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Outraised 250-1, Progressive Marquita Bradshaw Upsets Establishment Opponent in Tennessee Primary for US Senate

What was a trickle is now a stream and continues to swell and soon will be a mighty river. Thinking people across the country can no longer ignore the depravity and corruption of the corporate owned parties and are recognizing that we can do much better than Trump, McConnell, both Clintons, Schumer, Pelosi and other associated sold out corporate toadies which includes Mr. Dementia Joe Biden also. Well done Marquita and thanks!



Commenters here have every right to criticize your party. And, considering the fecklessness and corruption that are the hallmarks of your party, you should expect a steady stream of it.


One way to get a progressive candidate on the presidential ballot is to take over from below - progressive candidates winning Democratic primaries at the local, state, and Congressional levels.

If the Democratic Party continues to suppress progressives, however, such as by denying AOC a role in the national convention, then we need a national progressive coalition that can compete against the Democrats and Republicans. Neo Citizens offers its social media and project management IT platform solely to progressives, progressive groups, and progressive parties, a platform ready to facilitate the communication, cooperation, and collaboration of the progressive movement. Neo Citizens dot com.


Yeah, what ever happened to Franken, anyway? Since being a lifelong Keynesian (Galbraith-ian?) Democrat makes us a bunch of goose-stepping deplorables, to the Goldwater Girl Dixiecrats; I’m guessing we’ll all need to be banned, just like back in 2016, for questioning Comcast, AT&T & Disney’s BS libertarian speaking points? Shit sounds like Rick Berman?


~https://www.mintpressnews.com/study-billionaires-donated-gates-buffet-giving-pledge-now-richer-than-ever/270128/ (The Shock Doctine: How to Serve Man!)

~https://www.desmogblog.com/2020/08/08/bakken-fracking-oil-boom-bust-hess-cleanup (5… 4… 3… )


~https://sirota.substack.com/p/susan-rices-considerable-past-fossil (Not quite Bloomberg, Biden or Hillary, but…)

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You want to bring up that guy here? I assume I’m not the only one on this site by a long shot who puts Dean at the bottom of the barrel now (even though I donated to him in 2004 being desperate for anyone who I thought could take Bush down). He tries to defend himself on being a roadblock to Medicare For All now that he is getting Healthcare company money (if we wanted to help M4A, he could have done that best by going back to being a doctor and writing the occasional op-ed). I might even agree with him on a few things (e.g. that fee for service has some genuine problems in terms of distorted motivations in providing health care), but overall if he thinks he is seen as an advocate for M4A, he is delusional.

And on the other thing he is famous for now - he is equally delusional ever speaking at an MeK event attempting to legitimize an organization that is almost universally reviled within Iran and their reputation outside of Iran among most of the sane world sucks also. There was no excuse for what he did and am I not aware of any apology.

I’ve heard enough from Dean since 2004 and I’d prefer he disappear from public life - he is no advocate on anything for me.

Cc @BigB, @SkepticTank


I was responding to the falsehood accusation that the Democrats have done nothing to cultivate the youth vote. Dean was governor of Vermont Bernie’s country for 5 terms, elected 4 times. Must have done something right. But he also very much reached out to the dot com youth by his creation of the online Democracy for America. It wasn’t the elderly who were online back then and who supported Dean nor the Clintons, They were all in the bag for the very corrupt Reagan Bush team. So the claim made earlier is pure crap. Period.

The Clintons were very popular with the youth vote during his presidency. Funny how the youth of today, 25 years later, who have been weened on the vast right wing conspiracy of media character assassination generally have antipathy towards them all. Funny how that works, but at the time of Clinton’s presidency, we young people supported despite knowing all about the crime bill and all the other shit, blah blah blah.

Al Franken and his publishing team proved there was a conspiracy to destroy the Clintons with propaganda.
I don’t want to argue with you about their “evil”. I am stating facts here in response to someone who stated a falsehood.

Modern propaganda is characterized by omission and distortion.

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Wow, that’s a racist comment that only a shill troll would make!!
I flagged you.

What is amazing is how you all virtually ignore the even more corrupt Republican Party.
You are like retards with guns doing a circular firing squad but actually shooting your own feet.

I responded to a LIE made by BigB about the Democrats not reaching out to the youth. THEY DID AND THEY WERE VERY POPULAR WITH THE YOUTH UNTIL 25 years of incessant character assassination in the media paid for by right wing billionaires succeeded in poisoning minds.
These are facts. U might not like them but they are facts.
How come we never hear bad shit about Reagan/Bush, who actually did oversee the Dirty Wars, deregulation, union busting, outsourcing, downsizing, offshoring and collapse of the manufacturing sector and catastrophic CRACK epidemic the Clintons inherited?? Anyone recall the RUST BOWL which began under REAGAN BUSH?? How about the first GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM ECHELON developed under Reagan Bush?? But y’all shit on the Clintons endlessly, the only president in living memory who actually raised taxes on billionaires. And the only one who actually balanced the budget.

Admit it, you all have been propagandized by incessant negative media about the Clintons while crickets and whistling wind about the Gipper and the Bushes.

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He “flagged” you, for speaking the TRUTH? The first time I’d personally witnessed the lesser-of-the-evils “ratchet-effect” Dixiecrat schtick, was their “but, Goldwater” claim, keeping Mississippi’s African American delegates from their 1964 convention. This was followed by, “but, Nixon,” against draft age poor kids; “but, Nixon” against female candidates; “but, Reagan!” against workers, LGBT, Green… basically ALL of us actual FDR Democrats, during (their) Powell’s Memo Coup?

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Your dempologizing for your party won’t change the fact that your party is feckless and corrupt.
Even when you dempologize in all caps.

And you’d have a much better argument against Reagan and Bush if your party’s leaders hadn’t adopted and passed so many r-party ideas like welfare reform, Romneycare, and free trade agreements.

Here was your hero, Chuck Schumer, in 2016 going after the youth vote:
“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


It’s the party of AOC, Sanders (who caucuses with them) Rashida Tlaib and Pramila Jayapal.

The fact you spend more time dumping on Democrats rather than the truly corrupt and entirely venal Republican Party shows how well the propaganda has worked. The corporate MSM is the tail wagging your dog. When William Buckley Jr. dies they created a hagiography of the fascist just as they did for his ideological brother G. H.W. Bush. When a Howard Zinn or a prominent Democratic president passes it’s trash talk central.

The singular expert on LBJ, Robert Caro, does not believe Johnson was a “monster” as so many here wish so badly to believe. He actually thinks he was a benevolent man who genuinely tried to improve the condition of poor Americans. Think about that. You and your propagandized fellows here are at odds with the most important Johnson scholar alive today. Think about that.

But no one wants to think they’ve been manipulated; everybody knows propaganda only works against those other fools…

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So I guess Chuck Schumer’s direct quote – he, the man in line to become Senate Majority Leader – signifies nothing. Because everything that has happened over 40 years confirms the shift your party made to appealing to moderates in the suburbs and taking progressives for granted.

Maybe that’s a smart strategy. Or maybe that’ll further spur the break off of progressives into a 3rd party.

I’m going with B.


WoW………I haven’t seen such an unabashedly hateful critical comment in some time. I don’t know where you live but give humanity a break and realize that good people exist in every corner of the world.
People can only vote for the names on the ticket.

At the risk of being stoned by my own like you, Ed, I’d like to speak a little truth as well. Frankly, I used to get incensed, then insulted by everyone telling me how I, a 66-year-old black woman, think and vote. Now I’m just sick of it. My “fellow” progressives like to climb all over the establishment Dems for taking my vote for granted, but don’t hesitate to do the same. They have no compunction doubting polls, pundits and corporate media about everything else but the black vote. WE ARE NOT MONOLITHIC IN OUR VOTE! Here’s something I notice NO ONE seems to consider. Back in September 2019, the South Carolina GOP decided not to hold a presidential primary to clear the path for Trump. Since South Carolina has open primaries where voters do not have to register by political party, voters can cast ballots in either race. Why not use that vote to screw up the other side? Or even better, if you are so disgusted with your party’s candidate and are afraid of the “communist” on the other side, why not vote in their primary for the guy you’re more comfortable with? Noooooo! Gotta be those stupid, low-information, shuffle along, old black voters.

And by the by, NOBODY did a better job of reaching out to young voters than Obama. It was revolutionary. If not for the youth organizers AND voters, there would have been no President Obama.

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Thank you …damn! A voice of reason and sanity. Yes, Obama did reach out to young voters and so did Howard Dean, and these Democrat haters here forget that the Clintons were VERY popular with the young voters of their day. But at least one commenter here claimed the Democrats have done nothing to reach the youth vote; that’s just pure crap. And this BS about the Democrats taking the black vote for granted is a distortion at best. I think Clinton was the first president to actually treat black Americans like Americans and NOT a demographic or a statistic. His eulogy to Lewis recently, showed on his face how he has suffered as a result of his efforts to bring Americans together. I recall a speech he made to a black audience about the breakup of white families and remarked at how we now have achieved a kind of perverse equality as blacks have suffered that reality for so long; the audience chuckled and Clinton said, “You laugh, because acknowledging the truth of it would bring you to tears.” (I am paraphrasing.) He brought out our shared humanity. There is not a single Republican who tries to do that. When Hillary Clinton claimed there was a “vast right wing conspiracy” to destroy her husband, she was telling the damned truth. And Al Franken proved it in his book “Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them”. They did it by paying for endless negative propaganda in the entire media spectrum, any negative crap true or false amplified and repeated a million times until it all began to stick, 25 years of that crap. An entire generation of young voters today have grown up hearing nothing but negatives about the Clintons their entire lives. But Clinton left office with a 66% approval rating! This orange freak in the WH today hasn’t yet even broken 50% and hovers around 40!!

And God bless Shirley Chisholm, I was a little kid when she ran but thought she was pretty cool.

Because the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet hasn’t collapsed quite yet.

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken your question so literally.

At this point Washington is experiencing extended political gridlock. We’re heading within weeks into a Great Depression and I’m expecting an extended pandemic in Tennessee and all over the South because of the Depression. For this reason I wouldn’t write Marquita Bradshaw off in the November election. Keep pushing!

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I also notice many here conflating statistical majorities with monoliths. I also notice many who use the exception to prove their dispute with actual proven statistics. Several commenters have done the latter recently to exaggerate the danger to young children from the coronavirus, and accused me of not caring about children because I dared to point out that 3 times more kids under five have died from the seasonal flu this year than from Covid19. Out of 161,000 Covid19 deaths in this country, less than 20 have been kids 5 or under. Each one a tragedy, but miniscule statistically speaking.

My point is, numbers matter. So do quotes from leaders. That’s why I provide links to back up my comments. And in terms of the black vote going for Democrats, yeah, it’s a statistical monolith – no other demographic comes close. But yes, within that monolith, things get less, well, monolithic in terms of primary voting. From region to region and age group to age group, black voters are split.

That said, when 90% of black voters can be counted to vote D in November, I’ll strongly disagree with you: Black voters are monolithic in their vote. And my follow up is my opinion, but I share it with Glenn Ford and Bruce Dixon and many others: The Democrats are free to take monoliths for granted, and sadly, they do.


Your response saddens me as your posts are ones I generally respect. But this post is like the conversation with my friend who told me proudly that she is color blind and teaches her children to be the same. I told her that looking at me and not seeing my blackness ignores my reality, my experiences; it ignores me.

How do you determine my vote from my white, hispanic, asian, first american, arabic or any other neighbor? I have been a poll worker and for the life of me could never tell you how many of any ethnic group voted a particular way. Nor should I or anyone else be able to. If I can be at ground zero where the voting is happening and can’t tell you, how can “experts” tell you? There are no links you can provide me to provide that answer because they do not exist. It is all extrapolation, a group of assumptions accepted as fact. The same kind of extrapolations that told us there was no way Trump could win. I have seen many of the same reports on black voting you have and many rely heavily on exit polling. I have been voting since 1972 in several states and have NEVER been approached.

“That said, when 90% of black voters can be counted to vote D in November, I’ll strongly disagree with you: Black voters are monolithic in their vote.”

One more message that I am not seen or heard and I do not count.

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If you don’t want to accept polling, that’s fine.

But if you’re somehow under the impression that the politicians you vote for don’t slice and dice the electorate by demographics, you’re dreaming.

Or did Biden just tell America he was choosing a woman (and probably a woman of color) off the the top of his head? It’s called Identity Politics for a reason.