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'Outrageous!': Despite $21 Billion Giveaway From GOP Tax Scam, Big Banks Cut Jobs and Slashed Lending


'Outrageous!': Despite $21 Billion Giveaway From GOP Tax Scam, Big Banks Cut Jobs and Slashed Lending

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Although big banks in the United States paid $21 billion less in taxes last year thanks to the Republican Party's push in late 2017 to lower rates for corporations and wealthy Americans, the nation's top financial institutions used those savings to benefit shareholders rather than workers and customers—just as critics of the #GOPTaxScam had warned they would.


Journalists : It would be interesting to talk to some of who got axed, and are part of Trump’s base.

Get their stories.


They used to just tell us It’s for our own good and the good of the country.
Now they just shove it under our noses, and say like it or lump it. 99.9999% HYPOCRITES.


revolt or perish. we’re there now.


I am not sure why this seen as outrageous. It exactly what Capitalism does and what Capitalism is designed to do. It like claiming it outrageous that a Lion would kill and eat a Zebra.

Capitalism is the problem.


I’m investing in Guillotine Inc. We need to do it when justifiable.


There’s a shit load more of us, than them.

Is it justifiable?

Hell Yeah!


It’s looking like there is more to come.



The superrich are baling (bailing?) on America. The USA is rapidly becoming a third world country with a first world military.


But in reality, there will be no revolution. The electronic means of control and the violence of the police state have pretty much pacified the American citizenry. There’s probably more freedom in communist Vietnam than in most of the United States.


It brings back happy thoughts of the Indians of Peru.


Due to government actions, more money is moved from the poor and middle class to the wealthy class.
The wealthy, apparently, are entitled to the money of those who cannot afford the rich.
As Dean Baker demonstrated in his book Rigged, this is exactly what is happening and it is not due to market forces but to intentional social policy.


I am a little confused as I thought the bank corporations were part of the corporate world that really paid very little in taxes. Like 12 to 15% or nothing? Do I remember those figures wrong?


I am guilty, I like earning mileage and will go to Mexico for just over $100 in October. It makes me feel like crap but I’ve saved money on air travel over the years although I only take a trip once a year and did not even take one last year.


V for vendetta. It’s happening now. They will accelerate it rapidly.


A big mistake was made when we let these banks operate in multiple states. They wanted to be “global” and get bigger to compete internationally. Who accommodated their every wish including gutting the Glass Steagall act? Our congress - always faithful to the bankers - not so much to the public at large.


And to think these hooligans wouldn’t lend to Trump.


Government is basically a tool to be used by whoever has control over it. It can be benign or it can be evil. I believe it has basically been in the hands of evil people for the last 40 years and likely for most of the last 250 years. Progress has been difficult. While government is kind of an amoral tool it is the character and morality of the people themselves as they go about their business the really counts. Are they for a better community with better living for all or do the represent selfish special vested interests? Are they for fairness and justice or just using the government for them and their friends to get rich? The danger of having a powerful government is that in the wrong hands it can lead to horrible abuses. The danger of having a weak government is that it can be overcome by corrupt forces that may have more resources and outwit the government as it attempts to protect the greater good. We are in a quandary.


I would prefer that they be put to work building a wall - around themselves - in the prison that they will spend the rest of their days in. Seeing Trump being forced to do a real days work as versus his life of dictating to others what to do - would be a joy much greater than the repulsive guillotine. A dose of humility might actually give the pathetic man a chance at a real life as a human being. As progressive people we should have a desire for everyone to be able to reform themselves. The elimination of capital punishment should be a goal of all nations and would limit the power of the state to impose it upon those who have not the resources to provide themselves an adequate defense.


853 UniParty Congress voted VETO PROOF for the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bankster Stampede Act
853 UniParty Congress voted VETO PROOF for the 2003 Yellow Cake MIL-MIC-CIA Crusades Act
853 UniParty Congress voted VETO PROOF for the 2011 TARP-TBTF Bankster Bailout Act -and-
853 UniParty Congress voted VETO PROOF for the 2018 No Taxes for the Rich (Themselves) Act!

It’s disingenuous at the least, and deliberately ANTI-Populist to pretend the Dems aren’t also Mafiya.
$1,700B for a ‘Green New Deal’, and AOC adds it will ‘re-establish economic equality’. Wait, what?!
1,000 Points of Solyndra by a Corporate:State:Scientocracy isn’t a Common Dream, it’s a nightmare.