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'Outrageous': Sanders Condemns Kentucky GOP for Threatening to Overturn Gubernatorial Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/outrageous-sanders-condemns-kentucky-gop-threatening-overturn-gubernatorial-election


Years ago I lived in Kaintuck and the people I met and knew there were honest hardworking folks that would never stand for this power grab. I’m thinking this is a test case for 2020, beware be aware.


“Do you support socialism or do you still believe that America is the greatest nation on Earth?”

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Well Mr. Bevin aren’t you proof positive that US America was never great? To support socialism is to support the notion of true equality–as in the value of every human being regardless of color, gender identity–whereas, by your insinuation, capitalism fosters inequality and elitism.

When you consider the horrid racist history of US America built on the bones of indigenous and black people don’t we owe it to them and everyone else to work toward a society of true equality? The First Nations need to have their stolen lands returned and the rest of us to be guided by a system of economic, environmental justice. The twin existential threats of ecological collapse and nuclear winter require we recognize our common humanity. The notion of loving one’s country cannot be separated from the wider notion of the global community if we are to have a future at all.


But-but he only sees the world in green and white.


Very nicely said Giovanna !!

This just in at The Guardian, thought you and @Ditton might like to see it ? I have only perused it, but I will go over it later.
Is America a democracy? If so, why does it deny millions the vote?


Is that what democracy looks-like? Or what fascist and tyranny/dictatorship look-like?

The outrage is not that the GOP and trump regime consider this political coup “normal”, but that there are not good citizens and political leaders worthy the title denouncing even the appearance and contemplation of trashing all that our republic and American government is supposed to stand-for.

The “normalization” such subversions of our republic by big-money, depraved ordinary extremism, “religious” extremist influence in government, and the overt subversion/censorship/outright domination and making truth a dirty word in our media/press, courts, as well as the politics-as-usual two-party charade is a threat to the very notion of “democracy”

Resist and fight this “soft-coup” as if our very lives and sustainable future for all depends on it!! It does!!

More than enough reason to support the candidacy of the person who lives truth, aor republic’s future, an egalitarian society and sustainable future; Bernie Sanders. Join and fight-for the leadership he represents - don;t be fooled or buffaloed into believing the big-lies spread by our complicit media/press!


I hate to travel, but I’d go to Kentucky and join the street revolution that should happen if the GOP tries to steal the election.
It’s time for us to realize that the second Civil War has already started, but it’s being fought so far using corruption and other soft tactics rather than firearms and bayonets.
However, it’s still a civil war, and just as important that we win this time as last time.
As you can see, voting isn’t enough. It’s time to physically confront the GOP fascists, shut down their businesses, set up general strikes, put permanent encampments outside their homes, and show them that progressives aren’t a bunch of weak pacifists.


When I was reading a bit of US history I learned about the roots of so-called “Democratic” Party as being born out of the needs of angry but landless whites whose leader, Andrew Jackson (a slave owner and Indian hater) epitomized their resentments against the elites. Fast forward today to Trump and we can easily see the connections. So the notion of “democracy” simply wanted to include these landless white men. Throughout our history, and continuing, those formerly excluded have pressed for inclusion. Now we are facing the results of this history and must face up not only to the crimes of genocide and slavery but the root cause of one group thinking they have the right to impose themselves and their culture of white supremacy so as to subjugate the “other” which is what capitalism fosters.

Given the very serious existential threats facing us all across our common home planet we simply cannot afford the “luxury” of prejudice and nationalism. I hope we have time to reverse this trend.

To answer the question about the US you might want to watch James Balwin debating William Buckley. Worth the watch.


“In a democracy, we cannot allow politicians to just overrule election results. The will of voters must be respected.”

Democracy? What country is he talking about exactly?

“Pay attention. They’re going to try to steal the Kentucky election right out in the open, in front of everyone.”

Uh, been there, done that. Florida, 2000 ring a bell?


There will be hell to pay if Bevin and GOP try to flip election. Bevin is despised electorate.


Luck will play a role. But with a bit of luck, I think we do.

There is a clear trend developing - a nascent uprising - a movement being born as we speak.

There are physicists who think the very laws of nature to which we so steadfastly cling actually evolve with the passage of time ~
(Lee Smolin - Nightstand review of books, American Scientist, Nov/Dec 2019).

The past informs us, but to a certain extent we get to write our own history.

For better or worse we are now in The Anthropocene - and new ways of doing and surviving are being experienced right now - with much more to come.

It’s like a first ascent of a mountain - all is unknown. The solution is always the same - get close to the mountain - really close, and let yourself be guided by what you see and feel, all the while depending on your own judgement.

That’s where we are.

In this new world, while it is new anyways, we can’t afford to be led by any but our best.

Let’s start replacing the inepts currently in those positions, and make decisions for our own lives that are attuned to the new reality.


I say, let them. Let them steal this election. Then use it as a battle flag for 2020, and of course, beat Mitch McConnell over the head with it the whole year.
Make every American sick of hearing the word “fascism”
Of course it may mean nothing. After all, we have witnessed the Republican Party put on a blindfold and hand the democrats a loaded gun countless times since 1964. Yet every time it seems that, instead of performing the summary execution of their opponent, the democrats have instead turned the gun downward, and emptied the clip into their own foot.
With leadership like Perez, Pelosi, Hoyer, Neal, Schumer, etc. I see no reason to believe they’ll do anything different this time, except maybe ask for more bullets, as they have another foot.


Remember what the Republicans said when Al Gore wanted a recount in Florida?
Right back at them. I hope they enjoy the taste of their own words.
What was some of that? Poor loser, Can’t accept an honest defeat?


Giovanna-Lepore: Bravo! Perfectly said!

Sanders sez:
“In a democracy, we cannot allow politicians to just overrule election results.”

Of course not. That’s the job of superdelegates. Or the Electoral College. Or the Supreme Court.

Haha — just kidding. None of that happens “in a democracy”.


It’s pathetic when grown accomplished people behave like sore losers and more accurately like grown spoiled brats failing to get what they want. Also, what would make anyone disagree with Democratic Socialism? It simply means we take care of each other, share the wealth we all have earned with everyone treated fairly and with justice. Those opposing such mutual support will regret their worldview in the event that they fall on hard times…to which no one is immune.


Crunch time…

“But Bevin may be doing more than that, and here’s where things can get weird. Kentucky has a set of rules to resolve contested elections, but those rules do not apply to a governor’s race. Instead, the state constitution provides that “Contested elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be determined by both Houses of the General Assembly, according to such regulations as may be established by law.” According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the last time the Legislature resolved a governor’s race under this procedure was 1899.”


I read it and then tried to send them an email at the address posted, it was kicked back at me. I wanted to correct them but was not allowed. We are not, nor have we ever been a democracy. We are a Republic.

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The people I knew in Kaintuck, well…we don’t need to go there do we?

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I predicted this yesterday. The republicans have no respect of legitimate democracy or voting. The only thing they care about is money and power and it doesn’t matter to them how the get it. It is win, win - at all costs to them - even the erosion of our cherished democracy. The hate poor and minorities and have done so much to harm the middle class. The republican party needs to be eliminated and the Democratic Party needs massive reform!

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