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Outside Supreme Court, Progressives Demand: 'No Confirmation Before Inauguration'

McConnell was colonizing the courts the whole time Obama was in office.

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Of course not. But then neither has McConnell, Mnuchin, Barr, et al. Trump is more than a figurehead, but much less than the Architect Of All Evil that so many nominal progressives want us to believe he is. He’s the oozing pimple on the abscess, but he’s not the abscess itself.

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True enough but you must know that Trump has energized and encouraged even more radical and illegal decisions by Moscow Mitch. I do not understand why you seem to be minimizing the danger Trump and company represent.

What evidence do you have for that claim?

Err, reality. Or havent you been paying attention? Trump has tainted our governance in so many ways that your comment is simply puzzling, or agendized.

And he has made McConnell behave even worse than McConnelll was already behaving?

In fact Trump has enabled even more criminal activity, oath breaking and uber partisan hatred and bigotry by many, not just Moscow Mitch.