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'Outrageous': Demanding Pay Raises for Educators Over Superintendent, Teacher Pushed to Ground and Arrested


Please cite an example- is it the oligarchs?


The school board voted for this idiot super to get a raise. Let him go into the classrooms and teach. Teachers make far less than others who get a college degree(s) but are the targets of pols mainly I think because they are paid through property taxes. In addition, many teachers tend to be dems, and the theocrats hate public schools - call them communist. Huh??? Actually, the first public school was in MA , and MA keeps its tradition of having some of the top schools.


Nor my dad in WW2 . This crazy fear is shear lunacy and does not make sense. Some rich people ( even in the past) were not interested in taking from others. The lunatics are. It is one rung on the ladder of psychosis and does not make sense. Loss of control of emotions and wanting to take others toys sounds like the mentality of a small child.


Some of the deluded masses might be more concerned with the performance of the stock market.


I read recently that control of others is actually an illusion and is a sign of insecurity and immaturity.


Absolutely true, more so than ever with this crazy bunch


You said it again!


Thanks for your post. I believe, and wrote to our member of the house about the idea for required national service- maybe something that can unite people and work or volunteer for a common cause. It does not have to be the military. Think about how service ( such as help building, infrastructure, tutoriing ( whatever it is) could unite people., and also help to save money . This is not about party- it’s about helping more than self. I have been calling or writing about this for close to twenty years.


If you watched the original cell phone video, you clearly heard the Marshall say, “Stop resisting!” to which the teacher replied, “I’m NOT resisting.”

Good thing he didn’t shoot her dead and say, “I feared for my life!”


You’re welcome. It is time for we, the working class/middle class/every-day folk to put aside defining “parties” and think about those most in need of being “lifted up”; tutoring/mentoring/teaching/sharing knowledge is the bedrock of a strong resistance to the oligarchy, at least I think it is. Of course there’s more; my beloved Florida is under siege by those who would pave it over, no problem. Things are out of balance, way, way out! I appreciate your good words and hope we continue to share thoughts along the way. Thanks for your efforts in what you do every day. Keep believing!


Hello mealouts. You are correct in telling me to stop and breathe. I just get SO worked up with Trump’s behavior and dialogue. As far as debating people here, that is not my objective. So, I probably could have better phrased a post. I still believe, however, that the USA can slip into mistakes of the past. Thanks for the advice!


I am the last one to give advice, but I appreciate your post.


You’re absolutely right; that day should be now. We have to be ready, with the determination to act rather than stand by passively, and we need a plan to act.

What could have happened at this meeting: People could have surrounded the cop and the teacher, or inserted themselves between the cop and the teacher and stood passively, making sure he knew they were being peaceful and not threatening, but not allowing someone to be removed or arrested for speaking at a public meeting. Others could have immediately addressed the board, demanding that they allow the teacher to speak, as is her right, and demanding that the board order the cop to stand down.

Once he got her outside the room, everyone could have left the meeting (leaving one person behind to video in case the board tried to sneak something by. They could have escorted the cop all the way, with some going ahead to block access to the car and some videoing everything.

We all need to think about what we’ll do if things like this happens in our town, city, county, state, or country, and we need to be there—attend meetings, pay attention to what governments and corporations are doing, talk to others, organize responses. pledge to respond immediately in case of war, firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, https://act.moveon.org/survey/mueller-firing-pledge and other extraordinary (and ordinary) events that threaten our freedom and survival.

For the rest of our lives and generations beyond, top priority has to be climate catastrophe. Republican actions on this have been so numerous and constant, it’s hard to find a particular moment to draw the line, but that’s how it happens, isn’t it? A gradual slide into both ecological ruin and fascism. (We can thank Trump for being so unable to control himself he tried to do it too fast and woke everybody up.) Information is being censored, now not collected at all; even as more of the public becomes aware of climate reality, denial and censorship is spreading as more anti-science idiots are hired at the White House. What little democracy we ever had has been eroded from the top for decades, and is virtually gone, along with our ability to force the federal government and corporations to act sanely on climate cataclysm. Without a massive peaceful revolution in the US, our chances of having civilization last another century are very low.

PS 350.org is coordinating locally organized house parties to view and talk about a fossil fast.
and The Climate Mobilization is always looking for local organizers. www.theclimatemobilization.org


Well said!


We need a Civilian Climate Corps, a new version of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the 1933-42 New Deal program putting people back to work building roads, bridges, buildings etc. to help end the depression.

Now, we need to build unprecedented amounts of infrastructure over the next 10-20 years–efficiency, solar, wind and other clean safe renewable energy, battery installations and transmission lines, bike lanes and paths, plant about a trillion trees in new and old forests, remake farms all over the world, and about a thousand other jobs to ensure civilization’s survival.


Yes, but do not tell that to us- what good does that do- talk to your members of congress. Also, drum up support for a state and /or local version of this. One idiot years ago- told me it was against our constitution- if that is so how did we have the CCC? I have been calling and writing about this for over twenty years. I just sent our member of congress a new e mail about this. Perhaps we can all work together and demand this.


You too. Are you originally from Florida? I think we need to do more for the country than just paying taxes. Required gov service for all. I have been calling and writing about that for over twenty years. I just e mailed our member of congress ( MA) about this again. I am not going away. Other than the military , most people ( other than those who volunteer) live their own lives. We need a constant purpose in my great opinion ( Ha). doing for community, imagine a movement like the CCC of the FDR years only it would be different. Remember after 911 Bush told people to “go shopping” In other words just be apathetic- a good leader brings people together.


Many others have said the same thing. Better to find them; I’m working on several campaigns and education programs already. I may have heard Dennis Kucinich mention this; maybe it’s in Climate Mobilization documents; Bill McKibben and 350.org may have said something.


We really need to see journalists following up on these abuses of power and threats to freedoms of speech. Nazis are not a thing of the past, as we can see so clearly. Fascism is living, is alive and well, right here in our own cities. If the police is encouraged to arrest people under false pretense like this, it only gets worse, becomes more embedded in our local arenas. Investigative Journalists are needed now more than ever. Just think how much more of this must be going on, that we are NOT being made aware of.


Yes, born and raised here. My mother was too, as was my grandmother who was born in Key West when there was not even Flagler’s Railroad to connect it to the mainland. Father born in Germany, and came here in 1950. I agree, service to country like the CCC, not just wear the uniform and go shoot people in other countries. But REALLY serve the country by helping it and our fellow citizens. Good ideas you have.