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'Outrageous': Trump DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Legalize Firing Workers for Being Transgender

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/17/outrageous-trump-doj-urges-supreme-court-legalize-firing-workers-being-transgender

yet another example of the mora failure of those who didn’t help Clinton beat Trump in November 2016, they sold out trans in this case, immigrants, women’s rights, labor, environment, consumers in so many other cases where Trump has made thigs worse

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Not the right sex, not the right color, not the right religion, not the right legacy, not the right country of origin, not the right right…wrong. “ALL of our shadows are the same”.


The enormity of the constant barrage of divisive and destructive actions by the odious trump regime is beyond all norms of common decency!


Whahahaha !! Sorry…doesn’t fly considering what DNC and DCCC did to Sen. Bernie Sanders who DEFINITELY could have taken the country in another direction! Starting a story in the middle rather than bringing a full accounting to the table is not acceptable in this case.


Voting for an avowed NeoLiberal would have perhaps saved us from a great deal of Hate that Trump and the Republicans have fostered, but, on the other hand, Clinton would have surely kept the Military busy with it’s incursions all over the globe, coupled with extreme income inequalities.

Both of those candidates posed the American people with a lose-lose situation.

The only logical and safe choice in 2016 was Dr. Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka.

The only smart choice, that is.


As I understand it, there are very little, if any, protections from being fired from a job for whatever reason. While there are statutes on the books prohibiting firing due to race or sex, unless the employer is stupid enough to specify that that is the reason for the termination, motive is difficult to prove. In addition, it is perfectly legal to fire someone for their political views, how they dress or any other reason, or no reason at all - including their sexual preference. So it is perfectly legal to fire someone for being homosexual OR for being heterosexual. Maybe if some bigshot somewhere gets fired expressly for being heterosexual, we will see righteous outrage at allowing the firing of someone over their sexual preference.

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I recently read that the “Log Cabin Republicans” have endorsed Trump for 2020 - ???

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A classic example of how transgender poeple were erased is the way the “sister” of the Dayton killer was actually a transgender man named Jordan Cofer. Yet none of the corporate mainstream media has reported this using his real name.

Yes, becasue the republican voters that dominate the midwest and rust belt states that carried Trump to victory are actually secret, closeted socialists who would have preferred Sanders.

Honestly, you’ve got to just accept supposedly in-the-know progressives will not leave the economic anxiety myth alone no matter what the data tells us or, frankly, history. I mean white people have always reacted well to a perceived loss of racial hegemony in this country.

This is the stuff of dictatorships.


Give me a break. The moral (not “mora”) failure was the DNC and Clinton’s campaign rigging the primaries and otherwise sabotaging Sanders, and then running the stupidest campaign ever.
Hillary is a neoliberal, corporatist, warmongering, Zionist, fracking-promoting sellout.
Would she have been better than Trump–on social issues, probably. On war, Wall Street loopholes, hegemony, imperialism, the surveillance state, and other issues, she might have been worse than Trump.
Her record as Secy. of State makes clear she’s no progressive.
And look at the weak, lame, pathetic sellout way that Pelosi and Schumer are running the party now.
Don’t blame the voters for not knowing which one of the lesser of two evils to vote for.
Just like feckless clowns blame Nader for Gore putting a Zionist DINO on the ticket as VP in 2000, and for Gore not fighting back when SCOTUS stole the presidency from him, your 2016 revisionist history BS is useless, inaccurate, specious, pathetic.
Want an electoral college win? Then put forward an FDR-style Democratic duo such as Sanders/Warren or Sanders/Gabbard, not tainted elites like HRC and Tim Kaine!!!

Thank you for telling the truth to these Hillary shills!

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If we were as depraved as trump is we would list all kinds of right-wingers as unfit, terrorists, and many other false stigmatas.

Yes Yes and there is no better word to use than stigmatas, thank you for that Wizard, you are wise and true.

Trumpites are not stupid. They know up front that this won’t fly. It is a diversion imo.
Trump doesn’t want us going after his tax returns or noticing his Texas cages holding children against their will, or a number of other real issues.

It certainly was safe, Stein had no chance to win. And none of the 3rd party people have ever had a chance. At best it is a protest vote that does nothing.
Americans will never support 3rd parties to where they can win.
I understand, but the system is set.
1st they never will have the money to compete.
2nd no name recognition except for a real small minority.
3rd it’s a vicious circle, you need a great amount of money to even be in the running and 3rd parties don’t attract such money because they won’t attract much money.
Until a revolution occurs, the system will remain the same.