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'Outrageous' Gold Rush-Style Grab of Public Lands To Begin in Less Than 48 Hours


'Outrageous' Gold Rush-Style Grab of Public Lands To Begin in Less Than 48 Hours

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite protests from conservationists, local tribe leaders, Democratic lawmakers, and even the United Nations' expert on indigenous rights, at 6am on Friday the Trump administration will allow citizens and companies to start staking claims on sections of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah so the new sta


" “It’s really the last law still on the books from that Manifest Destiny era encouraging a resources free-for-all.”


WHERE the hell are our so-called Armed Forces when we really NEED them??

Apparently, if the invaders don’t wear turbans or sombreros, those folks can raid and steal ALL they want!
… and those who have the Constitution locked away from the People in their backroom safe, can make it happen.


If thousands upon thousands of people do no show up at these sites to scream, yell, and rage, it will happen. Guess what? A handful MAY show up holding signs. Guess what then? THE FAULT IS ON “WE THE PEOPLE” and no one else!!!


You are referring to the “national guard” and guess who is their bosses? “THE FASCIST STATE OF AMERICA”!!! They won’t protect the land and the people from those who sign their fucking pay checks! “I have met the enemy and it is us”!!!



I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
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Songwriters: George Harrison


Calm down Fokker.

The FSA are going to get their ASS kicked by the Peoples Army if they continue to push US.


Sure hope the bidding process is completely open.

Sure hope Tom Steyer or The Nature Conservancy is ready to bid.


you remember what happened to that one guy that did a bid on oil fields at an auction? they threw him in jail…:slight_smile: I think you have to be part of “the club” for this crap.


"Of those who wish to take hold of all-under-heaven
and act upon it,
I have seen they do not succeed.

All-under-heaven is a sacred vessel,
Not something that can be acted upon;
Who acts upon it will be defeated,
Who grasps it will lose it."

From Chapter 73 (29), Tao Te Ching, Trans. Mair.

May an eternal curse be upon anyone who files a claim upon Mother Earth. Let the digging be for their own graves.


Will the company that recently wanted to start a waste dump in this part of Utah (that would charge for burying toxic and nuclear waste shipped in from foreign countries) be staking claims ?


It’s part of that death-knell scenario that’s been described to us before…the nation is hollowing itself from the inside-out, everything is a commodity, and that means EVERYTHING, to these vultures. I wish I could somehow get to this place. After all, these lands TRULY belong to each of us. It’s beyond criminal.


No. PB! I no longer “calm down” when I see shit like that happening to our country or our people. Without passion there will NEVER be action, never be change. However, I hope you are right about the “People’s Army”. Where are they, by the way?


Bears Ears truly belongs to the 5 tribes who have ancestors and old homes, burial sites, et al, there.
The most anti-environmental person in the U.S. has contol over its most beautiful parks and wilderness areas. Unbelievable!!
I guess those 1.4 million Green Party voters will have to step up and buy Utah’s last best places. Dr. Stein and fellow travelers; spend your $$$ where it can really make a difference. Be the other 1%, who care more about conservation than conservative political agendas.


New Mexico has been a waste dump for years. Now the rest of the country will get to play too.


Oh, I agree; the TRUE “Americans” own it-those who were sent packing, wholesale, by the US Government, back in the day. Trump, et al, don’t give a damn about history, Native rights, whatever. It’s all about “business” and the hell with mother earth.


And let’s not forget how overtly racist, how loud of a dog whistle call this really is: If it had been signed into law by a name ending in Bush or Reagan or Nixon, rather than Obama, this disgrace most likely would not be happening


These are our PUBLIC lands, not up for grabs! trump is ruining this country!


Yeah! While the MSM is reporting on what Melonia wore to the STOU , all of this horror is happening right here is the US. Why don’t we rename the USA to the United Corporations of America.


These types and their handlers ( The Kochs) refer to the US as a giant business. We must unite and give back to the land and its creatures , not the almighty dollar. As Kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you , but what can you do for the country? Required service for all citizens related to the environment! I just wrote a follow up e mail to my rep about this.