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'Outrageous' and 'Disturbing': Openly Defying Federal Court Order, Wilbur Ross Moves to Shut Down Census Early

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/outrageous-and-disturbing-openly-defying-federal-court-order-wilbur-ross-moves-shut


Jail time would seem to be in order here, except we all know that the Cheeto would pardon him.

Perhaps Presidents should only have the power to pardon for a few months after they are elected, because the conflicts of interest have proved extraordinary.


So, what is a Federal Court going to do about it? Courts have no enforcement power and must depend on the DoJ for muscle. If Bill “Himler” Barr chooses not to enforce a contempt order then Donnie’s brood can do whatever they want.


All the fascists are in lock step…Prepare for General Strikes and total, rolling non cooperation.


the Republicans, the members of this administration are proving beyond any doubt that they are nothing more than an organized criminal organization acting like the mobsters they are and should be removed from power–each and every one of them–there is not an honest actor in the while damn bunch
that the Democrats have shown themselves to be the feckless panderers who have left us at the mercy of criminals is apparent in almost everything they do from surrendering the tools to fight(on national TV no less) to the mealy mouth lies about what they can do-the truth I suspect is that they are too damn lazy---- if they do not start fighting tooth and nail–and by the way–GIVE US SOMETHING TO VOTE FOR --they aren’t worth voting for either

time to start organizing for a PEOPLE’S Party as we have been at the mercy of these civil society and planet destroying corporate tools long enough


You beat me to it.
Andrew Jackson once said of a Supreme Court ruling he didn’t like, they have made their ruling, let’s see them enforced it.
As long as the executive branch controls not only the DC row offices, but also federal law enforcement, accountability will impossible.
We don’t need to change the people in charge. We need to change the system that put them there.


More evidence that the Trump Mob is the most lawless presidency we’ve ever seen.
Trump and his fellow gangsters openly defy the rule of law.
They’ve stacked the courts with right-wing co-conspirators, but when they get a ruling they don’t like, they break the law.
If Trump is allowed to further stack SCOTUS, his gang’s criminality will end up litigated in SCOTUS, where Trump’s servile fascist judges like Thomas and Drunkanaugh will give him victories against the constitution and us.
They will also help him steal the 2020 election unless the popular vote for Biden is so massively higher than Trump that they fear a French Revolution moment if they do what they did in 2000 to steal the election from Gore.
We are in a Germany 1934 moment, and unless we fight hard now, we will end up in a hellish country in which no good person is safe, and the bad people have won.


Ah, the question. Who should control the police? Unelected judges? I think not. ANY control of government forces outside of ELECTED officials is unabashed Totalitarianism.


No need for Trump to worry, with the help of MoscowMitch he will have his 6th justice by the time this makes its way to the SC

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Will the media feature this story up front in bold letters? Of course not. The end of lawful government is not an important story for them because it does not entertain. The failure of democracy rests on the failure of media to inform the people.


Law, or no law, Trump and Trump’s fascists, will do what they wish, when they wish, and will continue to laugh at your outrage, at least until Jan. 21, 2021 - It now, these last few weeks, deeply depends on what we actually “allow” as to how much more damage they can successfully get away with. e.g. open unlawful voter suppression, Putting Barrett on the SCOTUS, etc. We deserve what we “allow”.


“Complying with a federal court’s order is not optional…”

Apparently it is. Have any of Trump’s cabinet members or other high ranking reps been held accountable for defying court orders or congressional subpoenas? When will our reps grow some nads and [metaphorically] string up these scofflaws?


When society and/or its leaders do not press for accountability an/or challenge to ordinary crimes, social and “religious” extremism and abuses, war and its profiteers and criminals, environmental rapists, governmental extremism and contempt for our great documents and their promise, if not actual words, we only encourage such contempt and crimes to expand - as we are witnessing from the trump regime.

The failure of the Obama administration to stand-up to such contempt (or be complicit to it) when clearly demanded, in large part set the stage for what we must doubly fight now - the continued lack of a true opposition party within our corrupted system to crimes, repression, exploitation, and environmental destruction, and war-machine demand a societal revolution of purpose, justice, unity, integrity, and wisdom so utterly lacking in our two-party charade - lack of integrity and honor - one openly destructive to our rule of law, the other craven in their complicity and failure - both openly restrictive to the power of the people…

The trump regime and all its criminal treasonous players must be held accountable or we will pay the highest price for our failure!
Vote them out, and change the culture of political complicity! If there is not true opposition there is only one vision


Anyone who has had the misfortune of needing help from Family Court knows that obeying court orders is most certainly optional.

The court’s only power is the mistaken belief of people who think it has power. If someone defies a court order, the best you can hope for is that the court will repeat the order with “pretty please”. More often than not, the order gets dropped.


Cant change the system unless we change the kind of people in the system. Cant change them until we change the voters. Cant change them until the smoldering ruin of our civilization makes the folly of the status quo obvious enough that even Christians wont vote for it.


It seems that you will need to do the stringing up yourselves. And you will need to string up the ones who should do the stringing up, together with the ones who should be strung up. Book 'em, Danno. String 'em up, Dadster.


This is how fascism or authoritarianism works


Yes, the areas known to be democrats, mexicans, blacks, poor, and having too many single parents will be under counted.

wilbur ross or no wilbur.
The final will be a statistical analysis which may be honest, or not.


Look for this White House attitude of open contempt for standards of decency to be on full display during the “debate” tonight. It has gone beyond acting out in order to please the base or service the servicers, tonight you’ll see a grotesque pinnacle of acting out just for the hell of it. There will be outstanding “Why did he say that?” moments, because Orangeman knows he doesn’t even need to keep up appearances anymore (and, of course, because Orangeman savors no sadistic thrill as much as rubbing it in). What does he care how people intend to vote? Orange minions have dozens of plans for that.

While we were arguing over what to call fascist dictatorship, it up and took over the joint.


:+1: Indeed!