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'Outrageous': Police Raid Home of Aussie Journalist Who Reported on Secret Domestic Spying Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/outrageous-police-raid-home-aussie-journalist-who-reported-secret-domestic-spying

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The Aussie journalist has got the “Right Stuff” and what does the Australian Government do? Raid the woman’s home! What a sad day for Freedom of Speech and the Press in Australia.
Mr. Blair M. Phillips
St. Catharines,Ontario


Could this be “julian assange” syndrome?

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When they can openly drag a journalist out of a foreign embassy on trumped up charges with barely a whimper from the populace it really is open season on all dissent.


How did we get to this point where various countries allow their executive branch’s intelligence/security agencies to make rules/laws outside of the public’s view, which involves/affects the public. This should not be allowed; and, there should be indictment and prosecution of anyone or any group doing so.


That is a very good question.
In the case of America the answer is fairly obvious, but the rest of the world should really not be this ignorant and complacent.
Perhaps the imperial propaganda machine has been exceedingly effective on a global scale? After all, most people still believe Hollywood is pure entertainment.
Then again, perhaps those scientists who theorized that humanity is currently devolving were not so wrong after all, and that we are in fact dumber and more gullible today than during the middle ages.
There is also a possibility that those 900+ US army bases around the world, and the fact that they have admitted to running “black ops” in most of those countries, has something to do with it as well.
Honestly, i have no idea what is wrong with us, but i do know something has gone very wrong.


Yup. But this is where most of our view of the world around us comes from, entertainment, whether from Hollywood or tweets. Facts don’t stick. Smears are easier to remember than accurate narrative. And “entertainment” is mostly very compliant.
Last night I watched “FBI” as it is now. Wow, so different from before, although that now ancient series also turned the FBI into good guys, just no SWAT teams. Now everything is a massive threat against anything you can imagine and we are swimming in that drama, which, like a smear, is easier to remember than real-life narratives.
They had a kidnapping plot in which a journalist gets hold of the information and it may cost lives (of course, what other framing?). So the agents go to the journalist, confronting her at a sidewalk cafe, they ask what she is doing and tell her not to. She protests their heavy-handed tactics. They never bother to tell her what the real problem is (mission security? - stupid) instead of trusting her with the real need (you, know “reading her in”). So, of course she publishes and of course the agents are angry, but they could have avoided the problem by explaining (common writer device to have a problem in a plot for any kind of show, just don’t explain). Like she was mind reader of course, and of course she would publish after being hassled for no given reason.
Not unlike actual real life with autocratic jerks getting off by pushing “civilians” (us) around.


The New World Order. Orwell jumped the gun.

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And what is this gov. saying about Julian Assange?

Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone has more:

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Damn if it isn’t the Deep State forcing Trump’s hand again, right Trump leftists? Just like they will claim, this very day, that Trump’s hand is being forced on Iran (because, you know, they heard Trump allude to the MIC pressuring him). The same jerk that has been stoking hate against Iran for months, and campaigned on increasing military spending. That guy. Trump’s systematic attack on journalism especially through this espionage act is terrifying. Trump leftist journalists like Pilger…not to worry.

Love Caitlin. Thanks for posting this link!!

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The US has opened the door for this sort of behavior by going after Assange and Obama’s attack on whistleblowers.
Just as the US gov’t started using ‘terrorism’ as an excuse for violating freedoms and rights of citizens. Other governments around the world do the same, democratic and authoritarian, terrorism used as an excuse for excessive force against persons or groups those in power do not like.