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'Outrageous and Chilling': Police Condemned for Charging Peaceful Environmentalists With 'Terrorizing' in Louisiana

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/outrageous-and-chilling-police-condemned-charging-peaceful-environmentalists


Well, it IS terrorizing to the 1%. And that’s why policing was invented in the first place - To Protect the Oligarchy From The Rabble.


If someone knows the name and mailing address of that fossil fuel lobbyist, I would certainly be appreciative.


Well lock me up too! I once left a flaming bag of bacteria laden canine excrement on the Randall’s front porch.


One COULD argue that it was really an act of Art. Art should cause some sort of reaction, whether psychological or physiological.

But terrorism?

Meanwhile my suspicions were confirmed today that the shooters in Seattle were in fact rightwing terrorists, and yet not one single anti-government, white nationalist, violent by nature organization has been designated as a domestic terrorist group. Not one.

Only people “left of center” (and lets remember that Nixon’s policies were actually WAY left of Clinton’s, who in turn was in some ways more progressive than Obama) and Muslims can be deemed “terrorists” under the absolutely abysmally incongruent language and thinking being disseminated today. Antifa are the REAL fascists, and the current administration has defeated Covid-19 despite the naysayers. WTF America? indeed…

I’m more and more worried about some kind of Night of the Long Knifes coming to this shattered country sometime soon.


Protecting our environment is deemed highly disruptive to the oil and gas industries. The FBI has labeled the environmentalists “terrorists” in the past just as Trump called ANTIFA terrorists. They can hang any label they like on us but our planet is burning and we have to rise to her defense. The last 30 years in particular have seen extreme weather phenomenon not experienced since data have been tallied. According to science the melting of polar ice and disappearing glaciers are virtually unprecedented. Millions of animal and insect species have vanished in the last 40 years that normally would have taken millions of years or never.


If it wasn’t so damned fucking dangerous, this almost finished fascist state, then stories like this would make for great dark comedy. Alas I still maintain a good degree of humanity and thus I find it a hard thing to laugh at.


To them peace is terrifying


That’s good for his plants, hahaha

I don’t blame progressives for eschewing gun ownership.
But I sure as hell encourage them to reconsider.
It’s time to get ready for an ugly onslaught of right wing violence.


Poisoning North Americans is only newsworthy as nationally syndicated news reporting when the poisoning is being posited as a threat from some Daddy Warbucks designated enemy like an Islamist Terror cell or times past them pinko commies. When we or Market Forces are doing the poisoning, then its “Move along, nothing to see here…”

Evidence: Apology by NY TIMES Public Editor for not sending someone to Flint, Michigan earlier despite aggressive local and regional and activist coverage of the lethal contaminants in the city’s drinking water:
"The Times wrote one piece about Flint’s water in March, Margaret Sullivan wrote in an [editorial] Flint-water-margaret-sullivan-new-york-times-public-editor/ ) titled “Should The Times Have Been a Tougher Watchdog in Flint?” That article, however, appeared on page A16 of the newspaper. By October, she noted, the Times had published one additional brief and two more articles — but “nothing of substance until this month, when a state of emergency was declared in Flint.”

President Obama and VP Status Quo Joe Presidential front-runner Biden have yet to apologize.

Their EPA Chiefs Lisa Perez Jackson who resigned before any national news coverage of Flint’s National Security Emergency (our term, not the government’s and not the corporate-captured news industry’s term ever applied to life-threatening emergencies caused by Market Forces or institutional corruption\failure) was followed by Gina McCarthy.

Neither Chief Administrator of the EPA Perez-Jackson or Ms. McCarthy during or after the extended BP blow-out of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform in the Gulf Coast off Louisiana and Mississippi.

Or more shocking to review and consider the sins of omission from the corporate-captured national news networks and syndicates in failing to report and follow not only the Flint, Michigan lead-in-the-water poison findings but the regional coverage for example of the Elk River West Virginia watershed that polluted the main source of water for 300,000 humans and countless wildlife in the food chain. Nor was the criminal trial against the British (that S-hole country again per our current Symptom in Chief) Corporate Officers of the chemical trans national company that polluted West Virginia’s rare non-polluted water-shed ever more than briefly elevated to national broadcast news scrutiny despite aggressive and easy to find on YouTube or in online searches of MacArthur Genius Grant winner local Charleston Gazette reporter Ken Ward, Jr who was sourced by West Virginia Public Radio and College Radio yet never sought out by the coastal news media elites.

Who ever apologized or were put on national TV and Radio to explain EPA permitting policies and apparent failures? Nor were the Presidential candidates in both Presidential primaries asked for their idea of government best practices or to discuss governmental malfeasance and the liability of corporate officers as our nation was victimized worse than any military enemy by our own regulatory capture.

Where was our demand for that level of elite government accountability by either side of our corporate-captured Pay2Play elected representative Duopoly? Read the Wiki dossiers on both Chief Admin Perez-Jackson and Ms. McCarthy.

Here in Portland, Oregon the cover-up of lead-in-public schools drinking water fountains scandal under the highly paid corporate executive level salary of recruited Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith. Under PPS Superintendent Smith’s purview no one was served to testify under oath before a public hearing nor any public investigation of the documents showing what was known to whom and when before the apparent cover-up came to light. Nor was Superintendent Smith compelled to testify publicly. No national press corps was beating down the doors to cover the poisonings over untold years in PPS, yet protesters breaking store-front windows or spray-painting signage was beamed world-wide night after night these past few weeks.

Even with aggressive local indie reporting this case of public poisoning also failed to merit ongoing national news coverage: Superintendent Smith was allowed to exit Oregon with her corporate exec level recruitment revenues and brief period of service without even having to testify publicly on what surely would have been classified a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT if an Islamist Terror cell or a WHITE SUPREMACIST MILITIA group had poisoned the public water supply in a U.S. city.

Where is Homeland Security the most lavishly funded domestic terror watchdogs when Market Forces and institutional corruption are killing our children and adults? Is there no criminal liabililty?

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It really starts with us. If you are drinking water out of a plastic bottle, you actually bought something that comes right out of your faucet and is probably cleaner than the bottled water. They found arsenic in some brands and high levels of mercury in others. This Formosa plant’s sole purpose, from what I read, is to make billions and billions of water bottles. I don’t buy bottled water and if I’m suspicious, like when I go camping, I just boil it for a few minutes which kills all bacteria and makes it safe to drink. In addition, there are many good brands of filters for your tap water that make it completely safe, unless you live in a town like Flint, Michigan where the water is undrinkable no matter what.
Plastics are killing us. I avoid them when I can, but so many things are made with plastic, you can’t avoid it entirely.


we need pinpoint protests

Protestors Outside Mitch McConnell’s House: "Stab The Motherf*cker In The Heart"


Not finding any report, do you have a link?

Hope you lit it on fire and rang the doorbell.

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“Charges should be dropped”? NO! ENOUGH of this kind of harassment, this obviously illegitimate use of the law to handicap and terrorize outspoken opponents by a conglomeration of state-corporate-police-private…can’t separate the corporation from the government anymore. But they should NOT get away with this, it is absolutely not good enough for them to drop charges–they should be sued for false arrest. There should be consequences. We have been too fucking passive in the face of an increasingly fascist state. Remember, Mussonlini said the merger of corporations and state was fascism.


Let’s see if I’m “trustworthy” enough yet to post a link!

…and that’s a resounding “no.” Ooof.

Search for “KIRO TV” and “Chop shooting.”

The victim, DeJuan Young said, "So basically I was shot by, I’m not sure if they’re ‘Proud Boys’ or KKK,” said Young. “But the verbiage that they said was hold this ‘N-----’ and shot me.”

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time to point out --once again the absolute culpability for the impending collapse of our ecosystems sits with the Democratic INACTION- we never expected the Republicans to act sanely but we hoped for --uselessly–sanity from the Dems-the current governor of Louisiana is a DEMOCRAT–and once again the Democrats are using their power to SUPPRESS the will of the people just as it is the Democratic mayors and governors sending in the shock troops they armed like the military to attack the only enemy available to them–US CITIZENS–making criminals of patriotic citizens and acting just like the Republicans in their support of the industries who’s business plan ends with the 6th Great Extinction(now in progress in our world)–they do this for the bribes the industries pays them for their mendacity–there is NO salvation even proposed — this after IGNORING science for 50 years and counting–FOR THE MONEY they would destroy our world and they expect me to vote for this shit–give me a break


Found it, thanks. So no arrests or suspects, but a report from one of the people shot.

BTW no one can post live links here anymore, but you can post it for cut-and-paste, just add a tilde before the h so it’s not a “live” link:


The words “terrorist” and “terrorism” have come to mean anything that
“Conservative” Greedheads want it to mean…which means anything or nothing at
all…just an easy way to license more abuse and incarceration