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Outraised 250-1, Progressive Marquita Bradshaw Upsets Establishment Opponent in Tennessee Primary for US Senate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/outraised-250-1-progressive-marquita-bradshaw-upsets-establishment-opponent


The teens and twenty-somethings are having too much fun. I suppose that there’s no such thing as having too much fun.


Hey, centrists: Suck it!!!

Lol, sorry, just been waiting to say that ever since the “Democratic” primary in South Carolina.


Maybe the democrats of Kentucky should have talked to their neighbors to the south before their primaries. The people of the Dark and Bloody Ground have once again chosen a DINO to run for senate, and the best they and the phony conservative McGrath can hope for is another pyrrhic loss.
Sure, Bradshaw doesn’t stand a snowballs chance at Beelzebub’s summer barbecue in the deep red and deeper stupid Tennessee, but it’s got to start somewhere. The democrats in Tennessee have figured out what the Corporate dems that run the party haven’t for the last fifty years. You need to give the voters an actual contrast. Let’s face it, in Kentucky, the most apparent difference between the candidates is that McGrath has a slightly more butch haircut than Mitch.
When given the choice between a real Republican and a fake one, the voters will choose the real one every time. It seems that Kentucky, and the DNC haven’t figured that one out yet. I would rather go down in flames with a progressive like Bradshaw than to finish within a “respectable” 5-10 points under Mitch McConnell with the war mongering, pro gun McGrath,
You know what they call the guy that finishes second in the race? The same thing they call the guy that finishes last. Loser.


Yup, old “Uncle Tom” Clyburn surely did his job once again for the DNC, dutifully sheep dogging the conservative African America voters to the primaries, all but guaranteeing that another Clinton acolyte gets the nom.


Although it would be nice to see the 30 year GOP curse broken in Tennessee, their COVID-19 response confirms they like living in the dark ages.

Q: Why haven’t Alabama and Mississippi fallen into the Gulf of Mexico ?

A: Tennessee sucks.


Maybe "the times they are a changin’ "

Amen. They seem to be stuck in the 50’s in Tennessee.
The 1850’s

i refuse to let any criticism of the African-American primary votes go without pointing out the specter of voter suppression.
i firmly believe - without any semblance of a doubt - that the DNC emulated their GOP counterparts, at least with regard to the younger African-American voters.
We wouldn’t have heard about it in the media; the media serves the duopoly, after all.


Definitely. The youth vote that progressives keep hoping to turn out never seems to show. And the DNC has done absolutely nothing to cultivate it in 50 years.
Democrats want blacks to vote in the primaries, yet seem to shun them in the general elections. And the fact that older blacks are perhaps the most conservative democratic voters certainly speaks volumes as to why no real progressive movement can take hold within the party.
When we progressives whine about not having single payer or global warming taken seriously we really need to start looking in the mirror as to why.


It’s pretty infuriating that older “black” voters are so consistently conservative. i realize that they’ve been conditioned to expect/ask for only the bare minimum, due to dealing with “white” Americans all their lives, but still: you’re not gonna get what you don’t demand.

i strongly suspect that younger “black” voters’ ballots are tossed in the trash/altered if they fail to vote in overwhelming numbers for the duopoly’s selected candidate(s). There’s no question, though, that they gotta turn out in huge numbers, document it on social media and demand explanations when the candidate they voted for in overwhelming numbers doesn’t win.


We have reached the tipping point. (?)
Let’s hope democracy survives the fascists. These progressives need to start overturning the Republicans en masse. Knocking out some weak entrenched DINOs is one thing; taking out a genuine fascist is something else. Destination, the SENATE!
And hopefully this new generation of progressives of color will reach out to all us poor working class white folk too.



Howard Dean worked very hard to “cultivate the youth vote.” He created the first online outreach which directly targeted younger voters, DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA.

Before the incessant right-wing funded media smears, the Clintons enjoyed widespread support among the youth vote. In the 1990s and early 2000s Bill Clinton was very popular with the young voters. THAT IS A FACT. Youth voters’ antipathy today is primarily because the youngest of voters have grown up since the 1990s being propagandized by wealthy corporate media moguls and their private sector billionaire allies who actually did fund a character assassination campaign. IT’S IN AL FRANKEN’S BOOK, “LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM.”

You are increasingly sounding like a fascist shill. Does every single post have to be a spin on how shitty you think the Democrats are??

You know what is tiresome is the third way shills (you) constantly apologizing for the Clintons and Obama and their Nixonian agendas.
But hey, enjoy your ostrich like view. Moving the Democratic Party to the right got us what exactly? Let’s see, the crime bill, full (privatized) prisons, welfare cuts, deregulation, corporate bailouts, all of the above energy policy, a dead Glass-Steagle, Obamacare instead of single payer, and yes, Donald Trump.
You want to die in that hill? Go ahead. We want a progressive party. And that is not the modern democrats.


Imagine that, voters actually recognizing that what they want is Health Care For All, a clean environment, an honest government, in other words progressiveness.

Noun. 1. progressiveness - advancement toward better conditions or policies or methods.

Heavy sigh.


The democrats BigB refers to are shitty.

Black voters in the south are only good for one thing to the DNC : Elect the wall street - establishment choice in the presidential primary.


This in Tennessee. The last time that I was in Tennessee in the early 80’s, I saw a KKK meeting being held outside right next to the road.

I was shocked then, and amazed today at how far Tennessee has come.


AWESOME news!!! The DNC and Republicans are a tag team taking turns at destroying this country. We need real progressives. Thank you Justice Democrats.


We saw where the voters heads were at in 2016. If they are still there after all trump has undone, or even more supportive, that’s either the second or third wave for help from a drowning nation.

Tennessee, like Alabama and Mississippi, has a Trump-loving GOP governor. 'Nuff said.