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'Outrageous. Unacceptable.': Indiana Teachers Shot 'Execution-Style' With Pellets in School Shooting Drill

'Outrageous. Unacceptable.': Indiana Teachers Shot 'Execution-Style' With Pellets in School Shooting Drill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As state and federal lawmakers fail to take meaningful action to confront America's gun violence epidemic, Indiana elementary school teachers were reportedly shot "execution-style" with plastic pellets in an active shooter drill led by law enforcement.

"Outrageous. Unacceptable. We don't have to live like this."
—Moms Demand Action


Let’s be fair, here. These training “officers” were probably deprived an opportunity to properly haze fraternity brothers as even fraternities would not accept these sadistic SOBs.


It’s just more proof that cops see active shooters with excitement. They (both men and women, from the twitter picture) totally get off on the chance to be movie/tv “heroes” by staging their own cop shows using teachers for extras. Just plain disgusting. Cops have their own agendas, very separate from the rest of us, who they mostly just despise.


I feel really, really sorry for pigs. By pigs I mean Sus scrofa domesticus, the domestic pig. That such wonderful, intelligent animals should be compared to human police officers is so unfair.


Are you kidding? Fraternity hazing sets the ground work for such hostile behavior, neighbor against neighbor, ‘brother’ against ‘brother.’

This story shows why so many youngsters experience depression. Being exposed to this sort of activity does nothing but incite fear.

Younger generations have been under such influences since they instituted these “training exercises”, but this one goes to a new low for law enforcement.

On that fateful day, according to at least 2 different staff members, the Parkland students and staff were advised that morning there would be a training exercise that day, with screaming and yelling and the firing of blanks.

Goodness, they are deceptive.


> Being exposed to this sort of activity does nothing but incite fear.

I remember ‘Duck and cover’. Same shit, different day


Since school shootings are a uniquely American phenomenon, the obvious question is what else is unique to America that could cause it?
Hint: this “drill” is a clue.


Yes, I remember all ducking under our desks as part of a nuclear bomb drill back in the 50’s and 60’s.

Somehow to me, pretending there is a shooter in the school seems worse than ducking under your desk.

And while the nuclear bomb from Russia never really materialized for my generation, for these kids the shooter at school plays out across the country. Times have changed.


Every time you think the people of Indiana couldn’t get dumber, they go and do something like this.
I can’t wait for next weeks role playing exercise. I hear they’ll be re-enacting a lynching, with the help of the first black student they can find.


Brilliant, lets all normalize school shootings and teach each other how to behave during a school shooting when you are lucky enough to participate in the real deal… can I barf now?


Kids on psych drugs is an American phenomenon. Starts in kindergarten and ends with kids killing kids in high school. Schools keep psych drugs on hand so they can be sure the kids get their daily dose. Parents have been (are being) threatened with ‘legal’ action for not drugging their kids. Wonder who is actually behind mass drugging of kids? Nah, you know who!

No reason to call ‘the resource officer’, he is busy down the hall tasing dangerous 6 year old 1st graders.


Some people are so angry because of the global financial collapse but instead of blaming Wall Street, they would rather literally punch and shoot teachers, women, any minority, anyone but the elites- a sicko society.


Notice there are no drills like this on Wall Street even though they caused the global financial meltodown. They are no doubt creaming in their jeans about this.


I remember that- as if hiding under a desk would protect one from a bomb!

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They are trained to killl just like the military. It is a wonder that no one had a heart attack.

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School shootings are not unique to the USA- but when they do happen the gun lobby wins. Notice that New Zealand banned these weapons within a week- here members of congress even won’t give up their bump stocks!


Its also a case study in “conflict of interest” with policing/military/private mercenary using terrorism as “sales” tactic. These guys are mistaking rod up their kazoo for a hard-on of 360 degree “power” known as clinical insanity. It is the de-contextualization of a predatory economic system being leveraged as a religious cult with unregulated access to practice that terrorization.


I’ve been scanning youtube for “movies”- it would appear than about 90% are gun-violence based narratives - especially in the science fiction genre.


If this kind of “Degenerative Nonsense” is permitted to continue, parents must take matters into their own hands.


That these teachers went along with this nonsense shows they are either cowards or dumber than a bag of Sarah Palins. What sheep amerikans have become!