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Outside 'Ring of Steel' Fence, Demonstrators Swarm Embassy Residence as Trump Arrives in UK

Outside 'Ring of Steel' Fence, Demonstrators Swarm Embassy Residence as Trump Arrives in UK

Julia Conley, staff writer

Contrary to President Donald Trump's claim on Thursday that "they like me a lot in the U.K.," he was immediately met with angry and rowdy protesters as he arrived in London to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of larger demonstrations against the president expected to draw tens, if not hundreds, of thousands into the streets nationwide on Friday.


this might be apt for the don


"we will not allow the clock to be turned back to the darkest moments of human history." by this malignant mental angry baby!!

The Brits know how to do demos and I have faith they will do this one right, even tho every attempt will be made to shield the trumpenfuhrer from the people by his lap-dog Theresa May!


Not prize-winning poetry, but i applaud the sentiments.

Rings of steel sting of the real.
what a circus - no appeal.

Time for glam shams now long over
for the strumpet trumpet bloviator.

The highest be made lowest
dropping burning just like toast
sprinkle them with water
let them rest from insane boasts

imagine looking down on them
their castles all abust
compassion tested duties
for the future is a must

therein lies the crux my friends
our boundary lines well drawn
and right up to that line my friends
the minority grows wan

They know that way deep down inside
they’ve smashed the greatest gift
but its been so long since they
acknowledged it
their knickers are n a twist

Be brave courageous honest and
together tow the line
and never stop just because
they cannot read the signs

Be true, Brit friends


The British know all too much about racism having been involved in WWII. Apparently many people didn’t learn the first time how stupid it is to follow the racists fascist and are doing it again in Europe and they have even joined in here in the US where we thought it couldn’t happen here. Glad to see the people have left their TVs and computer screens and gotten out to protest the arrival of this US racist in the UK. He should never be given an official welcome but unfortunately it has happened. Hopefully the people in the US will rise up against the Republicans who support Trump and the ballot box in a few months. Absolutely necessary.


Maybe someone will hire Sean Spicer to discuss crowd sizes. : )

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He’s on his way


I disagree with most Trumpianity, but I agree to eliminate NATO, to make peace with Russia, to not allow illegal immigration and to either make tariffs fair, or eliminate them.

Unfortunately, it seems Democrats are basically running on maintaining this status quo.

I’m feeling like a man without a party.


Way to go, Brits! Make as much noise as possible. Wish I could be there with you.

On a side note: How appropriate that Trump chose someone named “Woody Johnson” as U.S.
Ambassador to Great Britain. His very name fits our “Foreign Policy” perfectly, as we go around
the world showing off our big “Johnson”.


I totally agree. It’s hard to get all pumped up (or should I say Trumped up?) about this “temporary despot” when the neoliberal system is what is really behind any alternative offered in the mainstream discourse–propaganda media. (Let’s remember the DNC and MSM selected Trump as the ideal pied piper adversary.) It’s all just a show. Trump and his adversaries, nothing but professional mud wrestling meant to keep the people distracted and inert. Get it? INERT!


Wonderful !!! Thank you Thank you Brits
Molly Ivins would be having so much fun right now. The Guardian clarification of donnie’s NATO summary lies is a little bit of fun. What a demise of the presidency though to have this man in office ???


YES, Lrx, as you note, it’s nice to see that the British populist-progressive principled left is smart enough to employ non-violent direct action protests, marches, and demonstration with signs like the one in the center of the photo “Dump Trump” which directly attack the heart of our problem (rather than the dozens of type of mixed message, overlapping, distractive, and “identity issue” clutter that many here in America think will accomplish anything.

The only good thing about Emperor Trump is that ‘we the American people’ are now WakingTF–up to the fact that we need to, as my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply shouts-out:


and on the reverse side, under the image of ‘our’ (not the Emperor’s) American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

With Emperor Trump’s recent insane ‘reality show’ of ‘lording over’ NATO, the EU,
and all European countries — which suffered through the First and
Second World Wars of Empires — it is, IMHO, now far beyond time to, put
down both Emperor Trump and this damn disguised global capitalist EMPIRE.

But fortunately because of how obvious, overt, ugly, and dangerous this most Imperial Emperor Trump is acting, “the “Times” they are a changin”:

When was the last time we saw the names Chomsky, Hedges, and Street openly mentioned in the “Times”?

So the “Times” they are a changin — and as LBJ is said to have reacted when Walter Cronkite came back from the slaughter of Empire War in Vietnam and ‘exposed’ this worst crime of militarist Empire on National TV, LBJ said “If we’ve lost Cronkite — I’ve lost the war”

“Emperor Trump 2020? — that dog don’t hunt”!


This is just a short quote from Sebastian Haffner’s memoir, Defying HITLER.
*As a young boy Haffner grew up in World War I Germany. He lived in Germany until the mid-30s when he left to avoid a concentration camp. His memoir is primarily his observations of Germany that he saw around him and his own thoughts and reactions also.
*“Today it is quite clear that Nazi anti-Semitism had nothing to do with the virtues or vices of the Jews. The interesting thing about the Nazi’s intention to train the Germans to be persecutors of the Jews throughout the world, and if possible exterminate them, an intention they made no secret of, is not the justification they gave. That is such utter nonsense that it is demeaning even to take it seriously enough to argue against it. It is the intention itself that is significant. It is something new in the history of the world: an attempt to deny humans the solidarity of every species that enables it to survive; to turn human predatory instincts, that are normally directed against other animals, against members of their own species, and to make a whole nation into a pack of hunting hounds. Once the violence and readiness to kill that lies beneath the surface of human nature has been awakened and turned against other humans, and even made into a duty, it is a simple matter to change the target. That can be clearly seen today; instead of “Jews,” one can just as easily say “Czechs” or “Poles” or anyone else.
*“We have here the systematic infection of a whole nation, Germany, with a germ that causes its people to treat their victims like wolves; or to put it differently the freeing and revitalization of precisely those sadistic instincts whose chaining and restraint has been the work of a thousand years of civilization. In a later chapter I intend to show how, in spite of its general weakness and dishonor, large parts of the German nation still find the strength to resist, perhaps from a dark feeling for what is at issue. Were it different, and should the central core of the Nazis’ program become a reality, it would amount to a major crisis for humanity, and would place the survival of the species Homo sapiens at risk. It might only be possible to save the species by destroying the part infected by the “wolf virus” completely.” [Defying HITLER, pps 144 – 45]
*Haffner’s book, written during the 1930s, gives a first-hand account of the effects of the rise of Nazism in Germany. When I first read the book some years ago, I saw a lot of the same signs that I was seeing currently in this country. At the time I thought Bush was going to be the new Führer, but, when he was finally replaced, our hope for a new era was dashed once again, as the wars widened as did the cruelty, torture, presidential kill list, vast enrichment of the warmongers, etc.
*The last “General Election” seemed to salt down the direction the nation was going. We had a choice between a powerful war criminal and what seemed to be, a deranged “figure of fun.” The majority of the people wanted neither of them, but somehow the madman won and our descent into Nazi madness increased.
*I don’t know, at this stage of the game, if it will be possible to turn this around and save this nation, but I think it is definitely worth the try rather than to continue the descent into the pit.
*I am in my 80s, technically a Korean veteran though the shooting had stopped when I entered at the age of 17. I am a nuclear veteran (and guinea pig) of Operation Redwing, Marshall Islands, 1956. I watched and was exposed to the first airdropped hydrogen bomb of the United States. This was followed by six more bombs, two of which were “dirty” bombs.
*The Hawaiian newspapers covered the dropping of the bomb and the summation in one of the articles was, “The United States can now destroy any city in the world in seconds.” And sadly, that is very true. We are the only nation that has bombed cities with nuclear weapons, in Japan. The weapons we have of destruction today are thousands of times more destructive, and the people charged with their use or non-use have no realistic idea of what they are advocating. They have no idea of the global results of a nuclear attack on a country and its cities. If the current Führer in a fit of pique, decides to destroy London because they did not kiss his royal ring, he has no idea of the millions of people that will die from the results of blowing up the city. For him, that’s just “teaching the Brits a lesson.” Those downwind will spend years of illness, radiation poisoning, loss of crops and animals, birth defects, etc. Just ask the surviving Rongalapese about it.
*We are getting very close to a point of no return, but I hope that We the People will wake up and turn us around before it is too late.


How about Trump’s dispicable right wing neocon agenda of further exacerbating global warming. How about his fraudulent tax cut for the wealthiest, his gutting of our civil, constitutional and human rights. He seems to only respect wealth and power.


Yes we need to lose the fucking Pentagon killing machine.


Trump goes on the air in the UK with his best buddy Rupert Murdoch who destroyed decency in both the UK and US while giving Trump the platform for his racist base using constant lies. Murdoch and Trumo are global criminals who should be isolated as unfit for human contact.


Trumps typical response to protests, in The Hill (If I knew how to import it I would) today:
“I get thousands of notifications from people in the UK that they love the President of the US.”
Claimed he was the “Most popular person in the history of the Republican Party. Beating Lincoln.”
“I beat out honest Abe”, Trump added. “But the people of the UK, and I’ll bet if you had an honest poll, I’d be very strong.”

A freaking legend in his own mind.

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How did I miss that! Just more of his all-amerikan reality show, I suppose. Brit humor can be savage while insightful. His take: “Oh how inspired I was by the huge turn-out for me in our once ruling, now our colony, country. Beautiful, beautiful music played all night. After Brexit, my genius trade policy will serve them well. Boy, can’t wait to get to Putin’s Place where they know a powerful manly man when they see one. I’ll get the biggest turn-out since the Fueher’s army marched into Russia.” His motto - Speak brashly and be a big d**K.


The excellent linked piece lays-out why trump is despised in the UK (and elsewhere beginning here) and why tens, or hundreds or thousands, will protest his presence and malignant influence on the UK and the world! His actions seem so divorced from any normal human feeling except greed and ego madness, he has drawn the entire world down into his depraved vision of life, but today the UK will show trumps inhumanity is not acceptable!

"Why London will march to ‘Stop Trump’ on July 13
Do we want a world ruled by big business and racism? Or one where people are put ahead of profit and hate?"

"Trumpism is a poison which is infecting politics across the world"

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