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'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested


This is outrageous! Deeply disturbing.


Thank you for your second paragraph.


Combine what you said with the fact that most of the fascist murderous pigs received their brainwashing to murder from the imperialist military!


So how many here watched the entire video above? I did. No, this teacher did nothing wrong, and did not speak or act abusively or threateningly. It will be interesting to find out (if we ever do) whether the cop acted on his own or took some cue from someone on the school board.

Teachers are now the whipping “boys” for our “failed” schools and when they jump through all the hoops laid out before them and achieve whatever artificial targets demanded of them they get none of the credit and no salary reward.

I think I picked up from the video that the school board is elected, and the superintendent is hired by the elected schoolboard, as is the case here in Ohio, and I believe in most places around the country. This teacher was merely addressing the malaise that infects every aspect of this unequal society: those at the top get the largesse; those at the bottom get crumbs, or nothing at all.

Now the schoolboard president claims it was “a set-up.” How convenient for him to take that fall-back position. By the way, I wonder what the schools in the district look like, how they’re equipped, etc. I bet they’ve got a first-rate football stadium and program. God bless America!


Back in the 80s when I was in high school, all the teachers in my school went on strike for a couple weeks over low pay. They were all being paid less than the poverty level. But hey, Blackwater and Halliburton CEOs made millions in bonus pay after getting all those military contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq during the Bush Jr years! That’s bonus pay that came from OUR tax dollars! So fkd up…


Share your feelings with the school district, flood them with calls letting them know how outrageous their behavior was at the board meeting.

Vermilion Parish School District
220 S Jefferson St., Abbeville, LA 70510 | Phone: (337) 893-3973 | Fax: 337-898-0939


Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia should be required reading of every American schoolchild, THEN made to watch this video. He pretty much predicted all this.


Donald Trump is a philoSemitic Adolf Hitler, just ask the 40,000 people he just killed in Mosul Iraq.


As a white Gentile male who has been strangled and shot at by the Los Angeles Police Department, your racist comment is offensive. Twice as many white males are shot dead by cops each year in this country as blacks, and native born white males life expectancy has actually dropped for now two straight years in a row. Where I live in San Diego Co. you can get in your car and with seconds find many homeless white males who appear to be literally dying on the streets. Now, as for Jewish white males, I cannot speak. I only know about what is happening to Gentiles…


GRRRRREAT idea! I forgot! Thanks!


I’m from an ex-communist country, I saw its workings from the inside out. It’s coming here for sure.


Why this is cause for concern , this is not WW2 Germany. Hardly. Take a break and breathe. Also, stop debating people here, and if you are so concerned start a cause for this person and a petition.


Thank you. I have worked for environmental causes, animal rights, donated to food banks and volunteered at senior centers. Very rewarding.


Why are we even discussing Germany and WW2? Also, if you are so concerned about this person ( the teacher) contact the NEA or AFT or start a petition. Debating here will not do her any good, and neither will remarks about Germany.


So, now you jumped from a teacher to Trump’s policies in Iraq? If you are concerned about this person I suggest you contact the NEA or AFT. Debating here will not do her any good.


Remembering the Peace Core instituted by John F. Kennedy; a beloved program by the vast majority who joined and those they aided. Excellent example of American Values.


I also heard that over one quarter of the people who take the military entrance test fail. I heard it is quite competitive. Also, in order to be in the military and to stay in, people have to be bright and in top physical shape.


Yes, a program that the US should continue to be proud of - there now also is Americorps and Senior Corps as well as Teacher Corps.


( As for Jewish white males)… offensive comment - no wonder people are so divided.


Finally some info other than a debate about Nazi Germany. Thank you. I will do that. In addition, people might call the Teacher’s unions. The charges have been dropped, but still the teachers have not had a raise in over a decade, but the school board can afford a 38,000 dollar raise for the super ( a white male). Disgusting behavior., and shows how little education is valued in this country.