this world.


And when the destruction of health and environment becomes evident, they will "apologize."


Our language and vocabulary are repositories of our past; the same past that has led us to this point on impending destruction. Perhaps the answer is something we have yet to learn.


I remember back in the early 1960s when I somehow learned that fluoride was an industrial poison and became an opponent of fluoridation in water. I was disappointed to discover that the others who were opposed were right-wing cranks and I was pretty much alone on the left. Israel was the other and equally long time alienation. It has been both gratifying and infuriating to see more and more progressives coming to see the truth about Israel. Thanks for seeing it now. Where were they all those lonely years?


They used to spray DDT down the streets in Orlando to kill mosquitoes. I was one of the children who was exposed. I developed an undiagnosed immune disorder at 33yrs old. Europe has banned this spray for good reason. They are killing birds who eat mosquitoes and spiders too. They are wiping out predators and the mosquitoes will rebound faster than other species that control them.


4th --

Many of these things are presented to every generation as something no one
should or could challenge. Again -- the Operation Mockingbird cover -- which has
kept the myriad of conspiracies from being challenged for so long.
Vaccines are another of these myths yet to be broken.

At some point I knew that Fluoride was a by-product of aluminum production, for one.
Didn't know about fertilizer production and other operations. But, that they were actually
using these by-products and not something natural took longer to find.

Israel -- !! Well, would always question violence anywhere. But, we've also had the
myth that Israel was somehow immune to a right (violent) wing -- and, they of course are not.
Just like any other people, any other nation . . . . they are also afflicted with a few violent
people among them. We've never found a way to deal with this violence.

Look at the years of the Cold War -- so many questions to be asked. Many knew the answers
and either weren't telling or had very weak voices. Wasn't until JFK who more or less made the
Cold War laughable that we got anywhere. Many profited from it going on so long -- especially
empowerment of the right wing and our MIC/Intelligence Complex. And, Operation Paperclip
made it possible (probably McCarthy Era, as well) under guidance of Allen Dulles/CIA.
These people were used to found the CIA, funneled into our FBI and other government agencies.
They were put into colleges, universities -- hospitals everywhere. Science/NASA.
Of course, taking us into the horrors of the CIA/MKULTRA-Project Monarch and CHAOS and
many other of their unbelievably violent and still threatening programs, especially dealing with
mind control programs.

See: Operation Mockingbird, put in place two years before the end of WWII.
Operation Paperclip -- more like 200,000 brought in according to Kay Griggs/YouTube
Operation Gladio -- presumably moved to the US after its successes in Germany, Japan, Italy.


pook --

DDT is some part chlorine -- responsible for paralysis of respiratory muscles.
Remember the iron lungs?
They very much think that DDT was responsible for one of the epidemics in 40's, early 50's.
But, of course, any filth will trigger epidemics.

As Louis Pasteur told us . . . "You can't grow germs on a clean apple."

That's why all the poisons used to create vaccines -- and all of those poisons are being
injected into our children over the last century, with increasingly serious illnesses.
And, it looks like Sudden Infant Death goes way back to those early vaccines.
Vaccines are certainly a myth to be broken.

See: Amazon.com where they are selling VAXXED DVD -- 1700+ reviews 5 stars for the movie.
You can read something of the basis of the movie -- i.e., whistleblower Dr. Wm. Thompson who worked
with Rep. Wm. Posey/US Congress where he turned over 10,000 + documents to him, but Congress
still refuses to hold hearings. Their findings -- which were buried and papers burned -- showed that
AA males given the MMR vaccine before 36 months were 340% more likely to be diagnosed with Autism.

Merck here is primary distributor of the MMR Measles vaccine.

Wakefield -- under constant attack by pharmaceutical industry -- was treating children with Autism
in UK who specifically had bowel dysfunction. He found remnants of the MMR/Measles vaccine in
their intestines/guts. He recommended to our Congress during hearings that they separate out the
Measles vaccine . . . and parents requested that be done and it worked for a few years. Then our
government allowed the single dose not to be produced any longer. Insane, of course.

Vaccines shed -- this is why so many get ill when a family member gets a flu shot.
But vaccines also create no real immunity -- certainly not lifelong. As they moved from the ACTIVE
virus in vaccines which were creating problems to a "deactivated" virus, you see the need for more
and more and more boosters for the vaccines!!

I started out simply as questioning and challenging. I'm an anti-vaxxer now.

Of course, PLANTS are our medicines and the model for all medicines.
Elites have from the beginning been very much involved with medical industry -- Rockefellers.
Think Rothschild, as well. Jim Marrs gives us some detailed info on Rockefellers in his
"Rise of the Fourth Reich." If I get a chance -- or find a prior write up on it -- I'll post it.

Our press which was too often in the hands of the wealthy, failed to remind us of these
conflicts -- interests . . .

Haven't really looked at this website, but gets anyone interested into the subject.