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'Outrageous': Lindsey Graham Breaks Senate Rules to Advance Sweeping Anti-Asylum Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/01/outrageous-lindsey-graham-breaks-senate-rules-advance-sweeping-anti-asylum-bill


I am picturing Lady Liberty sticking her torch up Lindsey’s tail.


Both Lindsey Braham and Donald trump are evil soul mates.


Lindsey once said the confederate flag is “part of who we are.”


If conservatives hate the undocumented, all they have to do is set a five hundred thousand dollar fine for each undocumented immigrant businesses and homes employ. Or put these employers in Wall Street’s private prisons. WS and politicians profit bigly. No wall. Problem fixed.


More outrage, met with more inaction from Dem leadership. Good work, Dems. Stop complaining. Do something.


We have only to think back to the Garland nomination to see the lawlessness
of the GOP –

and no fight back from the Democrats.

This “lawlessness” amounts to violence and will end in future violence by the right wing.


So why is it that when Democrats hold power rather than do as graham did they insist" we have to work across the aisle"?

Might it be that while they protest this stuff vocally so as to give the appearance they an opposition, they are really not all opposed to what is going in in reality?


Now that is how you get things done.

When the Dems were in charge they allowed the Republicans put a hold on everything.

You have to give them a swift kick in the groin to get your legislation through Congress.

Progressives should be in charge of the Senate and the White House in 2021 we need to play by the same rules as Ms Graham and eliminate the Filibuster and return to a simple Majority Rules.


What’s next from the fascist Graham? If this racist, war mongering, sycophant had his way he would want to change the inscription on Lady Liberty to: DON’T SEND ANYMORE, WE ARE FULL!


Lindsey Graham needs to be given a cell in an asylum.

Along with the rest of the Racist Republican Congress Critters.

One cell, for all of them. Standing room only.


To paraphrase the late and unlamented “Queen of Mean,” Leona Helmsley, “Only the little people obey rules.”


Feinstein puts on a good show. She’s outraged at rule violations…torture and the like? Not so much, but she does quite the “two step” pretending to “investigate” such.

Ultimately when Trump seeks to actually codify torture into law, no need to look for Feinstein to mount any real opposition. For that matter, nor should one look to former President and consummate con man Obama, nor Trump’s favorite and willing chess piece, Pelosi.

Now someone is going to come along and tell me the great difference between the epic prick Graham and Feinstein, Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of Corporate State Democrats that have worked in concert with Republicans to fund endless war, codify mass surveillance, militarize the police force, jail whistleblowers regarding torture and wanton killing of civilians by the military while blocking prosecution of those involved in such, and the sorry list goes on.

Those around these parts know I’m not casting every lawmaker in the Democratic Party as being Corporate State Democrats who have been working in concert with Republicans for decades.

Also, I have quite the long record around these parts calling out the fascist Trump and the unique danger of his Administration, and that his Administration would not have been possible if it weren’t the decades long willful sell out of the masses in favor of large corporations and wealthy individuals by the post DLC leadership of what has become DNC LLC…the Corporate State Democrats.

The same Corporate State Democrats that ultimately will keep Trump in office and who would rather see Trump, and I would guess even vote for Trump against someone like Sanders if by some bizarre miracle they became the nominee of DNC LLC (formerly known as the Democratic Party).

Sure they want Biden, or some other “moderate” or “centrist” so they can have their fun at incrementalist destruction of Social Security and Medicare. But Trump? He is their wet dream as to how easy it makes it for them to WIN in regard to what they value in life…servicing large corporations (themselves ultimately) and super wealthy individuals (themselves and their ilk) moving their incrementalist approach of Austerity LLC as this vile fascist Trump Administration bulldozes the way.

Meanwhile, Corporate State Democrats will enjoy their recess, noodle on their iPhones at expensive restaurants, ignore their hired help at home, and ready themselves for another rough and tumble session of making more fucking connections with their club in DC.

Think for one second that Feinstein would use whatever power she has politically or otherwise to turn some screws whatsoever in any real sense in support of these kids, and adults being warehoused in much worse conditions and with much more insidious policy than was Obama’s?

Think she would soil her fine shoes in the sands of Texas or on the border in California in some surprise inspection with MSM in tow?

She would never do such a thing. But will she continue to profit in her position of power through her connections even if it means covering up torture, insuring that millions remain uninsured and ultimately devise plans to advance Austerity for a fucking buck for herself and her true constituents?

That’s a clucking certainty.


He does not understand they are not coming here in pursuit of happiness they are coming here in pursuit of freedom.


The trajectory this nation is on is terrifying.


So what does that say about the legitimacy of any of the presidential candidates, including Bernie (“Sacred Cow”) Sanders…?

When a dog has an unsuccessful bowel movement and shit dries under their tail we call it butt crusties. Lindsey is the human equivalent of butt crusties.


The only thing that is going to end this fascist take-over of what once passed for sanity, even though it was insane, is Mama Nature. Our house is on fire and the flames won’t discriminate. Bootlickin’ Lindsey will get his, just as will Moscow Mitch and all of us too. Long range big picture, nothing to see here, move along. If I’m wrong we can all sit back and laugh but I feel tomorrow I’ll be crying…


This is rich coming from a son of the former Confederacy of America.

Trump Graham and whole lot of them are beginning to realize the empire is now past tense - and running on empty fumes at best.

Why keep out migrants, asylum seekers et al?

Because there will be NO JOBS for ANYONE and if you’ve never done field labor for a major corporation, you might want to start securing the status of local agriculture …like YESTERDAY!