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Over 10,000 Refugees Rescued in 48 Hours During Deadly Mediterranean Crossing


Over 10,000 Refugees Rescued in 48 Hours During Deadly Mediterranean Crossing

Nika Knight, staff writer

Over 10,000 people were rescued within 48 hours—on Monday and Tuesday—from sinking boats and rubber dinghies while attempting the dangerous crossing over the Mediterranean into Italy.

"[Leaders] need to explain why the world can bail out banks, develop new technologies and fight wars, but cannot find safe homes for 21 million refugees, just 0.3 percent of the world's population."
—Salil Shetty, Amnesty International


This story speak to the unfairness of open borders for moving money and jobs while maintaining closed borders to people seeking refuge. It speaks to the US being the number one supplier of arms worldwide and thus a significant factor in the exodus of people from war-torn locales, and the failure of the richest nation on Earth to protect the innocents from the lands destroyed by the US and its arms customers. It speaks to a deep callousness possessed by the ruling elite and underscores the malaise of a population that ends up voting for more of the same every four years.

This is a tragedy of immense proportions playing out in real time, for which the US should take considerable responsibility. For all those claiming the US is a Christian country, really? Clearly this nation's moral compass is pointing towards hell.


Where are all of these people coming from?

Could they be coming from the countries that the United States refuses stop fighting wars in?
Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Somalia, and so on?

When will we tell the neocons to take a hike and leave our government?
They have nothing to add to the conversation any longer.


Should the inhabitants of Earth be so fortunate as to survive the atrocities of US endless war and climate denialism, Americans will go down in history as the most reviled, hateful peoples of the world.

The complacency and disregard we continue to show to the victims of our greed and crass sense of superiority nauseates me on a daily basis. When I tell people that we dropped over 23,000 bombs in the middle east in 2015, I am too often met with shrugs and 'not my back yard'. Readers here will not be surprised that I live in North Idaho.

That we should reject the people that we made homeless is as foul as Hitler's gassing of Jews.


That is why Iran calls the United States the "Great Satan."


Qaddafi stated clearly that were he toppled that this would open Europe to a flood of refugees.

Libya acted as a bulwark and had many Social programs that provided aid to refugees and in his time that country had one of the highest refugee populations in the world.

The French wanted their oil companies to get that oil and the USA wanted to protect its dollar from the gold backed Dinar. Italy felt it could relive the days of glory under Musollini and re establish an Empire.

Canada and the UK believed their own lies that they were spreading about mass killings and Viagra fed soldiers raping anything that moved and Hilary had her "we came we saw he died" cackle moment .

Now we have this.


I'm happy to report that my home town of Rutland, Vermont will be taking in 100 mostly Syrian refugees starting in December. I'm sad to say that some of the residents here remain steadfastly against the relocation of ANY refugees to the United States and they're especially upset that they'll be "in their backyard" so to speak.

For my own part, I'm doing what I can to make the refugees feel as welcome as possible. My wife will be offering free acupuncture services to all of them and I'm doing my best to connect to others within our community to foster empathy, compassion and a welcoming spirit.

Alas, while 100 refugees is a start, it's a drop in the ocean compared to the 21 million who are fleeing the wars that we started but lack the political will to stop.

Jill Stein is the only candidate who has promised to stop these ridiculous wars. A vote for anyone else is a vote to keep this madness going forever!


More "Hope and Change" from Mr. Obama. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee must be so proud of themselves for selecting such a man of peace for this prize.


I'm afraid that the fact that you live in Northern Idaho does not explain the complacency of your neighbors regarding the 23,000 bombs we cavalierly dropped on the Middle East last year. I live in Southern California, supposedly a liberal area, and all of the liberals I know, with the exception of exactly 3 young people, think it's just dandy that we are bombing away, and are happy to support Clinton because Trump would be so unthinkable. In my humble opinion, this pretty much makes war criminals out of the entire voting population.


That's depressing. I actually know at least a dozen here in N. Idaho who are disgusted by our warmongering and refusal to accept refugees. 'Course, I don't hang out with them rednecks!


The simple answer to the refugee problem is not to create them.Perhaps the European nations should now look seriously at this particular problem. Allow people a home, clean food and water and a future for their children and they will not become refugees; it is the cost-effective option.


The US is a Christian country in name only. Those political leaders that profess to be Christians in the loudest voice are the very worst. They would take a crust of bread from a starving baby's mouth proclaiming the baby to be a future moocher.


USA is the new NAZI.