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'Outrageous Targeting' as MSF-Operated Hospital in Syria Bombed


'Outrageous Targeting' as MSF-Operated Hospital in Syria Bombed

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Doctors Without Borders said Thursday that a hospital it supported in the Syrian city of Aleppo was bombed, destroying the key pediatric facility and killing at least 14 people.


.From what I understand the Islamic head chopping terrorists are using these Hospitals to store weapons. How come no reports on the Head choppers killing dozens and injuring hundreds in Aleppo with Hell cannons.


Strangely silent in here, I'd have thought the CD forum would have been rammed with angry people decrying the Russian-Syrian killings. Now if it had been the USA that dropped the bombs, the opponents would have showed up here in angry legions.

The actions of the Syrian regime and Russia are outrageous and grotesque. 4 airstrikes on the hospital and surrounding civilian area, 60 dead medical staff, patients, civilians, doctors and death toll likely to rise much higher, as they are still dragging bodies out from under the rubble.

Russian and Syrian airstrikes and artillery have been battering the moderate rebels and civilians from day 1 as number one target, Assad doesn't like opponents, while pretending to attack non-existent 'terrorists'. They always seem to hit the hospital, same in Daraa, Azaz, Homs towns and a long list. It is impossible not to conclude that it is a deliberate tactic to punish the people for daring to oppose the regime.

Of course we get the usual from Damascus and Moscow, 'it wasn't us', as if there are invisible alien craft floating over Aleppo. Everything that comes from the lips of Assad and Lavrov is evasion, fabrication, blame transfer and downright lies, it seems to go with the territory with Assad and allies. How the man thinks he could conceivably lead the Syrian people in a new era is a joke, he forgets that he wouldn't have his secret police and Shabihah thugs to keep him in oiwer.

Rather than show any concern at all about the deaths in Aleppo, the bold Assad and Sputnik hate pages are instead quickly regurgitating the story of this massive invasion by 150 US troops (!), what a classic example of displacement when the world spotlight is shining on you! It seems to work for tomjohnson and I see madashellron has already added a new invention that not even Assad has claimed.


As the USA is known already to be bombing MSF hospitals perhaps you would give us some evidence of Syria or Russia bombing this hospital. Or just repeat USA,USA,USA.


Mr. State Dept. Troll. The number is 250 American troops into Syria not 150 like you claim. Hell cannons have been murdering Syrian for a while. You should know that seeing you provide them the weapons.


Sheesh, I really wish you guys would go back to just handing "reporters" your press releases instead of gumming up social media and blogs. Do you really have to turn everything into sh*t?
IN any event, if the Russians actually did it, they should be called out on it as hard as the US or their puppets get called out.
Now all you need is some idea of who did it. There are currently 5 different national forces operating in the area, 4 with air forces capable of doing this.


The jury is still out on who did the bombing although the US does have a record for targeting MFS Hospitals. If Russia is implicated then they should be called out.


I guess the intent of all the war criminals - there are no "good guys", only worse - must be just to break the spirits of every human being that still has any empathy or heart left. There is no accountability, there is no truth, there is no justice, only more enormity, domination of war, greed, death and destruction - the perpetrators and their enablers/suppliers profit, the rest suffer and die. I feel for the MSF heroes and the victims of the depravity - in a small sense we are all victims, at least in spirit - at least anyone with a shred of decency.


Good that you call out the US and its coalition. The US Empire has done more to destabilize the region than any other nation. I shudder too think what the area will be like under President Clinton. Clearly the anti-war movement needs to resurface and act as a global resistance. Code Pink here in the USA, to their credit, has never let up.


Interesting, you start from the same place as the defiant Assad and Lavrov do every time, the aggressive jaw and demand to prove that they've been outed once again

There have been too many blunt accusations against them by medical groups and charities to have any doubts But if they published full videos showing the aircraft strike, the baying Moscow hordes and useful idiots would still say, ah, we can't see the RuAF marking on the Su-24 from that angle, or it was the CIA flying the plane, or it was the Turks that did it You would basically have to down the plane, pull the pilot out and interrogate him in Russian, even when he confessed, the CD story would switch to him being a US plant or some other fabrication!

I think you would not like it to be proved too much diveshopingoa, the currency of Russian agitprop would decline still further


This reminds me of a ballistic missile attack a while back in Syria. The western Zion press blamed Assad forces for this attack too. Russian radar tracked the missile coming in from a neighboring Nato country. Just like the poison attack that was blamed on Syria. When the U.S. was ready to attack Syria for what turned out to be a false flag attack. Is this hospital bombing another false flag attack, to demonize Assad.

"Media reports on airstrikes carried out by the Syrian Air Forces against a hospital in Aleppo are not consistent with the reality, the Syrian Armed Forces said in a statement on Thursday."


Wrong again, only 150 have been deployed so far If you bothered to read Assad's displacement press release, you would see that he is whining about 150, NOT 250

Jeez, but is that the best you can do by way of displacement? Pretty weak play

The only cannons murdering Syrians - tends of thousand so far - are belching from Syrian and Russian jets The Coalition is away in the north and east of Syria, doing the real job of taking out ISIS, not the civilian turkey-shoot that Assad and Putin are conducting in the west


What the title of this article say?
"Obama announces an additional 250 special operations forces to Syria"


OK, all the people on the ground, the wounded, the rescue services, the journalists, the international media filming it, the charities are all wrong, because the Syrian government once again denies everything!

What a laugh really!

You don't evidence any remote concern for the civilians killed and injured or the deliberate - Stefan de Mistura's word - atrocity Does it not bother some underlying memory of morality or anything? I suppose you were too busy working out how to weave the USA or Turkey or someone non-Russian into the frame for your displacement 'alternative reality' stuff

I reckon the Coalition knows whose planes these were from their electronic intel and it seems that de Mistura knows too, better hope he plays the diplomat and doesn't publicly name and shame, that would be a hard one to get out of

Though I suppose you would then just label him as a Zionist stooge of the Imperialist Capitalist War Machine etc etc and aim to discredit him too


How about we prosecute the people responsible for war crimes when the US bombs a hospital? AND we do the same thing when Syria and Russia do it as well?


READ THE ASSAD PRESS STATEMENT Stop trying to dodge the point, he is complaining about the FIRST 150 arrivals, as I wrote, everyone and his brother knows there will eventually be 300 (not 250) there, but that is not Assad's point, nor mine

Your wriggling about seems to go with the Russian method of debate and 'news' dissemination, basically tangents, displacement moves, obfuscation, don't follow them into the fabrication and fiction mode


I hate to say it man; I'm even tearful to say it, but how much more obvious can it become that this is exactly what's going on?! Disinformation pouring on us most everywhere... H Clinton campaign allocating a million dollars to get people to post child porn to Sanders facebook accounts (and other nefarious schemes)... The elite in high towers are flooding our information-lands with poison...

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today and it'll pass. I hope.
Love and support to all you hard-working people with good hearts.


It sucks, my friend. But we're at war whether we realize it or not or whether we like it or not. At the very least, someone's at war with us. It saddens me as well, because it's utterly unnecessary, even for the rich and powerful that benefit. They were doing fine before bringing the world so low.
It's sometimes hard to know who's for real and who isn't. For me, it doesn't matter all that much. Whether someone is hired to make an argument or case or merely does it voluntarily, I'll clash with the argument, not usually the source. It keeps things simpler and far less paranoid...:slight_smile: We take apart the words themselves, not waste too much time on where those words are coming from.


The evil dictator Assad just got re-elected. What ever happened to the M17 Indonesian airline shoot down report? What is the hold up?


Your statement is the only thing that's ignorant. I don't get my news from MSM how about you? I understand that most of the video's of head chopping played on MSM are made in a production studio.
However the reality in Iraq and Syria. Is that these Islamic Terrorist have beheaded many people.