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Over 1400 Jewish Clergy Deliver Letter to Congress Demanding Right to Asylum for Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/over-1400-jewish-clergy-deliver-letter-congress-demanding-right-asylum-refugees

Palestinians seem to be refugees in their own country. How about Israel’s Jews helping THOSE refugees.


To be fair, quite a few Jewish Faith org. here in the US, have spoken out on behalf of the Palestinians.

These are the type of issues where reminding the world about the holocaust can be used for good, instead of protection for the zionists misdeeds in israel.

Today’s quiz:

Q: Name at least four ethnic groups whose members could make at least a plausible argument that they deserve asylum in the US and/or reparations from the US because their distress is due to US policy.

A: 1. Native Americans/First Nations
2. African Americans
3. Central Americans
4. ?
5. ?

Zionism is a political ideology based on the ethnic cleansing(murder) of all Palestinians in occupied Palestine . Judaism is about love and service - Rabbi Shappiro.

Mr. Blair M. Phillips

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Hi Mr. Peabody:
Well that would be an easy list: Just go back and list every nation that America has bombed since the end of WW 2. That’s a lot of nations!
Certainly Libya as before American started bombing there was a very high standard of living and religion did not make women 2nd class citizens. Now it’s just a warring ground, and not to forget Yemen’s horrors either
Of course, certainly Iraq, and of course Syria, a nation that housed all 3 religions, Christian. Moslem and Jewish too. Certainly too, all the islanders who were subjected to atomic bomb testing after WW2 ., and OMG Afghanistan because 18 years of CIA drugs and ridiculous military moves and so many dead people. Vietnam of course had refugees. Because of the awful House and Senate, trying to undermine the First Amendment----because supporting BDS is not a criminal act and the Palestinians too are deprived of the right of free speech to protest everything from their homes being torn down while they are still in them, to being denied water and electricity—Now America is starving people of Venezuela of food and medicine— so many horrors and so little concern from America Also what is going on with the afraid to speak up UN?
It seems that without war, America would cease to exist. : (


Now if only “Jesuans” would do the same. (I say “Jesuans” rather than “Christians” because Jesus was NOT the Messiah—i.e., the Christ). Interestingly, per James 1:27 “Jesuanism” doesn’t even QUALIFY as a religion! And given its tenuous ties to Jesus, not even JESUANISM is a proper name for it!

That is a bit of a paradox Mr. Peabody as typically refugees don’t seek asylum in the aggressive country? I think Native Americans are protected by sovereignty as this is actually their country or at least part of it is.

" A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular group"

#4 SE Asians
5. Afghans
6. Iraqis


Sorry stardust, I commented before reading your post. Looks like we are on the same page with this one.

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That’s quite a list, and quite depressing, too. I used gandolf’s comment at #1 as a springboard for the ‘quiz’, and given the subject of the CommomDreams article and the content of gandolf’s comment , I expected people to list Palestinians in the fourth slot. I see that you mention them, of course.

Please see my comment to Star, and thanks for participating in today’s quiz!

Y’all are right of course. Palestine should list near the top. I like small, in house quizzes and polls. We should do more of them.
To be fair though, We haven’t been the bad guys in Palestine, Israel is the main culprit there.


I agree that seeking asylum in the aggressor country would seem odd - but many of the people coming from Central America are doing just that, so I guess ya never know.

The paradox is why I put ‘and/or’ in the question.

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It made me think about this too. Not that it might take the place of a third party safe place but represent more closely with reparations. NA have never applied for asylum, I think they would be fine if the government that manages their finances paid them their money and well maybe a few other things.

I guess that is a good question for refugees applying for asylum. That right should be protected.

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iirc, US provided foreign aid in roughly equal amounts to Israel and Egypt back in the sixties, and Nixon resupplied the IDF in the 1973 war. US is a big player in that area.

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Thanks. Sounds like you are a devoted study of the area, and of us entanglements.


As though we can trust the motivations of anything the mafia says.

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LOL. You’re so right! And, so far as Western Civilization (sic) is concerned, except for its victims; its people can’t even be considered as humans. Just some damn things less than the other primates, more like the city rat thing that the primates evolved from.

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It is not a mystery what happens to people when you put them in cages, or animals for that matter. We have over 2 million people in cages in the U.S. lest we forget.