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'Outrageous': Admitting He Hasn't Called Soldiers' Families, Trump Lies Obama Didn't Either


'Outrageous': Admitting He Hasn't Called Soldiers' Families, Trump Lies Obama Didn't Either

Julia Conley, staff writer

While admitting he has yet to send condolences to families of soldiers killed in Niger two weeks ago, Trump falsely claims his predecessors failed to do so


Again, one of these little anecdotal articles intended to make it seem like Obama was a really great guy compared to Trump. Sure, Trump is insane. But are we supposed to be impressed because Obama sent condolences to the families of the soldiers who died in his sociopathic, illegal and immoral wars? Really?

Another reminder, lest Obama’s criminal history disappears down the memory whole of he-was-so-much-better-than-Trump-ism rhetoric. Trump is only the latest monster in the White House. Worse, perhaps. Though being worse than a mass-murdering war criminal isn’t saying much. We’re kind of comparing bad apples to bad oranges.


Sigh…I’d rather that nobody, under any president, die while killing people who had no quarrel with us prior to us invading their land.


I’ll just go ahead and say it.



I hear what you are saying. I don’t think the purpose of this is to sugarcoat Obama’s war-mongering in any way; simply to point out that Trump lied yet again about Obama, as he is wont to do.


“If you look at President Obama and other Presidents – most of ‘em didn’t make calls…”

This is actually a true statement by Mr. Trump. The first 18 presidents had no access to a telephone at all since it wasn’t invented yet and for the next 14 presidents after that - very few americans had telephones in their homes to receive such a call, so letters were much more appropriate.


Oh come on people, let’s just admit that trump jong-un doesn’t have the brain cells to come up with the words it would take to make those calls … covfefe doesn’t translate to ‘condolences’! Besides, if that disgusting piece of pond scum called me to tell me my child had died fighting an illegitimate war I would tell him to PHUQ THE HELL OFF!


OH bullshit.
Keep repeating that when the first thermonuclear weapon falls because no one changed Trump’s diapers in time.


Exactly. It’s not about “feel good” form letters for our “heroes.” It’s about not sending the U.S. military into aggressive imperial wars and occupations.

The military has two purposes:

  1. to defend the border and sovereignty of the Nation;
  2. to participate in international peace=keeping missions under independent international command.

Number one is obvious; number two is extremely complex. Both should be done only after transparent discussion among the public and Congress and formal declarations of war and international rules of engagement should be published and voted on. We’re talking about the survival of our species, other species and the nature of the biosphere for chrissakes.


And he letters, when sent, are form letters.


Thank You. Eventually we become complicit in this shit by default. That’s a heavy load to carry.


Or did OB send condolences to all the thousands of families that the U.S. bombed, droned, poisoned and irradiated?


This continuing compulsive, narcissistic lying is sickening and disheartening for all of America. Shame on you POTUS, shame and shame and shame!


No, the two purposes of the military are to 1) kill people and 2) destroy everything else.


Why in the hell were US forces in Niger? Why are some people stupid enough to join the military given what has happened especially in the last 20 years?


Maybe not but he sure as hell sent a powerful message to OBL!


I don’t disagree. Sometimes, in extreme cases of self-defense, killing and destruction are necessary, in all their horrors. Ask all the victims of the many genocides throughout history whether they could defend themselves, if possible, or be slaughtered. Our species, and even our Grandmother Earth, are not always kind and we must be adults about admitting this. At least we should be able to agree that aggressive violence is always wrong, even though I will stand on individual and collective self-defense as being a humane right.


Good questions and the nswer are obvious, non?


Will somebody please get this pathological lying, narcissistic bag of shit son of a bitch out of office and into an institution he so obviously needs? What are you waiting for? For the moronic son of a bitch to blow up the world? Take him out of office. He’s obviously unfit you stupid sons, self-serving of bitches in the House and Senate.


It won’t happen because his fellow oligarchs and plutocrats are getting rich from the soaring stock market and the Dem wing of the Duopoly wouldn’t have jack if he was (rightfully) deposed. So the Bleep-storm will continue until WE THE PEOPLE overthrow the elites, the Duopoly, the capitalists, the imperialists, the war-mongerser. See Chris Hedges today, et. al. for details. Solidarity.