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Outside 'Ring of Steel' Fence, Demonstrators Swarm Embassy Residence as Trump Arrives in UK


The excellent linked piece lays-out why trump is despised in the UK (and elsewhere beginning here) and why tens, or hundreds or thousands, will protest his presence and malignant influence on the UK and the world! His actions seem so divorced from any normal human feeling except greed and ego madness, he has drawn the entire world down into his depraved vision of life, but today the UK will show trumps inhumanity is not acceptable!

"Why London will march to ‘Stop Trump’ on July 13
Do we want a world ruled by big business and racism? Or one where people are put ahead of profit and hate?"

"Trumpism is a poison which is infecting politics across the world"


Our Baby Trump is now in the UK spreading Fox Not News and his version of twisted reality. The face of America? OMG.


People in the US should join these Brits and form a Sanctuary Refuge against wverthing Trump!


Dont know whi needs a bigger spanking Trump or us letting him and his henchmen take over our country…


Just like everyone else on Earth these days, your True nature is showing more and more clearly.

I’ve been reading your comments for quite a while. Never before have I seen the white supremacy showing as baldly.

Congratulations, man! Getting down to the Truth is always a good thing, even when, as in this case, the Truth is ugly.

You say that the “left” is wrong in perceiving that diversity is strength.

Diversity IS strength. Mother Nature shows us all this quite clearly. All your mental facts and rationalizations will never change this Law.

There is no reason anyone with Common Sense should believe anything you have to say is well-grounded so long as you continue to deny this evident Reality.

You think monoculture is the way to go, bro? Have fun with that, because you’ll be going with it.

Because the Mother is making it so, that’s why.


REgressive Playbook

  1. Ignore any points made by your opponent
  2. Attack him personally
  3. Introduce as many non-sequiturs as possible

I drew numerous conclusions from my observations. Plenty of possibilities for you to contend with. You choose, as typical, the REgressive Playbook. Sadly I expect no less.



I believe that many other readers are capable of witnessing my actions and determining that I have not attacked you personally.

I believe many readers are capable of perceiving that even in this reply, I am not attacking you personally.

I believe many readers are recognizing that this claim, always directed at those speaking Truth to the power of the modern, mental supremacist paradigm, is a weapon. A weapon designed to disguise, rationalize, and/or defend the static material inequities that are modernity’s major product.

Yes, I oppose your linguistic behaviors on this board, as I oppose mental supremacist violence every time it rears its ugly head.

Its ugly head. Not “your ugly head”.

If you Will not perceive this differentiation, you are the author of your own disgruntlement.

If you identify yourself with the ugliness, you become the ugliness.

This is my observation of how the Law of Life works, not a personal insult.

Yes, MMLamesa, I oppose the violent behaviors you manifest consistently here.

Violence is not limited to expressing itself in forms that show immediately upon human skin.

Emotional, mental and spiritual violence are Real, and thus, consequential.

This is True regardless of how often and vehemently perpetrators of these subtler forms of violence deny this.

This is True regardless of how often, and how viciously, perpetrators of this “covert and deniable” violence enforce their will-to-dominate through the brute physical might of the State.

Those of us inspired to end the expression of violence on the gross physical level are rapidly learning, as we must, to halt and transform it from these subtler domains.

As I am devoted to this practice, I will not “debate the issues” when mental supremacist violence is happening.

When violence is happening, there is no other issue for me.

I understand that until the violence is halted and remediated, to talk of anything else is to feed the violence. This I Will not do.

No matter how many times you repeat your stereotyped mental supremacist moves, moves designed to dismiss, silence or disappear me, I will not submit.

So if you want to spend a bunch of time trying to prove you can dominate me, come on!

I have all the Time and energy of the world for waging this peaceful struggle.