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'Outrageous and Totalitarian': Mall of America Sues to Block Black Lives Matter Protest



Ah, the glory of privatization - the constitution has no validity on private property (not that it has a lot on public property either these days). When there is no civil space left then all that remains is civil disobedience.


Suburbia is ugly, but there is no aspect of suburbia more ugly and despicable and destructive to community and solidarity (not to mention the global environment) than shopping malls.


Well, technically, you still do have you First Amendment rights to say whatever you want on private property, but the property owner has even more "rights". If he dislikes what you say, and you are employed by him, he can fire you under the right of "employment at will". Or, he has the right to have you arrested for "criminal trespass".

BTW, the USA is one of the only (only?) countries where trespass on private property is a criminal offense, everywhere else, it is merely a civil tort. And we are not even talking about the "Castle Doctrine" yet - where landowners can for all practical purposes, legally kill trespassers.


The Malls are built by the wealthy investors, they aim to destroy the old downtowns where shops and buildings are owned by smaller businesses and individual investors likely making much small profits. Malls tend to charge higher rents and require shoppers to drive to them since they are typically located on the outskirts of cities.


Since these private malls receive so much in the way of public subsidies, it seems a little disingenuous to claim for them the rights normally associated with private property. Maybe, the malls should return all subsidies and pay all costs of supporting facilities.


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