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'Outrageous Behavior' as Boston Judge Holds National Lawyers Guild Attorney in Contempt for Reading Case Law in Court

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/outrageous-behavior-boston-judge-holds-national-lawyers-guild-attorney-contempt

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I wonder if the judge is the same Richard Sinnott who was opposed to efforts at desegregation of the Boston Public Schools.

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Once the judges ignore the case law and are corrupt ideologues, the first American experiment with Democracy is over. A revolution will be needed to jumpstart the second experiment.

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Yes this judge needs to be removed for his actions, but that doesn’t address the major issue with this situation that’s happening all across this country. Why aren’t police held accountable for suppressing peoples individuals rights under the constitution? These people shouldn’t have been arrested at all, when is this issue going to be addressed? The only people who should be answering to a judge over this issue are the police, as to why they arrested protesters.


Trump’s shenanigans spell the same kind of trouble. Maybe worse.

" A revolution will be needed… "
It is talk like this that the right uses to incite hate crimes against the left, and the innocent. This is why they like to label democrats as the hate party and it is we that want to overthrow the government. Please promote following the rule of law and not sedition.

I’m a believer in non-violent revolution.


Good grief, I can’t get past the first sentence-graph. Was this written by a 1st grader? We have things on the English language called, periods, commas, semicolons, etc. Please learn how to use them. I’m sure the judges behavior was outrageous, but I will read about from a different source.