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'Outrageous' Voter Suppression by 'Cowardly Republicans' in Georgia Part of Nationwide GOP Attack on Democracy



I really follow your posts closely as they are so thoughtful and fundamentally correct.

However, I disagree with one thing that you posit here (that is unprovable either way). My feeling is that the Dems (especially since the Clintons/DLC coup) haven’t slowed the pace of things getting worse, but have actually sped it up. (But my feeling is unprovable also).

But whatever-the-case, it is abundantly clear that things have been getting worse for the vast majority of people in the U.S. and globally – even for the survival of the biosphere itself.

Given that, no matter the risks, in the U.S. – progressives, leftists, liberals, independents, anarchists and honest conservatives – have to break with the Duopoly and use our limited resources (but majority numbers) to organize outside of the Duopoly to build organizations that have the ability to alleviate suffering in the short term and eventually overthrow the oligarchs and corporatists who empty the Duopoly as agents to co-opt us and/or violently keep us in line.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


Dana, Georgia is part of the USA not a foreign state.


Thanks for posting this–I am sending it out.

To donate to Stacy Abrams efforts:


What a load of crap. Democracy in America is being destroyed by republicans. Gerrymandering to the Nth degree, endless voter suppression techniques, this is done by republicans. You are a fool.


Left / Right / Left / Right…marching toward oblivion. Sorry, many more of us than you realize aren’t buying that con anymore.


Nah, We are the Cowards!


You must know that you just help republicans–Trump–what a load of shit.


And, if someone doesn’t live in GA and isn’t registered to vote there, then they shouldn’t be allowed to monetarily contribute.


Can you read? Or does you binary reasoning dictate what you write?


Sanders ran in the Democratic primary, right? He gets the support of the Democratic Party in his state, to the point it keeps competition on the ballot limited for him, right?


Trump was blatantly corrupt, racist, and ran a campaign based on hating immigrants, locking up his opponents, and was open about his appreciation for authoritarian leaders. McConnell held Supreme Court seat vacant for a Republican, Trump in the general, to fill. It was a close election, and I believed handing a Supreme Court to someone like Trump was a terrible idea, despite HRC’s faults.

Hogan is night-and-day from anything like Trump, clearly. Would I prefer Jealous? Of course. But let’s get real here: the situations aren’t even comparable except on the most superficial level.

And, as I recall, a lot of Democrats were pretty angry when Joe Lieberman ran as an independent after losing a primary. I don’t think he’s a member of the Left, right?


Not to sound critical, but good god! How old are you? You were duped by the Republican thugs!

Knowing where to go to vote is pretty fuckinig basic! It is provided on your registration card or you can find it on your county election office web site. Every place I live, it is also simply the closest polling place a short walk out the door. And, if you are not on the voters list and you know you registered, then that is a near certain sign that you are at the wrong place and you needed to find the right place.

But I guess that in the alienating suburban wastelands of places like Arizona, Florida and Georgia it is easy to dupe people.


Yes, exactly. Fascism is neither left nor right and so it must be the way to go; right?


A law was passed in Georgia in 2017 that made this scenario possible. Prior to 2017 Stacey Abrams set up an organization to promote access to voting. This law clearly seeks to disenfranchise eligible voters by the most unscrupulous methods. It relies on typos, misfiled information, misspellings, and such to deny a person their right to vote. This is wrong. It is not fair. It is unjust. Why is the call to action coming two weeks before the election?


Why would you “go fascist”? Fascism underlies the entire political milieu including the Left / Right propaganda meme. Geez you guys are obtuse–I assume intentionally, but who knows. At this point, since many are waking up, the plate spinning must get pretty frantic.


I beg to differ. My vote has no value in my state. Zero. If I can donate money to a candidate in another state who I support, I think that I should have that right. I guess that’s my free speech.


If you were a corporation you wouldn’t think twice.


Underground. Not on the internet. Will be difficult.


need to work a lot harder on the not sounding critical bit my friend. Also , I’m the messenger, not just idle chit chat but with some intent to inform, or would you prefer such tactics were not exposed to the light of day. While persons such as yourself might have been aware of the existence of such tactics from the very moment of their conception, I didn’t suspect anything - democrats are are well known for “getting the vote out” on election day and that is what this appeared to be. Also Arizona doesn’t have the location on their voting card, not all states are the same, (just for the sake of sharing information with those not privy to it). And one more thing - the representatives at the voting site encouraged me to fill in the provisional ballot there rather than going to the correct site, they were definitely liberals. As for me - The knowledge that provisional ballots aren’t counted isn’t something i was born with, I learned it later.Their location was only about three blocks away. Anyway i was a fool because i was going to vote democrat - isn’t that you affiliation - or not? I am being critical here. Its for the best anyway I voted for Obama that time and he was a republican more or less, and it matters not if they didn’t count it in this case The fact is there was not a representative on the ballot who would have represented me, Arizona or otherwise. Also did you vote? What makes you so sure your’s was counted - because you didn’t get a letter?


How many voters were thrown off the roles in Brooklyn two years ago in the primary? 200,000? I suppose you wouldn’t count that as election fraud because your side did it. Keep cranking there.