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'Outrageous, Callous, and Cruel': Retirees Rip Trump for Holding Covid-19 Relief Hostage to Push Social Security Cuts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/05/outrageous-callous-and-cruel-retirees-rip-trump-holding-covid-19-relief-hostage-push

And Nancy already let them get a foot in the door.
Anyone under 50 must now realize that there will be no such thing as social security when (or if) they ever retire. The democrats have done NOTHING to protect social security in the last fifty years. Quite the opposite. They have continually either looked the other way as it and Medicare were cut, or been complicit in their pruning.
Remember, Nancy, Steny. Chuck, the Clintons and Barack Obama are all Third Way Democrats, which means that they are Nixon republicans. They are marginally socially liberal, definitely fiscally conservative, and genuinely believe that most government services should either be privatized or eliminated.
Remember that, democratic voters, when you look back from 2025 and you get your Medicare stipend check in the mail that only pays for half of your insurance, and then get another letter from JP Morgan Chase to tell you how much is in your “account” and of course how much the broker fees will be on your now privatized social security.


The biggest issue is that people see ‘payroll tax cuts’ and don’t realize that they are cutting their own benefits if they support this. Everyone should refer to this as Social Security Cuts… not going to happen in the corporate controlled media, but it is the truth


There is already a built in cut to SS and Medicare with no taxes paid into funds for 20 to 30 percent unemployed at this time.

This government is totally out of control with the worst type of gangsters imaginable. Our future is darkening quickly.


Well, Republicans sure are working hard to ensure that no one would ever want to immigrate to our shores in the future. Such cruel ghoulish souls. Their “I’ve got mine, now give me yours” mantra is really sickening, but to many beyond in the rest of the world it is the face of this nation. It is imperative that the Dems keep the House and retake the Senate and White House and USE them (unlike Obama) for genuine Progress. The People have to stay vigilant and push for reform. The (Bernie’s) Movement must go on. New legislation must be crafted carefully such that the incompetent right wing nut jobs that now pollute the judiciary cannot write law from their benches. This IS class war and failure to recognize it is such is an existential threat to the very fabric of what is left of America as a coherent nation.


Yes, and the high unemployment creates a double whammy. First, fewer dollars go into the Social Security and Medicare funds now. Second, because retirement benefits are based on lifetime earnings, future benefits will be reduced. This becomes a propaganda tool for the privatizers, who will claim that people can’t rely on Social Security for a comfortable retirement.

Edit to add:

Furthermore, the privatizers don’t have to wait 40 years to use the lower benefits against the Social Security program. They can point right now to the drop in contributions and scream that the program is underfunded and on its way to collapse.


Third party is the only way out.

Vote Green!


Your asking too much if you think Americans are going to start taking an interest in whats happening in their country for the first time in their worthless lives; they don’t know, don’t care, and cannot understand why their lives are going out of control. S t u p i d.


Willful stupidity


You are unfortunately correct. I used to only worry about the potential for the good people to eventually be outnumbered by the bad. However, I now see the fallacy of my hypothesis as the bad people have now formed an alliance with the stupid people. The good people are now outnumbered. That fact can’t possibly lead to any where but disaster.


Just trying to prime the trickle down pump. Sarcasm


When the Deists founded America, they held the power of reason in the highest regard, God playing no role in governing earthly affairs according to their belief. These are the people who drafted the constitution. How far from the tree the apple has fallen. Our current administration, and our population is in a state of constant war against reason. There is no quality America hates more.


There is nothing more comical and dipped into blatant stupidity like a republican talking about deficit spending like its a real thing they lose sleep over. HAHA I am like REALLY what the fuk? DUMP/TRUMP2020 Flush dat fuking turd NOV 3RD. It is the only cure for stupid.


Where is the constituency for this legislation? Are they merely bizarro political trial balloons?
Trump & Co. and McConnell must know this strategy won’t gain them votes in federal elections in 2020; as Seniors ( 62+ for S.S. 65+ Medicare ) will not go down this dead end alley, willingly. At least, not a majority of them. It won’t even be close at the voting booths ( or should that be the post offices? ).
Either the Trump Adm. & McConnell know something ( internal pollling ) political consultants don’t know about the upcoming 2020 elections; or more likely, seem not to be very concerned about losing the Senate and the White House. Losing the House again, seems inevitable at this juncture, but it is only May.
Regardless of what the Dimocrats do; and they’re not going to vote for suspending the payroll tax, unless they’re part of the new Kamikaze Caucus, whch is it?
Will the 2020 elections be suspended until 20-25% of the voting population make the other 75-80%, cry " Uncle "? That’s still a real possibility, right?
Incidentally, I’m wondering why CDers hear Trump say, " Jump ", and they reflexsively respond, " how high sir and can we then get a jump rope, too? I’m a wannabe Jumper for Trumper! "
Good grief.


…and harrumph, perhaps. Meanwhile, one of the strongest undertones beneath the exquisitely unfunny clown-show is USAmerica’s ongoing transition from “youth-oriented culture” to chamber of holocaust horrors for housed and confined, especially elders. Today we see actualized a truly eliminationist hatred for elders, violent enough to rival any cultural-cleansings in history.

It would be awful enough if it only seemed that way, because so many older people die, and because so many details of elder-care crises are guarded like national security secrets (even by Governor Newsom). But it’s much worse than that. It looks to me like a Murdoch-spawned army of replicants inspired to voice their draconian inspirations in several languages at the same time. Boris Johnson shrugged that maybe we’ve just got to “take it on the chin”. The health minister of Sweden talks as if he thinks he’s running a fascinating national experiment proving laissez-faire public-health principles.

Just up the freeway from me in Antioch, a planning commissioner waxed eloquent regarding how society could operate more efficiently without so much (nearly) dead-wood to keep afloat. Antioch’s city-council explained to this intellectual that if he didn’t take it back, they’d have to fire him. He stuck by his guns. Must be running for mayor of Antioch.


Just what do you want us to do? write, email, call ? go to protest? vote? done, done, done, done. I am sick and tired of all these outrageous grievances and nothing, nothing gets done. Reports of wrong doing and nothing gets done. I’ve read so many outrageous reports, books, tell alls about this government and nothing changes.

WTF happened to this country, the laws are non existence for the top maybe 5%, the constitution and enforcing it doesn’t matter. How in the hell has Mitch McC gotten away with all tresonous actions he has done in his position, let along el trumpo. They cheap, suppress, corrupt the whole system and who stops them. Not the democrats as they always have the lame excuse of they have the power, even when dems whole the power somehow they manage to stop them???


Well, maybe there will be local elections in California, so mayor is a good place to start?
In an pandemic/economic depression that would be the career move I’d want to make. { snark }
Just kidding, public service can pay really big dividends. After you leave office the real estate crowd and bankers will get you a good job on a think tank, usually.

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I drank about that much (just two fingers) of Richmond politics before I noticed it was rotting my liver.

Inquire within.

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