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Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a 'Second Notice' to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?

Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a 'Second Notice' to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Reassessing warning issued 25 years ago, the "second notice" to humanity warns of "widespread misery and catastrophic biodiversity loss" unless business-as-usual is upended

"Humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere," over 15,000 scientists warned in a letter published Monday. (Photo: NASA)

The first item of this debate — Do we want to live? I was once on a huge brigantine ship sailing the North Pacific during a winter hurricane. We were sinking and the crew had locked themselves in their cabins. I went from door to door pounding for them to get up and save our ship. GET UP and save our planet. Do it now.


Just when humanity needs the best leaders the most, we get the worst.


As a scientist/engineer who worked on hydrological problems across myriad scales, I know a thing or two about the greenhouse effect. If I didn’t I would trust those scientists who did. Contrast that with the “I’m not a scientist”/“I don’t believe in man-made climate change” narrative that is fed to the naive rubes who vote with their emotion. WTF does belief have to do with science. Nothing! Our dismantled education system will be the end of us if we allow beliefs to trump the scientific process. Climate change can’t be voted away, but ecocide can be voted in.


I’m glad the scientists are speaking up but as long as it is American (Wall Street, Washington) foreign policy to get all of the Iranian, Venezuelan and Russian oil and gas, nothing is going to be accomplished with regard to climate change.
By the way, never doubt that this is what all the “evil rooskie” nonsense is about. America wants the Yelstin years back.
Oh and by the way, we’ll never do anything about climate change unless we make peace with the aforementioned nations.



Future article?
15,000 scientists from over 180 countries warned back in 2017 that if nothing was done it would be catastrophic for the planet but no one listened and now it is too late as millions are sick and dying because nothing was done about the warning back in 2017.


The article linked to below is better.

This is what we need now - a truly international outreach by the scientific community, for far too long locked up in their ivory towers.

Onto the metaphorical Syntagma Square with the rest of us - Greek and non-Greek.

We are solidly in the zone of tipping points, both political and geophysical.

The time for action is now.


Here is their list:

Ripple found:

  • A decline in freshwater availability.

  • Unsustainable marine fisheries.

  • Ocean dead zones.

  • Forest losses.

  • Dwindling biodiversity.

  • Climate change.

  • Population growth.

There was one positive outcome, however: a rapid decline in ozone depletion.



This message will get lost on many Americans. They claim the end times were predicted and this type of warning simply verifies the prediction. They are sure of what is coming and waiting to be saved when it comes. In any case they aren’t that worried sine they are sure they are the ones who will be saved . There are probably enough of these people to have given Trump a victory in the election.


You could argue that Putin has taken Russia down the wrong road and now he has given us Trump.

Will the MSM even mention this? If so it will be a 10 second slot that they will not credit as the OBVIOUS. Getting the word out on all of the oppressive tactics of a government bent on the virtual destruction of its citizens is Crucial at this point. Too bad Zuckerberg isn’t ‘with the angels’. An enlightened individual could easily use that platform to lay waste to corrupt and dangerous political policies. Will any of the people who could possibly have that impact at that level of social media ever have ‘enough’ in their personal coffers to finally, and at last, do the Right Thing? Not looking good.

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Well yes, but the Orange-tinted, right-hand gesticulating Emperor, Herr Trumph, told us he was gonna make Amerikkka Great again!! I don’t get it?..We, who are the center of the universe (hail King Trumph) live in the land of endless growth and endless wealth, where there is endless oil, gas, coal, nu-ku-ler energy, and all things-to those who just work harder!! Get out there and consume, that is our destiny, here in the land of plenty. Do Not veer from the path of Greatness which has been promised by our great leader, the Day-Glow King of platitudes, his Royal greatness, King Trumph!!! All hail the USA…We’re Number ONE!!!


Sadly, you are more right than you realize. So many of these true believer types do believe that crap, and they smugly await the “end Times” as so many always predict, so who cares what happens to the world. It is so sad how so many people are just plain stupid and gullible to this kind of garbage, while letting the planet go to hell.


Ya know people–it’s depressing just like our frequent mass shootings. So now is not the time to talk about it.

But we can all pray.

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Clearly, most Americans and other global citizens realize we are driving the car 100 MPH towards the cliff, which is now only 100 miles down the road - and then, oooops.
Many still believe that as long as we slow down to 90 or 80 MPH, all will be just fine - so they have an additional 10 minutes. Where are the real leaders standing up to sound the alarm - "we must turn the car around, now.

I don’t want to hear that it’s a sign that a few billions people need to die so the rest can live like us "Amercins. I have children who I love and adore, and want them to live full and meaningful lives"and have their own child(ren).

This is truly about our behavior and culture. we got knocked out of whack just a few years back, when /i was born - post WW2 boomer. We can definitely prevent the worst and then get on with creating the economy, society and world that works for all - not just for the richest 10 people. We are now in the insanity territory - when it’s a 50/50 shot that Roy Moore will be elected Senator from Alabama, when people refuse to end - even cut in half - meat consumption (my wife and I - at 65 yrs old - cut out all meat (fish once a week) within 30 days and no problems at all - on our own - just realizing it’s our choice and behavior - and knowing this was healthy for us as people and for our earth and future - it was much easier than most realize. So many things we can do - it’s really not difficult. No meat (little bit) or no life? No coal, or no future? Our choices.



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The US has been responsible in the past for 25% of the greenhouse gases created on an annual basis and polluting this planet. Now the fools who reside in the so called red states have elected an even greater fool who insists on making the situation even worse. The rest of the World should get together and nuke the bastards.


Halleluiah,Brother. Can I get an A-MEN??? Joel Osteen would perhaps even approve, if we “AMEN” with enough sincerity…

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ya know, the great gift we have in this fight is facebook, if you are there, post this and everyday post what follows, wallpaper facebook…calling and emailing our rep’s and senators does nothing, we know that already…but…wallpapering facebook day in and day out? well, we just don’t know, Yet…filling the streets in total silence might help, it’s all been said before what else can we say?..I’ve already posted it to my facebook page, won’t you too? Thanks…

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Lrx, I usually disagree with 99.9 % of everything you write, but I’m glad you are here so that this place doesn’t become an echo chamber. The anti-war sentiment is much stronger on the right (go figure), so I frequent some sites that I’m sure would make you nose hairs curl.

The damage that Democrats/Liberals, I don’t even know how to refer to you guys/gals anymore, have done this election cycle is incalculable. Your brand of crazy (no offense, I’m sure you think I’m crazy also) has smeared anything remotely associated with the Left so thoroughly that it has become almost impossible to separate issues like climate change from your unhinged views.

I don’t know if there is enough time to turn things around, but will you please consider that you are being screwed by both the Republicans and Democrats, and obsessively focusing on just one of the parties is not helping anything or anybody.


Wow, how did you get that experience?