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Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a 'Second Notice' to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?


Already past the tipping points. We are done.


Good fable. I fear the scientists who claim their science can save us, allowing us billions to party on. Crucify them! Crucify them! Crucify them!


“La La La La La La live for today and don’t worry about tomorrow hey hey hey hey” - The Rokes You are one in a billion. Aren’t we all. I believe the way forward lies on the path of political economy. We live or die on ideas. Those with political power select the ideas. Some ideas pose an existential threat. Others are life-affirming and survival-furthering. “For the loser now will be later to win” - Bob Dylan “The revolution starts now” - Steve Earle “Or else” - Moderatus


If you are a democrat.


Right! “cause you’re gonna get your mind right. And I mean right” - Captain


I am afraid that we are VERY close to the point of no return, perhaps even past that point. :weary:

Albeit just like clockwork that at the end of each age (2150 years) great change cycles down upon us, and this age change shall be no different. However, because this was the end of a great year (26,000+ years or 12 ages) and not just going from one age to the next, you can bet your sweet asses that this age change and shift will be bigger than any that we have recorded in the history of humanity. What’s so sad is that here at a time when we should be deeply loving and nurturing of our mother (Nature) we all have come to do the exact opposite. Towards our mother (Nature) we have been selfish and neglectful, ignorant and depriving, and how else would you expect for her to answer us back but by way of extinction. Unless we humans change and change right NOW, our mother nature will have no other option for her own survival than to have us go extinct. And sadly, no one will seem to care until it is painfully obvious to everyone that we have royally fucked up. I am afraid our time has come.


No…no, you can’t, really.

You gave us Trump. It was your candidate, from your party. And the rest of us were stuck with your choice for opposition.

So no…no, you can’t say “Putin gave us Trump…”

I mean, you’re giving dishonesty a bad name here, bubba.


Finally, population is named first on the list of failures of this civilization to limit and recognized that there is a human carrying capacity.


I totally agree. With current CO2 levels around 404 ppm in the atmosphere, I don’t see how we can paint our way out of this proverbial corner. Put a fork in us. We are done!


It’s already too late. I suggest you read this book.


Because many dumb fuck Americans and their wealthy 1% gods don’t believe and don’t care about global warming’s massive destruction of species or the warmer temperatures causing massive forest fires, powerful storms, hurricanes and drought conditions. I don’t know why but these stupid self destructive fools have mountains of money but no compassion.


The prophets of doom have no currency with me.


There really IS no way to save it t this point …well …we could have a tiny , itsy,bitsy chance …If 1. We stopped industrial civ now…BUT .2. we would have IMMEDIATELY ( LIKE IN AWEEK OR TWO. …warming of. …I think it is a little over … 1Cof warming… bit so there for FIRST we would have to get EVERY COUNTRY WITH NUCLEAR POWER to DECOMMISSION THOSE PLANTS…BECAUSE …when all the climate impacts hit …AND the ensuing conflicts over water and food …you wouldn’t want those death traps hanging over our heads… Oh …wait …it takes about 40 years to DECOMMISSION one … whew… Thought for a minute there we could do the work to save ourselves… NOT …


That is a gross mis-characterization.


We live in a primitive society from future perspectives. Not knowing what to do is a failure of imagination. The possibilities are endless.


Ah…no it is not… Face where we are … we are past the point of no return … The worst part about it is …that we have the nuclear plants…along with the nuclear weapons hanging over our heads… If you think I amaking this up…about our chances… Then you are not paying attention . …Sorry folks. .saw a few people on this site a while back…that seemed to grasp our inevitable extinction. In the near term … But …too much opium on here for me … I guess I should stick to my NYHE site …have a nice day …if you can


Wwwooww …I am not the only one !!


The literary reference advocates doom, a self fulfilling prophecy of doomsayers.


Well …that is true… Get that anger out go ahead … Then you can move on to the next stage of grief… Over our and the plant’s demise…


You mean …reality based assessments.