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'Outrageous' Voter Suppression by 'Cowardly Republicans' in Georgia Part of Nationwide GOP Attack on Democracy

'Outrageous' Voter Suppression by 'Cowardly Republicans' in Georgia Part of Nationwide GOP Attack on Democracy

Jon Queally, staff writer

Civil rights groups have filed a new lawsuit in order to stop a statewide voter suppression effort in Georgia after the GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp—who just happens to be the state's Attorney General as well—led an effort to purge more than 50,000 voter registrations, predominately of black voters, from the rolls just weeks before the November 6 election.


The irony being that the system still hallowing a slavery mentality will always continue to fail and require scapegoats. It does not have the breadth and depth to evolve into a healthy system.

Perhaps it remains addicted to attempts of death by a thousand cuts because its distortions and legacy have hammered negation so deep that thought beyond it is no longer possible and requires fully backed intervention.

Yuppers, the only veil for this emperor without any clothes is a codpiece and red hat with white slogans on it.

Gratitude to all who filed suit. The law suit is well worth reading because ALL OF US need to be conversant with the sound counter arguments. These machinations are not going to go down unless they are overpoweringly articulately countered.


The last gasps of a dying party. Unfortunately it may have lasting effects.


This is overt election fraud crime and all of those responsible should be prosecuted fully. Otherwise, we have no chance for any semblance of democracy.
Yet, this unprecedented election fraud crime is now completely ignored by the DOJ and allowed to continue. The U.S. is now known for the most corrupt elections in the world.
Oh yeah, and then the CIA media blames Putin for election interference. Sheer lunacy.


The southern Republicans are the children and grandchildren of the old Southern Democrats. They have all of their attributes.

The goal is to keep the black and the poor white in a state of poverty, thus giving the “shop keepers and land owners” power over the people. It is an economic strategy more than a racial issue.

No health care, low wages, other needs not fulfilled.

Will the new Supreme Court uphold the suppression of voters.

Every person in the south that has had their registration block should go to the polls and demand a provisional vote and demand that the officials do not run out of forms. If forms are not available, the vote count should be challenged

What is new?


Contact info. of Brian Kemp–flood his phone lines!




214 State Capitol

Atlanta, GA 30334

Phone Number:

404-656-2881**strong text**


thanx for giving out his website. Very easy to get into and leave a message. I just did and told him to stop suppressing the vote the whole world is watching. Shame Shame on you. DO THE SAME BY THE THOUSANDS.


Make no mistake about it, The republicans’ base are pumped up 1000% more than the democrats are, the electronic rigging, (voting), machines are in place across the land, gerrymandering never was more successfully implemented, millions of left voting Americans are being purged from voting rolls, money flooding into GOP coffers is so dark that it makes black holes look blinding, right wing media has become a fine art - incessantly brainwashing the masses, Churches and ministries effortlessly convince a hundred million or so to mindlessly punch in their votes as republicans or eternal damnation awaits them, and courts stand ready to appoint as victors any republican in a close election; Democrats also weigh in on the right , demonstrating deafening silence on all counts, often offering up candidates more right wing than their republican opponents, and even surpassing the republicans in their right wing excesses whenever given the chance…(Drone attacks, persecuting whistle blowers, imprisoning minorities, Defense Authorization Act, etc.)
Make no mistake, we already lost this one, and from the looks of it a few more after this one, if somebody doesn’t act with lightning speed and decisive action.


It’s all the evil Democrats fault…


Not quite, The correct statement is that the opponents of Trump blame his campaign committee for collusion with foreign agents - notably Russia bot also Israel, and domestic agents, to corrupt an election.


To read the comments here sometimes, you’d think they’d been controlling Washington unchecked for four decades from the smoke filled rooms of the DNC.


i wouldn’t argue against the fact

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Palast, the person most responsible for breaking this, has given interviews the last few days harshly criticizing white Democrats for not doing much of anything to actually protect the voting rights of black people, for decades now.

And look at this, in Maryland, one third of Democrats are voting for who? Of course, the “moderate” Republican. Let’s be honest, if Sanders would have won the nomination, he would have likely have been sunk by the Clinton types. These horrific Democrats speak about “unity” when it comes to keeping the system as is, but if it requires THEM to unify around a candidate to their left? Nah, would rather lose to the right. Rinse and repeat.

A third of Maryland Democrats are backing the Republican governor.

Former NAACP president Ben Jealous, Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee, is one of 2018’s most compelling candidates. He’s also running one of the cycle’s most challenging campaigns, taking on Republican Larry Hogan, who consistently polls as one of America’s most popular governors—despite the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two-to-one margin in the state. On Tuesday, a Washington Post /University of Maryland pollfound that Jealous is trailing Hogan by 20 points—58 percent to 38 percent. Most troubling for Jealous is that Hogan is winning 35 percent of Democrats. Hogan, moreover, has a slightly higher favorability rating among Democrats than Jealous does, 58 percent to 52 percent.


Hogan is a very moderate, Eisenhower-type Republican that basically went extinct in the 80s. His state is doing well, he works well with a Democratic legislature, the economy is good, so I really don’t think your comparison is apt. Any challenger would have difficulty competing in those circumstances, whether it be Jealous or a more moderate Democrat.

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Glad to hear there’s others out there who see what i see, sometimes i thought i was going crazy like i was the only person on the world who could see whats going on right in front of us. That sort of isolation isn’t conducive to fostering a collaborative effort, but instead leads to cynicism and apathy. I often thought if i could find just one other person who saw the truth it would be enough, at least to know that someone else cared. Again, its good to know you, and people like you are out there. We might be outnumbered, in the throes of our own extinction, but at least we were on the side of wanting survival and the success of humanity; seeing the truth of what was happening rather than manifesting cognitive distortions that allowed us to view the world in a more positive light, finding little fault and consequently, little room for improvement. If we collectively don’t acknowledge the facts, then we also haven’t begun to do anything about them.


Sanders linked to an op-ed by New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who argues that "Kemp’s apparent attempt to rig the Georgia election shows in microcosm how democracy in America is failing."

Democracy isn’t failing in America – the two national parties owned by Koch Bros./John Birch Society/
Dealey Plaza and other large corporations are failing. Each is dependent upon the other. Knock out one,
and the other will fall. Now all we need to do is figure out how to bring that about.

Meanwhile, when fascists come anywhere near the controls of government they don’t let go –

This is also making clear that America is a liberal nation – that it supports a liberal agenda – and wants to get rid of the right wing here and around the world.

Support for the right wing comes from Elites/wealthy, of course –
but a vast number of confused voters supporting the GOP because they believe the propaganda.


Another idea –


Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams takes the stage to declare victory in the primary during an election night event on May 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. If elected, Abrams would become the first African American female governor in the nation.

Donate to Stacey Abrams to help make history and harness the power of Georgia’s people. Election Day: November 6, 2018.

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, send a check to:

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He’s so moderate, he shut down law enforcement in his state from investigating Fords allegations of attempted rape, something they had a duty to do since there’s no statute of limitations for this crime in MD.


Kemp is the Secretary of State, not the Attorney General. Please correct.

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Thanks for posting this. I get it out to people I know.