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Over 1,351 Climate Strikes in 110 Countries Planned for Friday as Global Revolt Escalates

Over 1,351 Climate Strikes in 110 Countries Planned for Friday as Global Revolt Escalates

Julia Conley, staff writer

Two months after what was reportedly the largest international climate demonstration ever, young people around the world are expected to make history again on Friday with a second global climate strike.


Good news!


The momentum is with the young, by the young and for everybody. They will not tire in the face of disaster! They will not yield in resignation when they know that there is no alternative but to succeed.

Simply put… the young will not give up because they know they have no choice. That is their reality.

Wow, 11o countries now… go Greta and all the students of the world! : )

Nice wrk kids, yet it is far too little, and way too late. 3 degrees C is already baked into the pie. There is no stopping that now.
The best we can hope for now is making sure the bunkers that will house the survivors are clean and Green.
Sorry for the downer, but continuing to delude ourselves into believing that we can turn this thing around doesn’t even qualify as futile.

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This is Our Fault, not the Kids. Our Generation did nothing to stop the polluters, and pollute they did… while we watched and kicked the can as the stacks pumped their filth into our atmosphere. Scientist warned us that we were close to the precipice decades ago and now we’ve passed the tipping point. Not one Oil or Coal Company has shut down, due to zero law enforcement and pure Greed. The tornado and flood ravaged Midwest States have a good glimpse into their future with storms that will get worse. The costal cities like Florida, Lower Manhattan, Long Island, along with below sea level cities like New Orleans and Venice will be underwater forever. There is huge change in our weather already with cyclones hitting places never hit before. Go ahead and debate it, as this is the way of things on this comment board, rather than facing reality. Let the masses protest peacefully as much as they want, but it’s way too late to stop the Extinction Event we were well warned about.

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The most stark example for me is the protests of the Vietnam War. We, the under thirty crowd had trouble convincing our parents generation of the futility and wrongness of the war and the injustice of their sons dying for an unworthy cause.
This younger generation shouldn’t have much trouble working US up though.

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this is why the young have to lead on everything of any seriousness.

they understand they ditch this system or they perish. my generation, the apex of human selfishness, couldn’t care less.

i expect the intensity of this rebellion to pick up pretty dramatically as the young learn what all before them have: power will ignore you or club you. This is going to get nasty.

One thing I’m certain of: the geezers that control this planet have no interest in saving this biosphere. they’ve had years to do so and haven’t budged a meaningful inch.

If the young folks continue to demonstrate with increasing numbers we have a chance, as long as we join them.

“Nothing can stop a movement who’s time has come .”
Victor Hugo

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The power and role of the international chemical (poison) conglomerate should also be seen as an existential threat along with climate change.

The “cover the earth” agenda of the poison industry to profit from deadly poisons sold to every market - industrial, farming, household, etc - and the consequences of the spread of those toxins to every area on Earth, even the deep oceans and Antarctica, is in its own way as deadly as Climate Change to life on Earth.

The insect genocide is a case in point; the cancer epidemic and other diseases and conditions another. Our critical pollinators decimated to extinction that play critical roles to the Web of Life…they are NOT some expendable group of “pests” to be exterminated, for as we do, we exterminate the human species.

Corporate agriculture is part of the poison in dustry/conglomerate that is poisoning soil, water and air on a level that should not be tolerated, as they force the extinction of the family farm and their stewardship.

The power of the chemical poison industry subverts science and rational thought/truth as much as climate-denier cretins do, or other groups of profiteers and idiots - corrupt, ignorant, politicians take campaign-contribution bribes to turn blind-eyes to the enormity of the chemical crime, for a crime the poisoning of life of all kinds, including humans their activities are, empowered and ignored by our corrupt and complicit political “leaders”. Money and worship of Mammon is as great a crime as MMGW!.