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'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested

'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested

Julia Conley, staff writer

"I feel like it's a slap in the face to all the teachers, cafeteria workers and any other support staff we have," said Deyshia Hargrave before being physically ousted from school board meeting


The emergent right in this country will cheer this arrest. (no, I’m not just waking up to all of the unjust arrests that have preceded this).

I mean, we have little kids that get arrested instead of being sent to the back of the room, or to detention. And this gets cheered by the emergent right in this country.

Militarized police, mass surveillance, what the hell could go wrong?

Scared yet?


We’ve learned NOTHING from history. Shame! This is outright fascist, police-state behavior. Welcome back to 1933 Germany!


Seems there is no element of our society in which the inequality gap does not exist, and is being widened, as fast and as wide as possible.

Unfortunately this is not something new, bloating no doubt already overpaid ‘administration’ while stiffing the actual front line staff, who, as the article points out, do the work, and deserve credit for same in tangible terms, if the school board has the funds in their budget.


I noticed the cop had to call for backup… I’m surprised he didn’t bring in a SWAT team, because, you know, teachers bringing up class size is such a threat.


Actually, there probably isn’t much to get back to.

Several years ago at a local beer fest (Oktoberfest is the culmination of the fest season, which commences right after Easter in Bavaria), engaging a couple of German fellas in conversation, the supposedly sensitive, and in fact illegal, topic of the Nazi era came up, and having said that was something in the past and no longer in Germany, one fella slammed his fist on the table, saying, ‘No! It is not dead . . . it will never die!’

It’s the long game, I guess.


Is this the kind of freedom our military is drone-bombing Afghan wedding parties to defend?


this behavior is exactly what all of us must be standardizing. RESIST EVERYWHERE WE CAN DAILY! Hargrave is speaking truth to power and they don’t like it. MORE TO COME.


Louisiana is by one measure the most corrupt state in the U.S.

The state has had more politicians convicted in federal court than any other in the modern era, when counted as a share of total population.

The study underpinning the report sought to measure corruption by counting up federal convictions between 1976 and 2010. Louisiana had 960 over that stretch, about 25 per year. That works out to about 2 convictions for every 10,000 residents, the highest per-capita rate in the country."


I hope she sues for assault and wrongful arrest. I wonder if that nurse who got assaulted and wrongfully arrested for refusing a police order to take blood for them from an unconscious patient ever got any justice.


Yes, and most of the people who dare utter the phrase “class war” do so in a more figurative manner, while convinced that it is the result of systemic, but fundamentally innocent consequences of an overall economic plan with unintended consequences that just need to be ironed out.

Is there anyone here who hasn’t been as directly targeted (albeit not so violently or even publicly) as undeserving because they were one of the little, unimportant people?

Yes, it is very much a class war. And that key word is less figurative every day.


From the Vermilion Parish School District website (http://www.vpsb.net/):
‘Empowering all students to learn, grow and excel in our challenging world.’

challenging’? Ain’t that the truth!


Kudos for speaking truth to power.
Unfortunately at this late date speech is not enough. Non-violent direct action, general strikes and BDS, among other strategies are in order.
Fascism and the police state are here now. The Fourth Reich must be stopped.


Revolting. Time for revolt.


This video should be shown in every classroom in the US as a lesson on fascism and to inspire more outspoken minds-yeah, I know, exactly what they don’t want to encourage but necessary in any event against the militarization of this country. I can’t help think that if she were a man if this would have happened as I recall the McConnell’s rebuke of Warren.


Reminds me of the arrest of the nurse who was following hospital protocol for an unconscious man. Cops are out of control and they think it is open season on anyone not a white male.


I’ve been warning about this since well before the turn of the century, warning the people to wake up before its too late. Now some are awakening, but it may be too late. Nobody seems to read or contemplate history anymore. The lessons are there to be learned and acted upon, but apparently that is unimportant compared to the latest way to make a buck and the color of the new “smart” phone.


Welcome to Gulag America!!! How dare that officer even accost that teacher! She was quite honest and forthcoming and spoke, I’m sure, for many of the teachers there. What country is this? I’m shocked that this happened and in the setting that it happened. Those scum bag administrators are all a bunch of hypocrites and thieves! The day is coming when the crowds will fight back and not allow a fellow teacher to be escorted away in a squad car!!! This is outrageous!


It’s low life police officers like this that create public outrage and gets others wearing the badge killed in doing the duty. This creaton may have been just a low life asswipe on his second job from stacking shelves at Wall *Mart, but he should be publicly reprimanded and fired, by whoever hired him. If those were his orders his boss should be gone too. There is clearly something wrong with this community


The School Board is elected I presume. Maybe it is time to unelect them.