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'Outrageous:' Fury as Pompeo Puts US 'Rubber Stamp' of Approval on Saudi Slaughter of Civilians in Yemen


'Outrageous:' Fury as Pompeo Puts US 'Rubber Stamp' of Approval on Saudi Slaughter of Civilians in Yemen

Julia Conley, staff writer

As local journalists in Yemen reported that at least 15 civilians were killed in Saudi airstrikes in the port city of Hodeidah on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially certified that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whose three-year assault on the country has been made possible by U.S. support, are doing all they can to avoid civilian casualties.


the saudis are suckers, buying all those bombs.
they have demonstrated their ability to fly full airliners into their chosen targets.
cheaper than lockheed-martin,too.


Trump revoking Iran nuclear agreement is casus belli for Saudi Arabia to go nuclear.

I just received my first email from Yemen. Like everybody else, they have dreams, family, careers, and a desire to live in a moral government.

Peace be upon Yemen.


Too bad air marshalls didn’t blow the stinkin’ hijackers heads off.


I wonder what congress and their Saudi masters would do if the Yemeni people were white.


Let’s not forget America’s partners-in-crime, the UK and France and their war idustries


Oh Mr. Pompeo------you are sans a soul. Someone will stick a fork in him, because, as a human being--------he is done. : (


What Americans want doesn’t matter. What the American false aristocracy wants is all that matters. Money money money


I wrote in another thread:

Well, it was, it turns out, it was the SOS who did it, not the SOD. Still, I was right. Chris Murphy’s kabuki theater was as empty as I predicted.




You can stop with the propaganda bull$hit regarding the September 11 false flag attacks. More and more Americans are beginning to realize those were inside jobs:

Why I Don’t Speak of the Fake News of “9/11” Anymore – Sep 8, 2018 – Edward Curtin – GlobalResearch

“…The evidence for linguistic mind control, while the subject of this essay, does not stand alone, of course. It underpins the actual attacks of September 11 and the subsequent anthrax attacks that are linked. The official explanations for these events by themselves do not stand up to elementary logic and are patently false, as proven by thousands of well-respected professional researchers from all walks of life – i.e. engineers, pilots, scientists, architects, and scholars from many disciplines (see the upcoming 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth, to be released September 11, 2018). To paraphrase the prescient Vince Salandria, who said it long ago concerning the government’s assassination of President Kennedy, the attacks of 2001 are “a false mystery concealing state crimes.” If one objectively studies the 2001 attacks together with the language adopted to explain and preserve them in social memory, the “mystery” emerges from the realm of the unthinkable and becomes utterable. “There is no mystery.” The truth becomes obvious…”


The Saudis are equal opportunity loppers. They’ll lop off the head of anyone, regardless of color, race, or nationality, if they have shown “disrespect” for the Saudi government, or its edicts, or advocated any freedoms or opinions not approved by the KSA and its ruler.
*trump and Co are taking notes.


"The ruthless bombing from the air of civilians in unfortified centers of population during the course of the hostilities which have raged in various quarters of the earth during the past few years, which has resulted in the maiming and in the death of thousands of defenseless men, women, and children, has sickened the hearts of every civilized man and woman, and has profoundly shocked the conscience of humanity.

If resort is had to this form of inhuman barbarism during the period of the tragic conflagration with which the world is now confronted, hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings who have no responsibility for, and who are not even remotely participating in, the hostilities which have now broken out, will lose their lives. I am therefore addressing this urgent appeal to every government which may be engaged in hostilities publicly to affirm its determination that its armed forces shall in no event, and under no circumstances, undertake the bombardment from the air of civilian populations or of unfortified cities, upon the understanding that these same rules of warfare will be scrupulously observed by all of their opponents. I request an immediate reply."

The President of the United States to the Governments of France, Germany, Italy, Poland and His Britannic Majesty, September 1, 1939


Violence and greed is all those in power understand.

If we as human beings who value life as sacred do not change this self devouring conciousness ,violence will become the norm and life on Earth will become hell for so many of our fellow humans who have suffered enough .

Can we just not kill each other ,can we just not try and find solutions to our differences.


Why are republican men incapable of evolving?


They get there information from Old Books…books that have never been seriously challenged.

Beliefs create Behaviours and behaviours create your on the ground reality.
If you would like to understand why they are not evolving read .
The New Revelations…it will all begin to make sense .
No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.
We have to create a New Cultural Story ,a new model if you will.


Eight years of Obama murdering civilians around the World and suddenly there is outrage.