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'Outrageous': Sanders Condemns Kentucky GOP for Threatening to Overturn Gubernatorial Election

Socialism is clearly NOT the value of EVERY human being because, clearly, trumpty dumpty and his cronies are not human beings as they support FASCISM - welcome to the Fourth Reich !

Hi manysummits:

I went to the BBC and guess what I found–a story about Israel leasing some of Jordan’s land for farming. Jordan was said to have leased it out for 25 years----and the time ended and Jordan told them and did not renew the leased land then locked the Israeli farmers out. LOL, maybe Israel isn’t the only nation besides America to lock people out. It’s kind of poetic justice though considering how long Israel has locked the Palestinians out of their stolen land----but in this case the lands leased were Jordan’s not Israel’s. Hmmm locked out—will Irael try to steal Jordan’s land now?

Both breitbart and you as stooge for them or ordinary idiot, or right-wing propagandist liar are full o shite on this and your other claims!

I suppose you corrupt and lie to Texas youth hockey players as well. Ignorance of subject material or stupidity is NOT in anyone’s interest, especially kids - educate yourself, you are making a fool of yourself with every word! and vain attempt to distort truth.

Snopes did NOT “confirm” this right-wing trumper morons and trolls story.

This directly from Snopes. This site is not for your rubbish; Begone trump troll propagandist! Peddle your false crap elsewhere.

“A popular rumor floating around social media posits that Democrats have attempted to impeach every Republican president since Dwight D. Eisenhower:”
“This claim is both factually inaccurate and misleading.”

“The U.S. has had six republican presidents since Eisenhower left office in 1961: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. The claim is wrong on its face because Democrats made no effort to impeach Ford. While a handful of Democratic lawmakers have introduced articles of impeachment against five of the last six Republican presidents, in most cases these efforts weren’t taken seriously by the party at large. Nixon and Trump have been the only Republican presidents since Ike who have faced a serious threat of impeachment.”

They used to call it a recount when results were close. Another case of #NotNormal.