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Outside RNC Headquarters, Millennials Declare: "It's Trump vs. All of Us"


Outside RNC Headquarters, Millennials Declare: "It's Trump vs. All of Us"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A group of multiracial millennials gathered outside the Republican National Committee's (RNC) headquarters on Thursday afternoon, demanding party chair Reince Priebus withdraw his support for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and reject what they call "a 50-year strategy of using racism for electoral gain."

Under the banner #AllOfUs2016, the young people are seeking to show Republicans and the media alike: "America is for all of us. Our generation will fight for an America with liberty, freedom, and justice for all."


Liberal and conservative intellectuals all agree: Trumpism is the enemy now.

If conservatives wish to preserve the integrity of their political ideology, they must disown this usurper among their ranks. And then they must reform their ideology to prevent the conditions it helped create that allowed this usurper to arise.


I assume these protesters are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. That is one thing they could do to help prevent a Trump presidency.


They had better vote for her if she's paying them to protest!


Effort directed for or against the Dims or GOP (both domestic anachronisms) that are part of the problem, is effort not directed toward making the US more progressive and being part of the solution.

The 60s mantra that YOU ARE EITHER PART OF THE PROBLEM OR PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU CAN'T BE NEITHER OR BOTH applies more today than it ever has.

If these young people put this much energy into campaigning FOR Jill Stein, the Green Party would make the inroads it needs to be as active in the US as it is is in dozens of other nations.


It's not T or C2. It is capitalism. It is ignorance. It is fear and loathing of us commoners by the elites. Rome was not that long ago - same thing then. The (banksters) never left; they just moved over a little, to here. So, it's power, greed and ignorance vrs. all of us. Vote your conscience but, please first, try your damnest to take some quiet time off in a quiet wilderness, overnight - or two - or three days - or weeks, before you vote. Life is way too precious to rush into being pressured to vote against your natural inclinations that are masked by living in today's mechanized, "over-gmo-ed", lied-to existence.


You could say the same thing about the Democratic Party and their nominee.


Let's see: you're White, not a Muslim, have no immigrant relatives, your education is long completed.


You could say the same thing about the Democratic Party and their nominee.

The intelligentsia? Not really. They are siding pretty decisively with Clinton, explicitly or tacitly in the form of refusing to support Trump. This includes both the liberal wing of the intelligentsia and those of the conservative wing with integrity. From Paul Krugman to George Will, from the NYT editorial board to the directors of USA Today and the Atlantic, from chomsky to Kissinger, from Jimmy Carter to Bush Sr - all support Clinton.

And if that's too centrist for CD, Clinton also seems to enjoy the (if at times half hearted) support of most of the rising stars of mainstream liberal america such as Warren and, well, Sanders. You may see them as sellouts, but the fact that there was such a sense of betrayal among bernie-or-bust types is indicative of their status as icons of the left in the US. I haven't confirmed the status of Rachael Maddow, Melissa Harris Perry, or Ta-Nehisi Coates (who backed Sanders), but they have given no indication of being never-clinton types either.

And then of course, there is Sarah Silverman, but she doesn't really count for "intelligentsia"

The never trump movement among intellectual america is broader and includes more prominent figures than the never clinton one.


Normally I would agree with you BUT in these circumstances I can't go along with "vote your conscious" Trump's too dangerous for any of us to take the risk of him being elected. Having voted in EVERY election since 1970 (except 1 year) voting for who I believed was the best choice even if the person was a Republican or Libertarian, I've seen a lot of F'ed up politicians. You all need to suck it up and vote for Hillary Clinton. I would have preferred Bernie but he didn't get the nomination. If Hillary screws up we vote her out in 4 years. If Trump wins we're all screwed.


Karen: Joined 3 hours ago.

Are you one of those stealth Trump trolls CD warned us about, trying to make Clinton supporters look like obnoxious idiots?


I had a comment in this thread that said "All of Us 2016" is a Democratic astroturf group setup to make it look as if Millennials are spontaneously rising up against Trump and supporting Clinton. It also said CD this wasn't the first time CD has provided fawning coverage of one of their anti-Trump public relations stunts.

The comment disappeared.

CD - just because you've talked to a person in a group that endorsed Clinton, and that person told you "All of Us 2016" wasn't connected to the Democratic Party, doesn't mean it isn't a Democratic Astroturf group. I went over this in the last article on CD about an All of Us 2016" event.

The person you talked with has extensive ties to the Democratic party. The group he's running is anti-Trump.

Did you even ask him who's funding him?

My comment on CD's prior coverage:

To Build the Political Revolution, Grassroots Group Endorses 22 "People's Candidates"

I don't agree that a President Trump presents a danger to the country. He's a buffoon, and as such the only danger he presents is that we as a country will be yugely embarrassed for four years.

Clinton, on the other hand, is truly dangerous. She's a warmonger who is very likely to get is into a serious confrontation with Russia in Syria, maybe one that can't be controlled.

I won't vote for Trump or Clinton. I'll vote my conscience. I don't want to regret being even in a small way responsible for all the dead children from Clinton's "humanitarian" wars.


Progressives don't protest the RNC - period. Why give energy to a Party that lost its soul the moment Eisenhower retired from the Presidency? Trump is bad - really bad - and so are all of the other crazies in the RNC. What else is new?

The REAL Left Progressives are out on the front lines with the Standing Rock Sioux. They're on the streets with Black Lives Matter. They're hand cuffing themselves to construction equipment at pipeline sites. They're out canvasing for Jill Stein.

They're NOT standing outside of the RNC in an obvious media stunt in order to convince Millenial voters to vote for the "Lessor Evil" of two highly corrupt and evil candidates!

A vote for the lessor evil is STILL a vote for evil, and will only pave the way for an even greater evil in 4 years!

Now is the BEST time to vote Green!


The "Intelligentsia" you refer to are all highly compensated media talking heads who receive their paychecks from the same corporate media who blacked out Sanders, colluded with the DNC to spread lies and misinformation about the election fraud during the primaries and who created Donald Trump through their endless coverage of the crazy would-be POTUS!

If you study the Intelligentsia movement prior to the Russian Revolution, all of those intellectuals who spoke out against corruption had to resort to underground newspapers, private talks to small groups of people, and who were constantly being hounded by authorities and disgraced in the main stream media.

That's NOT Paul Krugman, Michael Moore, Sarah Silverman, Rachael Maddow, Melissa Harris Perry, Ta-Nehisi Coates or anyone else who has made a regular appearance on CNN.

This DOES include, Chris Hedges, Gary Null, Richard Wolfe, Cornell West, and countless others who are consistently refused access to media events and so have resorted to using the Internet to get their points to a larger audience. ALL of these intellectuals have been Red-Baited in the Main Stream Media, (if they're mentioned at all) ALL of them have been arrested more than once for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights, and ALL of them have been threatened with physical harm whenever they make a public appearance.

The "Never Clinton" movement is a LOT larger than you think!


Hillary also needs to be told America belongs to the people, all the people.


Most D's and some Progressives are voting out of FEAR - which is exactly what the DNC and HRC are hoping for, since there is no "positive" reason for voting her. So imagine that Jill Stein gets 20% and HRC loses to Trump - don't you think that the D's will present a more progressive agenda next time? (Of course it will be smoke and mirrors) Or, more likely, HRC wins anyway, since they get control over more Diebold machines than Trumps group - she might see the writing on the wall and lean left. What is not in dispute is that when she wins, we need to 1) hold her feet to the fire and 2) work to elect Progressives in 2018 and come up with a winning presidential nominee and lots more left wing congressmen in 2020.


So, I was right on every point.


Both Ryan and Priebus, Shahid said, "actually know that Donald Trump is a
huge threat to America, and a huge threat to American democracy...

They also know that Clinton is a huge threat to America (the US). What is one to do?


Yes, we know. Trump polls over 40%. He still gets big rallies. He'll get a lot of electoral votes. Clinton will get more.