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Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a 'Second Notice' to Humanity. Can We Listen Now?


Yes… I have been working climate change mitigation since the 1960s. The #1 cause of climate change is ignorance.


It advocates honesty and realism.


There is a danger we could fail. It is only one possibility. We could survive and thrive, another possibility.


Mmmmm okay…let me chime in here… So…please do not lump .scientifically based realism as regards our imminent extinction … With those who believe in a great male or female sky god … And that they …the true believers will be saved … Uh…these two groups are not the same …just sayin’


Number one cause of climate change is the powers that be kept people in the dark …and continue to try an do so…the only reason more people are somewhat informed …is because of the internet…it is easier to get information . you say u have been involeved in fighting climate change since.1969?..well …I was 11-12 back then …had no clue and never heard of it …even after going back to school and getting a B.S. …by 1989…never heard of it… Even by 1999… Heard a blip by someone …but …and it is a big but…unless someone is sat down and given a thorough lecture. …at least a few times …ON THE RAMIFICATIONS …of climate change …people do not UNDERSTAND IT … and …even people who accept that it is real …still do not understand it …thoroughly …lime …for instance …the loss of plankton due to the ocean acidification. …AND how that has consequences for our OXYGEN LEVELS…and how we do not even need to be competent out of oxygen inorder to die off …like if we go from our 22%…down to 18 % oxygen levels… is all it would take . …and we r currently on that path. We are loosing significant plankton each year 1%…just saying …


Under a Green Sky by Peter Ward


Scranton argues that in order to survive, we must come to terms with the death of our civilization. That is what the book is about.


Ward is a paleontologist discussing the chemistry of mass extinction.


I agree that the collapse of civilization is a negative feedback loop. I hope for a more civilized solution.


Survive?.. Not with 450 nuke plants in the wolrd…


EARTH 2100 – When Will We See
By Gerry Staack – Dedicated to the fight against climate disaster

There once was a Petri-like dish called Earth
Of God’s majestic creation and worth
Its population exploded
And earth warming unfolded
Extinguishing all life and new birth

A CO2 blanket so snug and cruel
Hung over earth, as we had no rule,
To stop climate deniers
From huge profit desires

Arctic snows melted and seas swamped the land
Winds blew with fury, and huge flames were fanned
Crops just failed with land so dry
Storm floods grew, we rose to cry
“Lord we see now, draw a line in the sand”

But the earth had taken its tipping breath
A + 4 degrees rise brought hell and death
As we prayed in our pall
“God, please save us all”
He united us all instead


Done right, nuclear really could be endless. It could also be one of our best tools for reducing our carbon footprint.


We can’t stop the flow of the universal current of actions that have swept up many people due to their ignorance as the current is too powerful. However, I believe that we can create the causes for shifting the current in the future. All that we do now will someday have an impact on the future without a doubt. No action or thought is wasted.


“The 1992 plea, which said Earth was on track to be “irretrievably mutilated” baring “fundamental change,” however, was largely unheeded.”

Could you be talking about sparing change? Cause spare change I get.

If it really is bare change, I just have to know what you mean by that; but I think you mean “barring” fundamental change…


I work at a secondary school in California where 3 of our 4 Science teachers --fully credentialled, don’t believe human activity has anything to do with Global Warming. This, however, is progress from a few years ago when these deniers didn’t even believe Global Warming was real.


Ignorance, no doubt is a huge factor.
But $ looms large as well.
Koch Bros. and Exxon has used money to spread ignorance.


I write not of ignorance of the problem but rather of ignorance of how to solve the problem. It is like when not knowing how to make electric light so we used coal gas light. Individuals create new technologies that destroy huge industries. History is replete of such events. There will be future technologies that make burning dead carbon obsolete. I have confidence in the creativity of the young. Economic and political support for innovation is very important.


It has become obvious that the quality of our leadership has no ultimate depth. We need to use galactic space for comparisons.


Unfortunatly this crisis of our own making has a delayed component and by the time we find out how bad it can get we will be decades away from the ultimate worst. It is beginning to look like we may not do anything before it is too late for us. Technology cannot save us without the supporting infrastructure and we ain’t developing it as we should be.


Well golly gee, by the time these ignorant book explainers actually feel the urge to do anything our atmosphere will have a significant methane content. Your revelation does not do much to reassure one of the quality of our secondary educators,