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Outraged Over Trump's Inept School Reopening Push, Teachers Ready #RedForEd Resurrection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/outraged-over-trumps-inept-school-reopening-push-teachers-ready-redfored


Apparently the Tangerine Twit believes you should have the maximum number of people disapproving of you and the minimum number of people supporting you in order to get re-elected. After all, how else can you argue that you’re not being treated fairly?

Callously putting our children at risk of severe illness, potentially long-term chronic health deficits, death and of drastically spreading the disease to everyone in every community is not a great way to get votes among those who think we should take of our children, protect them from harm and assure their safety.

But what do I know? I was certain Trump would lose last time around.


Today 12 states were reducing their pandemic and 39 states (including DC) were still accelerating. The forecast for the day after Labor Day is “still quite bad” except possibly for the Northeast and Hawaii. The entire South and the conservative desert states are all accelerating into this pandemic.

Expect a huge number of U.S. fatalities by Labor Day due in part to a medical system overwhelmed to a level that no one has yet seen. Nurses still willing to travel to bad states are charging four times their normal extremely high rates.

So, the answer is, expect a massive healthy-out.

I’ve been updating my daily statistics page since March 22 at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Children generally are reportedly not as susceptible to the worst symptoms or critical effects Covid as adults - so far…

The teachers being forced by the utterly incompetent and politically motivated trump regime to occupy the same indoor spaces as the children are suceptable to the deadly consequences and children exposed will bring the virus home to their parents and siblings.

Whenever politicians and other inexperienced arrogant people/criminals make policy decisions for others for their own advantage there is a serious problem; when serious illness and death can be the consequence of such ill conceived demands that others put themselves in harms way for the political benefit of those demanding such dangerous exposure, it is a criminal act that criminal act demands occupational and political force pushing back to the greatest degree possible - including a general strike!


Weirdly MITCH doesn’t want people to be abIe to sue the employer if they get sick on the job. THAT is bad enough for the adits—but say MITCH-----does that mean that the parents can’t sue for the deaths of their kids infected by schools? This should be interesting as apparently factory workers in meats and food processing can’t quit apparentIy, as it’s the only game in town.
It might be better to skip school until the virus sIows down----but MITCH, we know you don’t care about the teachers—but do you not care abut the kids either?


My gut tells me this makes children super vectors who can wipe out millions of older persons, including their own family members.

Come to think of it, what a swell idea!



The only things MITCH cares about are money, power and the interests of his paymasters.


The data is mixed on transmissibility from children per the epidemiologists I’ve read. That said, even some of the proponents of opening schools among them say it’s not safe without real safety protocols in place and clear signs of community spread going down, not up. As a layperson, I think exactly what you do: opening schools whole-hog is likely to get a lot more people sick.


Yesterday I saw a story that some 30% of kids tested in Florida were positive for Covid-19. Given kids‘ assumed lower level of personal hygiene and, I presume, lower concern about the issue, I, like Captain Renault, would be shocked to learn that kids aren’t the model for super vectors. But, alas, as I said, it’s just a gut instinct. I’d love for science to prove me wrong. I won’t be holding my breath, though—except when I’m around them.


What’s the deal with Devos anyway? Talk about suck-ups she takes the cake. Remember her mercenary brother who was in charge of destroying Iraq? Guess she is now in charge of destroying our public school system. All the democrats will stand around like crickets and do nothing. Because why? Our system is controlled by something sinister.


Without a major investment in school’s protections for the kids, the teachers, the other staff in the schools, and the parents of the kids, as a teacher I would began looking for a new job.


And I’m 75.

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I’m that far behind behind you.

Today Newsom shut down all schools in California that are in counties listed on a covid watchlist. They will have to be off the watchlist for 14 consecutive days to open.
The only physical upgrade for teaching children during a pandemic at a school near me so far was setting a plastic sneeze guard on the front desk.

National Teachers strike - bring it on.

Then other workers can join in and we Can begin to change this f’d up country.


Agreed. It’s tough to see how kids wouldn’t spread it, frankly.

I have written my own article on this ‘next future nightmare brought to us from the mind of Trump.’ Please check it out and share if you’d like. Feel free to drop me a line tsabo63 at gmail, and I’ll send you a link to it: Common Dreams does not permit the sharing of a link here. Link police?

Just put a tilde at the beginning of the link:


It won’t be a live link, but people can copy and paste from there.

In Rhode Island we have a mostly stable infection rate and a reasonable Governor and most local governments want to do the right thing for schools. We all know learning is better in-person, but the problem is schools and local government already face deficits and preparing the schools for more distancing, more cleaning, and other precautions will be expensive nd nobody knows where the money will come from.
On top of this there is a fear of mass evictions and/or bankruptcies of small businesses including landlords with just a few properties. And top of this our nursing homes are “in chaos” with many deaths, staffing shortages, strikes… On top of that there is climate change looming…
End times??

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Ok, let me be totally irrelevant. I would have spent some of that money taking care of that Turkey neck.