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Outside Schumer's Home, Activists Demand Dems Block Trump SCOTUS Appointment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/26/outside-schumers-home-activists-demand-dems-block-trump-scotus-appointment


“The president has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election, and Barret’s nomination makes this scenario even more plausible,” she said.

“Amy, if you promise to be loyal to me; I will nominate you for a promotion to the Supreme Court”. Your President.


Seems like an obvious question to ask Coney Barrett: where does she put her loyalty - in The Constitution or in the cult she belongs to?


You have several loose screws.

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Be gentle with our newcomber @georgesimmel, who might be struggling with post-COVID cognitive deterioration, having officially registered here as a paleo covidiot. (It’s just the virus talking.)

Earlier in this thread, @Flick senses a flawed premise to this protest – a discomfort I share. There’s a problem with taking up lost causes (such as stopping this nomination) so energetically, time and time again: Activist energy is a finite resource. Sometimes I wonder if “opinion makers” intend to diffuse energy into harmless channels with redundant lessons in learned helplessness.

It’s obviously outrageous to jam this nomination through right now, in the wake of the stolen seat in recent memory. Messaging should be focused and directed, so it does not disperse into wasted helpless energy. It should be focused on the threat, right now, before the election: If you jam this through, that’s why we’ll need to pack the court when and if reigns of power can be democratically transferred anymore. One. Two. Three. Four. We could even pack some more! That’s what they should be chanting – promising.

Good Lord. There’s an individual, presumably an adult, unembarrassed to display a sign demanding “SCHUMER USE ALL THE TOOLS” – Can a piece of a photo be flagged for violating community standards? It’s physically painful when we get so spectacularly impotent, folks!

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Not much to read here. Just Saturday democrat trashing from the sort right AND the sort of left. imo

The Same thing is true about expecting Biden to change or be ‘pushed to the left’ on the most important issues like Climate, MFA, etc. Ain’t gonna happen


It’s getting worse:

Trump tells supporters he won’t be ‘stupid’ enough for peaceful transition of power if he loses


She should be asked up front if she

  1. Supports a woman’s right to chose to continue to carry a fetus to term in her own body or to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

  2. Believes that the U.S. is a Christian nation.

  3. Supports the separation of church and state.

  4. Believes that wives should subordinate themselves to their husbands.

  5. Will accept the use of contraception if the Pope changes the Catholic Church’s stance against contraception, meaning that government health care funding of contraception would no longer violate religious beliefs.


It’s a good day when people stand up for what’s right.


That angle hadn’t even occurred to me: Cool, then maybe I can make headway lobbying Francis. At least they’re not absolute tin-rattle bonkers, everywhere else in the world.


The TRUE religion of the Ruling Class is predatory neoliberal corporate capitalism in which the planet earth, all life on it, and all its resources are nothing more than commodities for profit.

BOTH major political parties and all corporate media are devout, greedy, selfish worshipers of that omnicidal religion, regardless of their lying rhetoric.


Michael Cohen said that when Trump said: " 12 more years he was not joking". Cohen: " TRUMP DOES NOT JOKE"!


“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” - Mark Twain
no joke …


Good list.

After this election, no matter the outcome, the Old Guard Dems should be cleaned out.


The reptiles don’t care about what’s fair and they have the votes right now, so we’re screwed again. Filibuster ?

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This was linked to in another article but the point applies here as well.


He lists the number of Democrats in the Senate that have voted FOR Trumps recent lifetime Judicial appointments. It is a whole lot of them. The Democrats are a phony opposition. They are not resisting Trump NOW yet people believe they will do so in the future.

An observation by Brain Fallon from that link…

Dianne Feinstein who would take the Gavel of the Judiciary Committee if Dems take back the senate is open to the idea to changing the rules to make it easier for Republicans to block Joe Biden’s judges in 2021.


Great work by the activists. Now these direct action in-your-face protests should become general strikes and barricades around the White House, all Trump’s major properties, Moscow Mitch, Pelosi, Barr, and all the other gangsters and fools.
Terrify them and make the realize that the French Revolution USA Version is coming for them.


They’re psychopaths. That’s what psychopaths do.

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