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Outside Schumer's Home, Activists Demand Dems Block Trump SCOTUS Appointment

When you employ the phrase “Moscow Mitch” you stoop to absolutely gratuitous – I mean totally unnecessary and even inexplicably irrational – xenophobia and warmongering. I’ve also heard Ralph Nader do this. Beats the hell out of me what people like that are thinking. Nothing is worth stoking the flames of world war over. So please, please stop your use of the obliviously careless Moscow Mitch invective. That sort of thing is way beneath you, and you know it.

Folks have fervently pleaded with Ralph to stop it, but the old guy won’t listen to calm moral common sense on this one. It’s heartbreaking, actually, since Ralph is Lebanese. There’s not even a subtle point to explain here: Walks like a bigot…

This is kind of interesting. Simple, not particularly sophisticated but it works at the most basic levels.

How Evangelicals became Republicans

Pence is a good example of all three, former Catholic now an Evangelical republican

I agree completely. The political-economic system we are burdened by rewards greedy psychopaths and destroys people with integrity and morality.

Therein lies the problem.


This is a very weird comment, a combination of bogus concern trolling and a defense of Moscow Mitch, the worst Senate leader ever.
Why you think you can tell other commenters how to make comments is beyond me. You’re not a moderator.
The phrase Moscow Mitch is entirely justified and came about because he blocked election security legislation aimed at stopping the ongoing Russian interference in our elections.
I could have called him Chinese Mitch, given that his foreign agent wife Chao is an agent of the Chinese government operating on behalf of her family’s criminal worldwide shipping business and funneling millions of dollars worth of Chinese money into the USA to help Moscow Mitch’s political fortunes and bank accounts.
Slagging Ralph Nader is another huge red flag.
Ralph has done more for this country than you, and most politicians, combined. He and his team of attorneys created most of the consumer protection laws we take for granted today. Show some respect.
I’m tired of people slagging him like you did, including those who falsely claim he cost Gore the election in 2000.
Calling him “old guy” is sexist and ageist.
I don’t need you to critique my comments, especially to defend Moscow Mitch, who is a traitor to this country, and Trump’s prime enabler. He deserves whatever bad names he gets called, and worse.


The hypocrite republicans won’t have any of it.
They stood firm against having Scalia replaced with a moderate. But now they want an extreme right-winger to replace moderate Ginsberg.
There are no surprises from the right any longer. Apparently they can handle the stink as they march to trump’s drum trunk-to-tail.

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Indeed, how the minority is winning the political debate but losing the cultural debate. Because most people, the majority, can’t stand them and their imposing values which are much darker and are a result of the same process.

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This is exactly how your Country moves further and further right.

The Republicans get in and put a far right member of the Judiciary in the Supreme Court. This moves the entire court right.

The Democrats decide on a moderate so as to appease the Republicans and make him more acceptable.

The Republicans get in again and appoint someone even more right to the court.

What were once deemed “Right leaning” suddenly are now seen as Centrists. The Democrats appoint
another Centrist. The thing is the center is now way to the right when compared to 30 years ago. The fascism just keeps creeping up on you. Keep up with this and there comes a day when Fascists are seen as centrists.

You need genuine parties on the left.The reason so many Democrats opposed to the concept is that they in fact lean towards fascism themselves.


Trump just nominated her.

Absolutely! Enough of all this wasted energy when we need to be organizing for more effective actions with clear demands. Trump has already nominated her by the way.

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Why we will be needing to bring back real radicalism post election regardless of who prevails.

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Just wondering what your thoughts are on this theory of Canadian left-wing nationalism?


I do not concur with his definition of Nationalism. A collective of common ideas and values is not Nationalism.I do not think the left in Canada embraces multi-culturalism , ethnic diversity , workers rights, environmental protections , wealth equality health care for all because they are uniquely “Canadian” values. They would be equally as welcome seeing those values embraced in every other Country.

It is not the Nation State called Canada that is important. It is the values that are embraced. I would be eager to see Canada import the ideas and values of many other nation states I deem progressive and moving beyond even those.

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Ok, thanks.

This old commie, pinko, liberal thinks the CDer’s are not looking at facts about Amy. Just various outrageous opinions where the writer does not bother to tell the reader that their story is 180 degrees from truth.
College rape hearings. At Purdue, a fellow was accused by his former girlfreind of fondling her while she was asleep in his room after they broke up. He had reported her attempted suicide.
Amy cut to the chase in this case. Established that the hearings must allow the accused person to respond. 22 other colleges now revising rape hearings.

She adopted two Haitian children. I know a lot of adoptive parents (we do need more) and I will not classify even one as conservative.

If you can’t understand what’s clearly wrong with ostracizing Moscow, you are sadly lost.

Concern trolling? You have no concern about looking like a warmonger, or in fact contributing to an atmosphere of warmongering? What about innocent occupants of Moscow, who don’t deserve to be nuked? My God. I thought you were for real, for awhile there. Now I know better. You won’t even pretend to be human long enough to interact non-defensively. Soon you’ll be flaming me for caring about Muscovites. It’s a goddam shame – such a small request: basic international decency. You smell bad, you know that? Most suspiciously insincere and inapproachable. Oh well.


I, for one, would welcome, as music to my ears, any Canadians sounding the slightest bit open-minded about borders. You’re right: To heck with all that nationalism business, who needs it? For one thing: I’ve never found an interesting or useful definition of “nationalism” or “populism” – the definitions I hear are non- definitions, signifying empty-headedness, so far as I can tell.

And for another thing, of course, the whole world is burning down, blowing over, and sinking below the tides with no respect whatever for borders. The idea that the Climate Catastrophe will be a tame enough beast that we can retain our grip on antiquated notions such as national borders, while fighting to survive… It’s a common notion which seems outlandish to me.

Eventually borders have to go but not until these very important “values” are firmly fixed in our respective societies so as not to be eroded away in that melting of borders.

For example if the cost of a nation state called “North America” meant adopting the 2nd amendment across all borders , dumping national health care and buying into pure “free markets” and unrestrained Capitalism then those borders have to remain.

This is why I am opposed to the thing called the EU. It about protecting and extending Corporate power and ensuring no Countries borders can keep the Corporations out.

I am also big on the concept of localized economies. By this I mean I do not think a Centralized bureaucracy in some far off City should be deciding what to do in some place 4000 miles away nor do I think Corporations or individuals should be able to buy up land and resources in some region 6000 miles away and then decide what to do with it.


Your point about having no use for USA stupidity is well-taken. I’ve heard of some slight pockets of mask-resistance elsewhere, but nowhere else on Earth to the extravagantly ignorant standards of US Americans. (This is the primary piece of evidence for my extreme claim that US Americans are the stupidest people on Earth: our unique, incomprehensible mask controversy.)

So yes indeed, Canadians don’t need our freaking germs, at this point, Jebuz!

Incidentally, SDP, allow me to observe in passing that you are (almost) totally awesome. (Oh dear, now I’m slobbering all over the place.) You’ve long held yourself to a consistent standard of conversing intelligently online, for which I am sincerely, non-ironically grateful.


A deal with the devil…

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Over 204,500 americans already dead from virus C-19 and no end in sight.
Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, the governors of Florida, Texas and georgia all share responsibility with president trump. Amy anger is a diversion to distract from the fact that we as american society did not act.

How many of our lost elderly were raising their grandchildren?
Usually without any outside assistance.

I do hope Democrats find their stones and stall the hearings, votes of affirmation. But dems did not overcome Mark Meadows saying no to any more financial support to families in need. He is gonna be remembered as a very bad person, a Tandy.