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Outside Supreme Court, Progressives Demand: 'No Confirmation Before Inauguration'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/27/outside-supreme-court-progressives-demand-no-confirmation-inauguration

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I would like people who self identify as progressives to be specific what it is what legal opinions she has written or statements s shes made that bother them. Its distressing how lacking concrete facts so many of the hystrionic posts here are. In all of these cases, people do these causes a disservice by these arguments that avoid the information which would be helpful in figuring out whats going on. I actually think that there are a lot of fake progressives around now who wouldnt know a progressive political position from a non progressive one. These fake progressives are trying to be only for noncontroversial political change while leaving the economic aspects of life to be captured by what amounts to a neoliberal captuire of the planet from its people. So, no people dont get a free pass. That puts us in the risk of more Obamas more sphinxes who have no known opinions and so people cant see that there isnt as much there as we would wish. Biden is a lot like that too. What i do know about him I’m not so pleased with. If he is the best we can do, ugh… one can only conclude we did this deliberately and it looks to me as if its part of a trick…

Pick another candidate based on Biden’s proposing a trick that actually will likely be tragic for Medicare. See the first paragraph of the (WTO) GATS Annex on Financial Services for why. Its written in intentionally difficult and abstruse language, no doubt put there 20 years ago so exactly this trick can be executed.

You have to trace it out.

Expanding Medicare will kill Medicare because of a booby trap put in a treaty, one thats full of very bad things that most Americans would be terrified by, the GATS agreement, which was put there during the Clinton Adminstration. The two extra, US pushed financial services documents Annex on FS and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services are questionable and a good argument could be made they are illegitimate. Actually the whole GATS is arguably illegitimate. Its a theft of democracy. its criminogenic, its turned all our politicians into liars, is that bad enough? We should dump TRIPS too, thats whats making drugs unaffordable. Dump both GATS and TRIPS, and DONT nominate Biden because TISA is even worse than GATS.

It is. so just dump it and this monster scam thats trying to steal the world from its people.

Do it now and reclaim the Democratic Party’s legitimacy, fail to do so and become (or remain) one of the world’s biggest crooks.


I just found an article on truthout that gives concrete information about her decisions and they are horrible, tremendously anti worker.

So, she needs to be opposed. Strongly.

But that does not mean people should vote for Biden, the VP who helped advance TISA.

TISA is intended to further gut democracy for transnational corporations, legitimizing trade deals that are arguably thefts of our right to regulate. that means, no more voting if it can actually change anything.

thats whats being stolen. Its already been stolen as shown by the horrible choices are the only ones we get, that will just get worse and worse because they couldnt let us ever have an honest one. they might change something!


Zackly. The Democrats are blinded by TDS. They don’t see they have to re-earn legitimacy, and the ultimate insider party party hack, barely incoherent, is the last person to do that. The leadership of the D party is clinging to power when they should have been thrown out after orchestrating a disaster in 2016.


Frankly, all your well posed ( if indeed they are accurate) criticisms do not justify failing to vote Trump out of office.
All Bidens flaws, both real and imaginary, are not the threat Trump represents to so many demographics. I believe you are intelligent, based upon that post, but I also believe you fail utterly to truly understand the threat Trump and his cohorts represent to our democracy, our economy, our various ethnicities, Americans all, and our standing in the world.
All you speak to is not writ in stone, medicare, the ACA, all necessary, all modified to the better easily, while your orange nightmare seeks to end each and every one.
Trump cannot be reasoned with, he has no reason.Barr cannot be reasoned with, DeVos, Dejoy,Pompeo, Miller, all cannot be reasoned with and all must be cleansed from our governance.
Biden is the only choice of decent and concerned American citizens. The best choice? Open to discussion certainly, the better choice, I have no doubt of that.


Do you really think Trump is the sole problem? The GOP would fall apart without him? Or suddenly abandon the rich and support our wellbeing instead?

Exactly how much do you think would change if Trump suddenly stroked during his morning rant tomorrow?


Having gone through this twice before with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, it should be obvious that all the “Chicken Little” punditry and action is going to accomplish nothing. Put your hair out and accept that Barrett is going to be approved as progressives and the left do not have the power to stop it. Now, what are you going to do about it? Vote for Biden hoping he makes elemental changes to the system that created him so that it is responsive to working people? Those windmills won’t chase themselves.


The same so-called “progressives” and “the left” who voted to give the thug his record war budget and additional spying powers? Nothing “progressive” or “left” about that. Now, I guess someone will play The Perfect Card and say, “Nobody said they were perfect…” (Oh give it a rest!)


Well, what happens when, say the WTO decides against us in the DS503 case and the time comes to admit they and the GOP literally screwed us in an irreversible way. Who will compensate those millions of workers for their suddenly vanished careers? Answer, nobody because they will argue nobody is entitled to a job when somebody else comes along who will do it for less.

Also, we voted for it! This is why they are beating this lesser evil thing so hard. they want us to consent to their coercive scheme without even knowing about it.

They dug themselves into this by their web of lies, but they did it knowing that with their superior knowledge of international law they could probably figure out a way to get off scot free. And that is true. they probably will. But they are not going to get my vote, neither of them will.

Look up “temporary movement of natural persons” (or better, “movement of natural persons”) “GATS Mode Four” etc. A scheme based on the middle easts’ “kafala” that many compare to modern slavery. This is supposed to be the future of work.

The reason this will be tremendously disruptive is the wage differential. Dont believe anybody who tells you this will be anything less than a disaster. Wages will plummet. people will lose their homes and jobs in large numbers because millions of workers potentially will be displaced. So said a study by (Princeton economist) Alan Blinder and a replication study of his work by two researchers at Harvard. And they left out what will likely be the most effected service sector, public services.

(See Public Citizen’s “Prosperity Undermined” publication, for a discussion of how badly they want to outsource the entire country’s jobs and how they plan to do it despite absolutely nobody i the country beises them wanting it) The PDF needs to be updated because the armies are coming together for the final battle and it will determine the future of humanity probably more than any recent war. Will the race by to the bottom as they are demanding it, or to the top, as most of us assumed while growing up. GATS transformed the trajectory of the race downward, during the Clinton Administration. Its stayed there.

Biden promised it would keep going down. And trump is a phony who likely is working for the same people Biden is. he’s also a fake. Dont be fooled.

They are hiding what they are doing because its utterly against the public wishes as expressed again and again by the people of this country. Nobody in their right mind would ever have voted for this. So Biden is lying in a very sneaky way. he wo0nt change the plot to undermine the value of work at all, like he promised. the plot will go on and not be challenged.

But people should know, this isnt a mistake, or incompetence, they have been planning it for more than 30 years. Ever since the meeting September 15-20 1986 in Punte Del Este, Uruguay that established the Uruguay Round. And it is fully intended to destroy the inclusive middle class that most of us grew up with and change the balance of power in favor of oligarchs. Not just here, all over the world. because DS503 is intended to be a test case. And I bet they already have decided that we lost.

Nomatter what they say, nobody gave them the power of authority to do this, they just took it.

Their intent has always been destroying the value of labor globally. For corporations. This is despite their already making higher profits than ever and an exponentially increasing concentration of wealth.

The money will not be going to the poor, nor the new workers who will in many cases be working for less than US minimum wage, despite their allegedly advanced skills.

It will be going exclusively upward.

It’s easy to call Pelosi, Schumer and other offices and leave messages.
Hard to say if they’ll be tallied or heard, but it feels better than doing nothing.
There’s no harm in trying to overwhelm the DINOS with demand for a bitter fight against everything Trump wants to do, including the further reich-wing stacking of SCOTUS.
Maybe if enough people demand it, Chucky and Nancy, along with Joe Manchin and other sellouts, will fight for our country for once.


A lot would change, just like in Germany if Hitler had stroked out in 1934.
Trump is a cult leader. He has unique political demagogic influence.
The GOP is supercharged and on steroids due to Trump’s Joker-like hold over his armed, religious fanatic, liberals-hating base.
The GOP’s core loyalty to big money, corporations, racism, wars, theocracy might go unchanged if the American Fuhrer suddenly had a stroke.
But the leader of the Trump cult would be gone, and with it, a lot of the energy towards fascism and 100% corruption that Trump has uniquely embodied and accelerated.
Trump is a malignant narcissist, and a malignant tumor.
Trump is worse than coronavirus.


You can’t really believe that unless you’ve forgotten that McConnell has been colonizing the court system since long before Trump.

Trump didn’t put McConnell in office, or do the legislation that allows unlimited money in elections, that allows religious justification for discrimination in secular matters, that has gerrymandered many districts, or a hundred other things I could mention if only I could remember them.


NPR=National Public Radio=National Propaganda Radio=National Party Radio= National Programming Radio… Un-Surprisingly we are now seeing NPR’s campaign to support this person for the SCOTUS…a campaign to gain a foothold within the minds of democrats, or progressives who may be listening to this mind programming… They are subtle in their strategies… They are powerful in their persuasion and influence…they will sway hearts and minds with their propaganda… Be wary when you listen to this programming.


Has trump changed any of that for the better.
I make sure I keep in mind ALL of trump’s bullshit leadership, not just the most recent one (s).

That’s good… National Pentagon Radio… and National Persuasion Radio…and … National Authoritarian-Party Radio…

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At this moment in US politics -

*Almost all US billionaires are Democrats
*Big money corrupt influence is universal
*Campaign contributions are what control Congress
*The Democrat elites have regarded working class Americans with total contempt for decades
*Republicans have the populist vote because Trump ran against the swamp (corrupt influence), his own wealth cohort and out of control immigration.
*Biden is not just a swamp rat, he helped build the beltway swamp for 40 years
*Biden (and the Clintons) have acquired hundreds of millions of $ by merchandising access to the high offices they held.
*The public debate in this election is just clatter, non-issue distractions and camo from the swamp. Antifa, BLM, demonstrations, racism sound and fury, police bashing, enviro micro-histerias, gender gibberish etc. ad inf.
*The big issues are corruption, employment recovery, immigration, traditional American values, blocking Iran and China’s growing global aggression - and Trump is on the right side of every single one.

The plain fact is that the Obama crowd left the Democrat Party badly fragmented - TDS-fueled chaos. Their leaders are aging, out of touch, ineffective and very corrupt. Their long-time drift into being a liberal echo chamber for virtuous elites cost them their core constituency - and they neither see it nor care.

The result: Incoherence, polarization, swamp-rat culture - and the ascension of Donald Trump.

There will not be a legitimate Democrat/left party in the US until there is a major housecleaning, rebuilding and reorientation to ideas that actually engage liberal voters.

Against that backdrop, Biden is a dreadful candidate - embodying everything that is broken, lacking any focused message, kept afloat by TDS. He is completely corrupt, a founding swamp rat, doddering, often appears confused (Yes, Mr. President, it was launched carrying an armed nuclear bomb… That’s right, Mr. President, those are the really dangerous ones).
He also seems like a possible trojan horse for Harris, a hard left pseudÎżnegrÎż with a rancid nouveau-poor affectation already dismissed by vote of her most likely supporters.

Rude? Yes - to make a crucial point. If you want to get rid of Trump Republicans, build a party that has clear public value and run candidates worth supporting.


Is there a more meaningless phrase in US politics right now than “progressives demand”?

Ms. Ellison rather eloquently answered your question.

Replied to it, yes. Answered it? No.

If Hitler had stroked out, there’d have been a battle between Göring and Himmler for the succession, but the Nazi system would not have evaporated. Ditto Trump, today: McConnell, Barr, and all the rest would still be there, still doing their evilmost. It might even be worse, since Trump is so splashy and attracts all the attention that might otherwise shift to the few that, like McConnell, are really undermining the future.

There may be some truth to your position but I believe otherwise. Without Trump’s insanity and unfitness we would certainly still have a government far too obeisant to corporations and the wealthy, but we would not have disgusting fascists like Barr, Miller, Pompeo, and the rest running that government.We would not see this rapidly escalating treason by our elected officials.

Moscow Mitch would not be so very blatant in violating his oath of office daily as well. I believe, without Hitler, all important support of the masses would not have been there, the rest would have no rallying point to maintain power. The same, I think, is true here and now.