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Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a 'Second Notice' to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?


Lrx, I usually disagree with 99.9 % of everything you write, but I’m glad you are here so that this place doesn’t become an echo chamber. The anti-war sentiment is much stronger on the right (go figure), so I frequent some sites that I’m sure would make you nose hairs curl.

The damage that Democrats/Liberals, I don’t even know how to refer to you guys/gals anymore, have done this election cycle is incalculable. Your brand of crazy (no offense, I’m sure you think I’m crazy also) has smeared anything remotely associated with the Left so thoroughly that it has become almost impossible to separate issues like climate change from your unhinged views.

I don’t know if there is enough time to turn things around, but will you please consider that you are being screwed by both the Republicans and Democrats, and obsessively focusing on just one of the parties is not helping anything or anybody.


Wow, how did you get that experience?


Less meat- it’s a start- I am a total vegan - thirty five years.Every year of no meat saves an acre a year per person. Google PETA


Giggles? Obviously you have a perverted sense of humor. Did you know that Helen Keller ( no doubt a brilliant woman) was a eugenicist? Pretty radical, huh? She basically believed that her disabilties did not effect her intelligence but she knew that people who had mental retardation were not contributing to society so therefore they were useless. That was what she thought!


Their stupidity should banish them to some island that is not habitable so the rest of us can live. These people are insane beyond hope.


It’s garbage to distract the public. Strange that there is no mention of the invasions of the UK, France, Israel, Canada, Australia and the US empire to steal control of resources and murdering millions of people in the process. It’s been going on to a higher degree for 16 years and some how, it’s of no concern.


You indeed are a wise owl, and I do not understand this lack of science/ critical thinking that has taken over in society. It’s like disagreeing with these types of “believers” and you get called a bully.


In “Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire” , Morris Berman made the point that a declining empire chooses leaders who accelerate the fall. Look at what Obama did starting with a huge popular base and during 8 years not only killed off his initial supporters, 1,000 democrats lost office. The book was published in 2006 and I knew immediately that it was W Bush but I didn’t expect Obama to continue.

Here is a link to the introduction which is posted online for free


He got good reviews and big sales on that book when we thought we were merely in a transition with W Bush. Later when he published what became the third volume of a trilogy (Dark Ages was then 2 volume in the trilogy) “Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline” in 2014 he pissed some people off.

Even back in the 2006 book, with lots of discussion of the Roman Empire, he said back then now 11 years ago, that there was no way to stop the failure of the empire.

And for sure, we have elected leaders who accelerate decline!


This relevant tid-bit from Rob Urie:

“Ending militarism means ending the political economy that produces it. Ending environmental crisis means ending the political economy that produces it. And electing progressive candidates without fundamentally reorienting political economy away from the violent, antagonistic logic of capitalism will produce only more of the same.”


One gains nothing from an echo chamber, It just re-enforces one’s views. I try to think about these things and hopefully get others to think and not just accept the same old talking points as being true. Right now I think the Republicans have gone so far to the right that they need to be singled out. There are threats now that we never faced before 2017. Fascism, the rise of white nationalism, the manstreaming of white supremacy. I think we are in an emergency situation. As many people say, this is not normal. While the Democrats are far from perfect they don’t support trickle down economics. It is only the Republicans that are climate change deniers. With regard to elections, it is mostly the Republicans who are pushing voter ID laws to suppress voting. It is mostly the Republican who have drawn extreme gerrymandered districts. And it is the Republicans who are trying dismantle th the EPA which is supposed to protect us from pollutants. It seems to me the Republicans are so much worse than the Democrats that the criticism should be mainly directed at them. Whatever you think of the Democrats, relative to the Republicans they look pretty good. That is setting the bar low but that is how I see it.


I guess that most of us don’t see any invasion, stealing resources in the countries you mentioned, nor millions of people being killed in those countries. I have seen an invasion into the ME to steal resources and the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in those countries.


I too don’t often agree with your comments. But the one you made above rings true. The religious nutcases are actually looking forward to this Armageddon crap. The poor fools think they are “The ones” chosen to go.
It’s going to be mass genocide on a worldwide scale.
While the ruling class are safe in their bunkers, the rest of us will perish. They will keep a few million of the prettiest women for sex slaves and housekeepers.
And a few million young healthy men for workers bees. Most likely young strapping black men with lots of muscles, and all fat soft white guys will be of no use to them.
Dystopian vision? Or the real future.
What would you do with $100 billion dollars at your disposal?


Hello Lrx, When the end times come it won’t be a last second save but the true end times for the inhabitants of the planet both animal and plant. Some viruses and bacteriological matter could survive! Would the planet go about doing its thing? Probably and some plant and animal life could reappear after thousands or millions of years!


I was shooting a 16mm documentary on-board the ship. And I am an experienced sailor. We were all going to die. There was so much water below deck, and waves more kept pouring in. It seemed hopeless. Everybody became discouraged and just gave up. Not me. No matter the odds I was going to fight for survival. I saved the ship and crew of 23 that long night.

We are all going to die from a climate catastrophe. This is far more dangerous than being on a sinking ship in a winter hurricane. No matter the odds we must fight for survival. It is not hopeless. Do not give up. All hands on deck. We can do this.


I’ve devoted massive amounts of my personal time trying to raise awareness on various climate issues. While I’ve made a little progress, it was only among the willing ears. Many people are aware of the dangers we face. You do see more coverage of this on MSNBC and CNN in recent years.

The brainwashing machine is just too hard to counteract. When logic, reason, appeals to consider our children’s future, reminders of what responsible religious faith is all about… I don’t know what else to try. Believe me, I’ve considered dozens of schemes ranging from insane to pointless, and I’m flat out of ideas. I’m no anarchist. I’m pretty sure that modern society is a gigantic monkey trap-- we don’t dare let go, or we poison ourselves and starve to death. Technology got us into this mess, and it may be our only hope of getting us out. Of course, it’ll probably kill us due to the misuse of resources and greed of the 1% of people that actually know how to run an industrial economy (it makes me want to vomit writing a sentence like that.)

I’ve figured out how to feed myself and my family inside a dome. I’ve sketched ideas for tiny sustainable communities. I’ve downsized my own resource consumption, and I take navy showers while the recently build coal processing plant uses a million gallons of local water each day to wash rocks. It’s insane. Watching the Trump administration dismantle all the gains made during my lifetime is truly maddening.

The only thing I know is that you can’t talk a rock into rolling. How to fight the brainwashing machine… It’s a many headed hydra. It’s a new-age anti-religion that spawns new suckers every year. Corporate financed ignorance. Gleeful insanity. Hooting, hollering, irresponsibility. The stubborn, immovable rock of small-minded fools. This is how the world ends. We are at the mercy of stupid people marshaled en masse into the service of unmitigated greed. Willful ignorance is the rock on which all my efforts have broken.

I’m ready to help save the world, but I’m afraid we’re going to lose it all to the brainwashing machine. I am obliged to do all I can, I’ll carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I’m flat out of ideas about where to go from here.


" Can we listen now?"
Nah. Nothing short of gasping for air , blistered lips from lack of water, pain in the belly due to lack of food etc. will encourage people to save their only beneficaiary, Earth.


Humanity: Fingers in ears, “Na na na na na na na I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”


It’s not a fossil fuel problem, it’s a mental health problem. Isn’t that right Chump And Co?


An important question here is, why can you see through the brainwashing machine and others can’t? Be careful, because the conclusions may turn you into an elitist which is definite no-no in today’s cultural zeitgeist. You’ve got to be dumb, like the good, honest, salt-of-the-earth rest of us populist masses.


Here’s what most of the climate change community isn’t listening to:

  1. “Current Technology” simply isn’t acceptable if we could get ten times better, quickly, and at a relatively low cost.

  2. This R&D isn’t getting done.

Given an Eaarth where we will probably die of a combination of industry-caused cancer and old age, but our children will probably have hunger as one of the causative factors, the R&D is the critical path. Do it at the Federal level. If that fails, tell your state or regional government that we’re certainly going to shift $10 trillion per year in fossil energy costs over to renewables. Get in on that computer industry-sized jobs and economy market or be square.

The real work is in the huge jobs, but there’s a lot of work in merely big fields. Here are the huge fields:

  1. Heating buildings, with storage of heat, with hot water too.

  2. Cooling buildings

  3. Nighttime generation of electricity. I can think of six separate horses in this race, it’s not just batteries.

  4. Greenhouses that heat themselves

  5. Better daylighting

  6. Water desalinization

  7. Transit (many subfields)

  8. Restoration of the Arctic’s albedo and ice pack.

  9. Protection of species, often in zoos.

  10. Sequestration of carbon, probably using organic farming methods but other possibilities exist.

  11. Biofuels

  12. Removing methane and NOx from the atmosphere.