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'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested


You hear of this Orwellian type occurrence with increasing frequency. Are you scared? You damn well should be. It is much worse then most of you think (with the exception of my fellow knowledgeable CDers). You cannot vote them out. They are not going away. They are going to take what you have and if you protest they are going to beat you and put you in jail. You have no voice…just debts. You work yourself to the bone and for what? So some fascists can shackle you because your criminal boss is getting a big pay raise off you backs? Remember that poor Nurse getting dragged out of the ER for not breaking the law like the cop wanted? How about Joe Arpaio the Himmler of Arizona now running for Senate. The doors been open folks and it isn’t going to shut because you sign a protest. Frankly I look forward to meeting the best of you in the cattle car to our “reeducation camp,” The ambiance maybe lacking but at least I’ll be in excellent company.


No, not war…not that I can see. It is a class slaughter.


The School Board is elected I presume. Maybe it is time to unelect them.



In a different age (post Sputnik) we learned civil liberties were restricted in wartime, even here in USA, and Supreme Court decisions upholding this were considered bad, or at least questionable.

It may be just a coincidence of my age and school curriculum, but I have heard or read of this viewpoint far less often sice US involvement in the Vietnam started getting US soldiers killed at a rate higher than one or a few here and there.

The individual US soldiers may be so badly educated and indoctrinated as to not understand this, but their masters do; that is why they are ordeted to kill.


Absolutely un-Freaking-believable!! What a shhow of right-wing, military-style uber-Cop (and a black cop, too;talk about dystopia. I’ll bet his grand parents were the ones being arrested alot,and for nothing as well-if they were lucky to ONLY be arrested and not beaten) This is Trump-land in full flower. You can’t express yourself at a school board meeting?!?!?? What the HELL did she do? answer: nothing. There are NO freedoms in this police state.


nuff said. Just stunned she is actually “white” and not more colorful.


I hope this teacher sues and takes this all the way to the supreme court. This is psycho.


She’s WOMAN. Most likely the superintendent is a man.


What are these psychos afraid of? They must have missed some love or something in their childhood.


These rich psychos must have missed love or something in their childhoods which is why they are this way. Full of fear.


Ten to one they are all men, and do not want to be questioned by a woman. This is the South where I have heard that it is permissable to abuse a woman and call her property.


Yes, these people are not going away- they are psycho, but fear and paranoia are not the answer. Helping others in the community is- much more powerful than a protest although that is certainly necessary as well. I remember being involved in a Viet Nam War protest. The police shoved a long rifle in the car.


In our communities school board and town meetings can get quite boisterous, but people speak their minds- it;s called a comment period. I only heard of one instance where people actually came to blows and were escorted out. I was not at that meeting. I will bet that that sicko Devious is laughing.


minitrue, I agree with you. I watched our civil rights taken away over decades, and almost no one protested or spoke out against unconstitutional authority.
Unfortunately, civil rights, civics and government are no longer taught in schools. History books are sanitized to eliminate past civil rights movements. Generations have be dumbed down over decades. Now they are not aware their rights are in peril and don’t fight for them. The people who do know history have been lulled into ignorant apathy. (FOX News syndrome)
The ACLU is one of our most important nonprofit organizations defending the rights of US citizens and all the people who are in our country against those who want to deprive us of them.
The ACLU has been demonized as a disruptive, liberal, crazy activist force. Protesting for what is right does not please everyone, especially those who want to subjugate the Bill of Rights. Fortunately the ACLU’s contributions have been rising significantly since illegal activities against the American people and others are recognizing the danger our democracy is in.
Politics mudslinging slug-fests today that do not attract the best people to run for office.
Let’s protest. Read about what our predecessors sacrificed for us. Don’t let their accomplishments continue to slip away without a fight.


I see what you are saying. We need the country ( no matter what party) to ask more of people in general than just work, pay taxes and retire( or whatever order). We need some type of national service for young people - ( no, it does not have to be military.). Remember after 911 Bush told people to go shopping. What the h??? The author of the book Tribe supports this by the way. I have been calling congress and state reps about this for almost twenty years. I was finally told that it was “uncontitutional”. Really??? I was told that we cannot force people to do that according to the constitution. Huh??? One of the reasons for lack of unity and detribalization ( and the global forced fiancial “crisis” ) is selfishness and a lack of a common purpose. I am not in the legal field, but I finally brought up - could we have a public law and caught someone’s ears in Senator Warren’s office. I am going to continue to follow this. There is a Voices for National Service but I have been unable to reach them thus far. Continue to give back to your or surrounding communities. This government even more than other administrations does not want people to get along.


Yes, and not just protest but do service in your community. I am curious. What civil rights have you lost? Same sex marriage is now legal, ( even though some would take that away.). More women are in the work force, and we no longer have a draft. Yes, we do have a class war or so it seems, and that inequality coupled with the fact that Wall Street got away with murder ( literally) is seen today. I have not seen a sanitized history book- but I have seen apathy. When I told a friend about my advocacy about national service. she said that that was a good idea, but people are also “busy.” Huh??? Gee, my late dad was not too “busy” to serve in WW2!


I agree especially about the part that she is a woman. Time’s up!


I have heard that people in the military today have to be educated- many of them are college graduates. It involves knowing about hi tech as well. This is not the Viet Nam era.


You’d think- but people are too scared now. Also, many people in the US are comfortable to revolt- a crying shame.


Oh look, this is a private charter school which uses tax money and does not have to maintain the same standards as public schools. Many are not audited and can pay their administrators oversized pay packages without oversight. Teachers at charters are not required to have the same certifications as public teachers and charter teachers don’t have an opportunity to form labor unions. Teachers can be used and abused with no recourse. Results from charters are mixed. They perform equally or worse than public schools.
Private and charters can teach their ideology to young people, including religious instruction.
Many charter schools and private schools are profit centers for investors and private enterprise. Charters and private schools often make money on public services that used to be government services open to all children at no charge to their parents or them.