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'Outrageous': Trump Administration Waived Ethics Reviews for Lawmakers and Federal Officials Seeking Small Business Loans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/outrageous-trump-administration-waived-ethics-reviews-lawmakers-and-federal

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Trump waived the ethics rules - and the Democrats love it too!!!
You won’t hear them, or Bernie, complaining about it.

"Corruption Gone Wild."

New series starting on Trump TV.

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What’s with the word outrageous? Nothing is outrageous with Trump. Outrageous is the only thing the man knows how to do. It’s fucking pathetic that this monster is still in the White House. It simply shows just how corrupt the cesspool of Congress is as well. And for the fools who keep on voting for them.

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What do people think the SCOTUS decision on Citizens United was intended to do? It is the epitomization the hillarbilly theft of Saul Alinsky’s addage "no crisis should ever go to waste’. Oh wait - now is grease for the buydone.

Is a ‘DUH’ appropriate here?

Do folks actually think that 2008 was one-off?

Oh heck, that’s ancient history. Think I’ll launder my fiat cash from grocery shopping tonight just to make sure its not a vehicle for the mini-fluette. Its so much fun to look at all that money…

Lets see… 1.00 today is actually worth what.... about ten cents? And thats before the #!t coming down the pike hits the fan. Good time to know how to duck.

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I have written that the crap is gonna fall onto all of us with::::humor, after all, it is Friday the 13th times two.

inflation, high unemployments, evictions and homeless, hunger, and those vigilantees driving bye.

And that is on the good, upbeat days.

Oh, yes.
I forgot to mention that the Dow index will rise to 80,000 dollars.
And our treasury bonds will be paying 15% interest.
And phase two of C-19 will be an additional 24 months after phase one phases at Thanksgiving.
Gotta get those boomers outa da way.

Obviously why Trump wanted to be president –

What better place to rob than the wealthy US government – ?


did anyone really expect the largest organized criminal organization in the history of our country–the Republicans–to act in any other manner?

So Susie Lee (D-Nev.) said she was not aware that her husband was interested in applying for PPP loans when she pushed for casinos to be included in the program. His company got two loans totaling 5.6 million.

And apparently, when she did find out that he was going to apply, she did not discourage him or tell him it would be unethical and against the usual regulations. And in fact, she had to have known immediately that this “automatic blanket waiver” had been issued by the Trump administration, and instead of telling hubby it would be wrong and might bring the wrath of her voters against her when they found out eventually, she let him go ahead and take advantage of it. Don’t tell me these creatures are innocent of gaming the system.

PS: I do small business accounting. All of my clients who received SBA or PPP loans (all for minuscule amounts, mind you) had extreme hurdles to pass through and massive amounts of paperwork to fill out, and NONE of my clients was given more than one loan, nor will they be allowed to apply for a second loan without Congress passing another PPP bill. How Susie Lee’s husband ended up being able to dip into the cookie jar twice is a mystery to me.

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More Savings and Loan type scandals coming our way?
They better hurry, we are about out of Bush’s.

These republicans don’t recognize (ethics) as a thing they need to deal with. They feel everything they do is ethical, and if there is a rub, it’s because the laws themselves are wrong.
Brother, I’m taking the other half of the candy bar. I claim to be hungrier so your ethical complaint means nothing to me.

I can’t help imaging all of the people in this photo wearing Nazi uniforms.