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'Outrageous' and 'Disturbing': Openly Defying Federal Court Order, Wilbur Ross Moves to Shut Down Census Early

I have zero respect for cops. Most are power freaks.

An interesting side note - online ammo vendors are OUT OF STOCK.
This does not bode well.

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If history begins the moment after a Reform Campaign President stocks his own Reform Campaign cabinet chock full of Wall Street’s Apex Predators and stands the intellectual author of every tax-payer bail-out of High Finance and Trade industries, after backing every self-regulating then de-regulating Finance Industry ‘reform’ by essentially decriminalizing lending fraud and global trade electronic anarchy, namely House of Clinton Secretary of Treasury & Deregulation #2 Larry Summers as gate-keeper to the White House letting in only lending institution corporate officers spared criminal prosecution, then you need look no further for History than Matt Taibbi’s pieces in ROLLING STONE reprinted in COMMON DREAMS while the Business Press and Broadcast media gave Obama and MBNA Biden Thumbs Up!

Another generation of House of Bush Tax-Payer Bail-Outs of the trans national Supermarkets of Financial Services in 2008 (TARP=Troubled Asset Relief Program) so soon after Wage Stag-NATION bailed out the Poppa Bush self-regulated Savings and Loan Industry in 1989,

That started by first saving Neil Bush’s collapsed Silverado S&L in Colorado that went belly-up lending to Texan investors of off-shored Belize investments, ttp://www.rationalrevolution.net/war/bush_family_and_the_s.htm

More recent historical Jeremiads from academics not welcome in the corporate-captured U.S. Broadcast Business Media’s Golden Rolodex of analysts and experts include this from Caitlin Johnstone in 2017’s UK Observer, just as the Trumplicans were picking up steam in their own sell-as-you-go Privatization and Crony Capitalism ‘reforms.’

See the Obama-Biden cyber campaign genius David Plouffe who led U.S. foolish ground troops working for free to bring about the Obama-Biden ‘reform’ because anyone but more of the Bush-Cheney-Paulson gang leading the Executive branch was 2008’ edition of Lesser of Two Evils after Nader and the Green Party went their separate ways: If not for Obama-Biden campaign ‘innovator’ Plouffe, the word Uberization might not have been coined to describe a Gig E-Con-o-my where any employee obligations the Corporate Caliphate used to feel residually for their full-time and experienced employees went out the window as all employees were now “private contractors” with no right to even non-union state law worker protections and benefits accorded to “employees.” David Plouffe brought his genius to Uber right after his gig was up with Obama-Biden and cashed in putting taxi cab companies coast to coast out of bid-net, except in Austin, Texas where the employees organized themselves and fought back:

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Certainly we are a troubled nation, and on a slide into fascism, corporate takeover of government. But the continually stating the obvious brings us no closer to solution.
More people must become involved, not only the almost half who do not vote, but those who believe their duty as a citizen ends with the election.
I read your post three times and found nothing with which I disagree. I might note that, as a bit older than you , a full person older in fact, I would note that, beneath the veneer and glitter Jack Kennedy was not a progressives dream. Predating Nixon obviously
I guess my point is wondering if you might offer suggestions on how you visualize the way move forward.

expecting a criminal employee of a criminal organization to obey the law is like expecting a dog to leave the steak alone while you go get a beer