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'Outrageous Violation' of Constitution If True, Says ACLU as Report Alleges Trump Feds Tapped Protesters' Phones

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/outrageous-violation-constitution-if-true-says-aclu-report-alleges-trump-feds-tapped

Is this story a joke? With ACLU lawyer outrage, one has to wonder where they’ve been on this subject for the last 20 years.
Law enforcement has had this capability for years now, even before then, the NSA, that’s been “tapping” our phones (and every other form of communication, except 1st class mail) since the late 1990’s, has been feeding law enforcement data on US citizens on US soil. This is the bases for the Snowden affair, but it started even before that, just ask ex-NSA technical director Bill Binney. He invented a computer programs to do it, with protections built-in for American citizen’s privacy. When NSA scrapped his cheaper program for one that’s more expensive to operate, with no citizen protection, he became a whistleblower.

“We are headed back to the days of J. Edger Hoover, and fast.”

No, we’re looking at those days in the rearview mirror. Hoover would be green with envy, at the amount of spying done on all Americans today.

WE have been listening into phone calls of suspicious persons since 1905.
We never stopped.
We also opened and read 1st class mail both incoming and outbound.

I agree, but up to 1999 (+/-) it didn’t include all Americans, like it does now.

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The protesters ARE the country. They ARE the people. It’s the WH, the FBI, the NSA and HHS that need to be tapped, not us.
We still pay the freight, we should get the goods. Not pay to have ourselves investigated. Just another flip flop policy cluster-job.

The people authorizing and executing these acts should spend some time in jail, be terminated from their positions with no right to work in law enforcement or the government, and have all pension and other benefits terminated. Once those things are done - this kind of thing will stop happening. We live in a state where the most lawless often appear to be those with the title “Law Enforcement.”

the signs of increasing oppression are mounting, Trump regime officials blatantly ignore Congressional subpoenas, Federal agents in Portland kidnap protestors off the streets, a peaceful demo in DC is brutally cleared for a photo-op, New York is considered an anarchist city which would lose Federal funds, immigrant detainees suffer unwanted surgery, a right-wing vigilante killing someone becomes a hero - all this is before the election. If the Trump regime stays in power, there is no use looking to Congress or the courts that will be dominated by right-wing zealots, it will be totally out of control and what freedom we have will likely die for good. Nov 3 may be our ast chance to stop authoritarian rule

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I hardly see Biden or Kamala Harris as a champion of civil rights, do you? Quite the opposite. if the Democratic Party wanted to be relevant or to win the election, they picked an awfully strange way to do it.

Also, Trump was put up to running by Bill Clinton.

This is a fraud against the nation, whats being done.