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'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested


Welcome back. The US is not Hitler’s Germany. I think people who actually were in concentration camps would be insulted by that. I knew people personally who were in camps, and were quite happy to have lived and eventually had a good life in the US


How about more than strikes- continue to volunteer to help the most vulnerable including homeless animals.


Lousiana is known as a corrupt and crazy society. Remember the mayor Ray something I think who was found to be guilty of some type of fraud after New Orleans went through Katrina?


Good point- our country is shameless-the MIC is after oil and gas in that region, and goes under the guise of war against terrorism. Maybe the USA should look in the mirror.


Wait a minute- a crazy occurence with a teacher ( I know teachers are such a threat- notice that pols constantly look down on teachers - but never blow up at the “geniuses” on Wall Street.


Yeah exactly. I just don’t get it, this hyper-authoritarian mindset, this fear-based control of others. Stifling the voices of the citizenry is something akin to what Pol Pot or Pinochet, or you-name-the-dictator would do; it is not the America my father once fought for and believed in should be doing.


One can have a lot of education, and still have a bad education. Many in the US military have a lot of education, but few understand basic concepts of US law, especially the Constitution as regards to war, or else they are trained to ignore it.

On paper, the education levels of career US military officers are impressive.


I also personally knew a concentration camp survivor from WWII. She would relate stories from her experience over dinner (I was painting her house in Pasadena, CA in the fall of 2000) and she always broke down in tears at the end of her stories…as did I. All I am trying to say is that we cannot let citizens (any of us) be dragged from a community hearing, in handcuffs for free speech. She had a RIGHT to ask her question and raise her concerns! The fact that she was forcibly removed with NO just cause is reason for not only my anger…but national concern. Hence, this is 1933 Germany! Read your history!


Yes, fascist, military police state ameika is at War with its own People!
Sadly, the deluded masses don’t care. That is part of their demise! Listen! The stones of the empire are crumbling, find shelter!


When and why did it become such common practice for the cops to push/throw everyone to the ground in cases where it is clearly unnecessary? And why does the general public approve?

I just don’t recognize this country anymore. There are many factors, but I think one of the main ones is 3 decades worth of vile right-wing media’s stirring up irrational fear and anger. This has become a very mean place!


I thought about that nurse as I watched this, also. This crap is getting way out of hand! The BLM folks are right!


Certainly. Positive strategies that help break the Fascist stranglehold by all means.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I spent a year and a half, walking pound dogs everyday for three to four hours for socialization and exercise, before the public hours for adoption. Very rewarding.
Take care…:v:


Amen. But you left out the “Sieg heil.”


Yes, she got a $500,000 settlement and police no longer allowed back in ER… am not sure that’s “justice,” but it is a little bit of validation.

I hope this teacher sues the crap out of the Board, collectively AND individually, and the “law enforcement” idiots. This suit would be a civil rights violation and the district holds liability. She needs a damn good education lawyer with a good background in civil rights. She could own the district!


Please see my reply to minecritter above…you’re on the right track.


Recall of school board members is not possible in some states, like Texas. I did a quick Google, and it looks like school board members can be recalled in Louisiana. We’ll see if the teachers and parents have any spunk…


Go back in history a little further…before the concentration camps were being built and filled. The Third Reich had plenty of policies/laws destroying civil rights and liberties.

Show me a happy Holocaust survivor. Grateful? Maybe or yes. Happy? No, all the ones I know are scarred and have PTSD. Same with second generation Holocaust survivors.




You are perfectly on target. Thx.


Thanks to the ubiquitous presence of video cell phones This incident is yet another which will no doubt help cause law enforcement to think twice before, “losing it” with any of God’s children. Especially if the “offender” is voicing a legitimate concern. Surely a more acceptable result might have been achieved with a little more patience and a little more diplomacy.