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'Outrageous and Chilling': Police Condemned for Charging Peaceful Environmentalists With 'Terrorizing' in Louisiana

Maybe it really is time to protest with violence because authorities aren’t hearing the peaceful protests; they aren’t respecting the peaceful protests; they are using violence against peaceful protestors; they are arresting peaceful protestors; they are criminalizing peaceful protestors. Peaceful protesting, though clearly the better way, has been met with hostility. It’s not working. Time to rethink what is being done.

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Please gain precise knowledge of the pipeline, valves, pressures and flow rates of any pipeline being protested.

An error creates vast danger of steel pipe breaking for a spill from a surge of flow into a partially filled pipe.
Creates criminal charges against the person’s who turned the valve on or off, shut off the pump, opened the safety valve.
Consult skilled trades if you are not one yourself.
The felony charges against the two ladies are laughable. Giving Formosa plant itself is one thing. Box on porch with plastic material is not terrorism.

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No, the answer is not more guns since that simply adds more fuel to the fire. Rather what should be done is to disarm the citizenry as well as the police. As Michael Waldman informs the reader in his extremely well argued book The Second Amendment: A Biography there is simply no evidence that the Founding Fathers wanted the people to be armed with muskets except when it was connected with a militia. When Waldman examined the speeches of many of the politicians during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 he discovered that there was almost no mention that citizens needed a gun for self defense. Waldman quotes former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger in his book who stated that he believed that the Second Amendment was the biggest fraud ever perpetuated upon the American people. People in other industrialized countries are simply aghast at the fact that America has done very little to make sure that neither its citizens nor the police are slaughtering Americans and especially for no justifiable reason whatsoever.


this is the issue people need to be getting violent over ASAP

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It’s precisely what they claim has happened with the words “racist” and “Nazi” - more projection from the simple-minded :roll_eyes:

Well said

Brilliant first comment Terry. Welcome to “Dreamland” where you can exercise your 1st Amendment right.

"Dream On."


We the People know who are the real terrorists are, those who use their wealth and position to oppress.


I am a gun owner who has experienced violence and I will not go into details, but suffice it to say my spouse was terrified late one night, and I opened the front door and shot of a couple of rounds and never ever had a problem after that!


Skeptical as to whether there’s ever been a point in American history in which so many progressives were simultaneously willing to countenance the thought of The V-Word That Must Not Be Utilized.

I was thinking likewise. If doorsteps are outlawed, protesting has to evolve. Send packages etc.
Fly planes over companies at lunch time, with banners streaming behind.

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“A couple of rounds does a body good,” said the bartender to his customer.

Yeah G, two can play those nasty games.

Sometimes you just gotta say, “What the f#ck.”

Sorry for the typo, should have said off.

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Well, you certainly aren’t the first person to suggest such things.
I guess when you have to get volunteers or paid mercenaries to safe guard the public from the militarized police TPTB will call it anarchy.
It would have to be an underground operation since overt, above ground operations would be snuffed out easily.

It’s either that or “thank you sir, may I have another?”

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Hi PonyBoy:
Well----if you ever find out, then it might be fun to send them part of the video in that Jack Nicholson movie, where he yells"You can’t handle the TRUTH!," encase maybe the police deserve it too, as how could this be terrorism?
The bucket brigade people left a note seen as explaining where the pellets came from, and why they were a danger, and as this was the property of the “makers,” it was only fair to return the poison to the poisoners. NO ONE WAS HARMED by the note, although the humans, animals and the environment affected by the pellets most certainly were!

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Do you know anything about endocrine disrupting chemicals, many change the body’s energy set points. They also impact the reproductive system. They cause prostate and breast cancers, as well as morbid obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, NAFLD, and many others.

That “disarming the citizenry” argument is sweet but little more than a dream.
The genie is out of the bottle.

The idea, which you seem to support, that armed citizens can somehow overthrow the military and all its firepower, such as bazookas, grenades, napalm, tanks, fighter jets, etc., is, to put it mildly, a pipe dream.

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