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'Outrageous and Un-American,' Sanders Says of City in Kansas Jailing People for Unpaid Medical Debt

Jacob Dylan, “Something good this way comes.”

If are to have M4ALL we had better deal with medicare fraud as well. 60 billion dollars of fraud now, with only seniors covered.

How about we deal with the fraud after we get M4all in place? Deal?
With an m4all type thingy in place we can also start to do other things that reduces real health care costs such as preventive care. BTW: have you stopped to realize how much insurance companies get frauded? I work in a public health dept and we get audited to make sure we aren’t committing fraud. We never do. I’m sure something can be put in place. For example: look at how keen the republicans are to require people to present ID before they can vote. Of course though, there are those who will willfully maintain their ignorance in order to justify being against m4all. Are you prepared to argue with them? Besides, 60billion in the federal budget is a drop in the bucket. The program I work under costs less than 6 billion and that’s way less than NASA’s budget. Cost effectiveness is acheivable but of course there are vested interest who don’t want you to realize that.


You got that 100% correctly!

Great tune…Highway 61 Revisited. Johnny Winter!

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Jail them in the hospital. It’s going to cost money either way.

Bob Dylan

JW just covered it

great tune indeed

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Two problems here. 60 billion should not resemble a drop in the bucket. Secondly, I wish that so called drop in the bucket were in my savings and loan account.
I really don’t care which is addressed first.

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Is that intended to make sure that they can never earn enough money to pay those medical bills?

We’ve made it back to the mid-1800s with this.

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Ah, the third world! What a wonderful place.